Throughout the seven years the comic ran, there was more then a few Crowning Moments of Awesome.

!!Mega Man
* Mega Man's DeadpanSnarker attitude towards every Robot Master, even when he's being beaten.
* Mega Man versus Doc Robot. He's outclassed throughout the entire fight due to Doc Robot having the powers of all of the already existing Robot Masters (So 1, 2 and 3's) and Mega Man finishes him off with a Gemini Blast that obliterates Doc Robot.
* Also, anytime [[IdiotHero Megaman]] [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass gets a burst of competency]], Like so:
--> '''Megaman''': [[ And stay down!]]

!!Proto Man
* Proto Man holding his own against Bob for awhile and when that failed, getting reinforcements.
* Proto Man's overall savvy nature involving the Helmeted Author's attack, from tricking him into thinking he's eaten poison ice cream while he's pretending to be George to making him believe he's dead.
** [[ The first appearance of Protean]].
* Proto Man dealing with the Fire Man spawning. He just blasts them with the Cossack Buster and sips a beer.

* George and Bob using their Ultimate Attack.
* George utterly ''[[ humiliates]]'' Helmut, mocks him to his face, and neatly finds the weakness in his favourite attack. Now ''that's'' how you [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu flip off Cthulhu]].
** To elaborate, the Helmeted Author traps George in a shrinking box that will kill him like it almost did to Protean. Thanks to his college physics class teaching him about the Conservation of Energy (That energy can neither be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another) George figures out with some lightning where the energy being absorbed from the box is going to. Aka the Helmeted Author. George then blows up the box and impales the Helmeted Author on his own box.
* George fusing with Chadling and inflicting a CurbStompBattle on N.A.Mynd.
* George vs X. He quickly hits him with an [=EMP=] once he's inside his [=CPU=] and gets trapped in a re-enactment of Mega Man 6 and foils Dr. Wily's plan straight away.
* George vs Captain Kinesis, from using the [[CallBack Conservation of Energy]] against him and then utterly shatters his psychic shields and defeats him in one attack.
* George vs Bob at the very end of the comic and George finally being able to use his blaster and was willing to use it to kill Bob.
* George's [[TookALevelInBadass becoming more badass over the events of the comic.]]

* Bob introducing himself as Napalm and using his fire powers to torture Mike as payback.
* George and Bob using their Ultimate Attack.
* Bob manages to NoSell all of Shadow Man's abilities and powers.
* Bob's [[ response to Alternate Bass and Megaman's ultimate attack]].
* Becoming the villain of the 5th Mega Man game and creating a giant army of Robot Masters and when he was confronted, was able to inflict a CurbStompBattle on everyone who fought him. It took a meteor being dropped on him just to stop him.
* Bob [[TookALevelInBadass managed to outdo himself]] by becoming the BigBad of the entire comic with his plot to capture the Author in three time periods, reuse his army of Robot Masters and make them even harder to kill so the heroes couldn't stop him, even with all of the extra reinforcements they had.

* '''A.Mynd is the one from an alternate dimension and N.A.Mynd is the one who attacks to kill Mike.'''
* A.Mynd manages to NoSell and inflict a CurbStompBattle on Proto Man, Roll and Bass attacking him from all directions with very little effort after taking out Mega Man, Chadling and Nate.
* N.A.Mynd's explaintion of how he knows how to kill Purple and Yellow Demons and his retaliation to being stepped on by demons, followed by taking out Protean with a few quick slashes and removing Proto Man from the fight.
* A.Mynd proves he's able to NoSell fused forms and stops Charge and rips Chadling from him and fuses with him. Shortly afterwards he uses Protean's own weapons against him and fuses with him and turns into a giant robot form that has to be beaten via Dr.Light in a similar robot form.

!!Authors (Includes The Author, Helmeted Author and Shadowy Author)
* Helmut's quick thinking and complete calm when Protean disarms the Ride Armor he's in and stole from Proto Man with the shrinking box and being CrazyPrepared by sending the rest of the cast who might have been able to help Protean off on a wild goose chase.
** After his helmet is removed, he turns Nate to stone, erases Mega Man and then uses his Author powers to kill George by nullifying his title character protection. Luckily the Author returned or Helmut would have won.
* The Author kicking Helmut's ass in under a minute and inflicts a FateWorseThanDeath on him. Aka making him a subcomic reviewer.

* Bass fusing with Nate and stopping evil Mega Man with next to no difficulty. Plus before hand, he took out Chadling.
* Any time Wily gets the better of Bob, particularly in the prelude to the sixth game with the nuclear mine.
* The entire fifth Mega Man Game adaption from start to finish.
* Dr.Light stops A.Mynd fused with both Nate and Chadling by using the giant robot armor and [[PreAssKickingOneLiner yelling "MYND! NOW WE SUMO WRESTLE"!]]
* Wily's BadassBoast.
--> '''Wily''': George, no offense, but it takes a bigger man than you to bring me down. I mean, when I was still alive, who finally killed me? Was it that pansy Megaman? Or Dr.Light? No! It took the most powerful robot in the world to kill me, and I friggin' built him!