!!1993 series
* Four-By singlehandedly taking down several of the Pit Boss's goons at once in "Law of the Pits".
* Charley besting Rod Van Hamm after he proves capable of overpowering the Biker Mice in "Danger is Our Business".
* The Biker Mice averting a nuclear meltdown ''without'' their bikes in "What Smells Worse than a Plutarkian Lawyer?"

!!2006 series
* Charley's epic subversion of the DamselInDistress trope in "Between Rump and a Hard Race" when Rump carelessly leaves her unshackled and she proceeds to prevent his rocket linked to his regenerator from hitting the wildlife reserve.
* Throttle using Hairball's hypno beam against him in "Cat and Mouse".
* The first part of "Once Upon a Time on Earth" reveals that the Biker Mice put an end to the activities of Lawrence Limburger and every other Plutarkian stationed on Earth by reversing the polarity of a machine designed to suck up everything non-Plutarkian on Earth.