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[[caption-width-right:300:What are ''you'' gaping at with your eyes popping out of your head!? [[NoBigDeal You'd think this was your first time]] seeing a guy stabbing a {{BFS}} through the forehead of a giant fog Emperor while riding a bat-winged Minotaur-lion through a lightning storm!]]

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[[folder:The Black Swordsman Arc]]
* Guts' very first appearance where he kills the unnamed female apostle. It essentially spells out that Guts is ruthless as hell, knows how to put enemies right where he wants them, and is somebody you do not want to piss off.
* The first published use of the Dragonslayer and later the true reveal of the arm cannon while fighting the Baron of Koka Castle, in which he ''unloads the thing right in the bastard's face'', right before cleaving the demon in half with the Dragonslayer.
* Guts is traveling with a priest and his daughter when they come across an old battlefield. Due to Guts' tendency to attract violent spirits because of his Brand, the skeletons reanimate and kill the girl. Guts starts smashing them apart, something that's made easy due to the Dragonslayer acting as both a sword and a bludgeon, but it's hard to kill something that's already dead and Puck desperately tries to get him to run.
--> '''Puck''': "Why are you staying? It's impossible! There's too many of them...you'll be killed for sure!"
--> '''Guts''': "[[SlasherSmile This is how]] [[PreAssKickingOneLiner it always is]]."
** And Guts is not kidding. He's been fighting these things nigh on every night for ''two long years''. Even if night after night of fighting demons has taken its toll on him psychologically, there's no denying that if Guts wasn't such a badass, he'd be dead long before this.
* Guts shattering Zondark's war hammer with enough force that it also breaks his helmet and sends pieces of the hammer into his face.
* Guts' second fight with Zondark, where it's shown that he's not just an unskilled and powerful brute with a ginormous sword but a master swordsman, wielding the Dragonslayer with the ease of someone with a normal-sized sword.
* During the battle with the Count, Guts picks up his BFS WITH HIS TEETH, rests it on his iron arm, and then dives in and cuts off the Count's head!
* The end of the (chronological) first meeting with the God Hand has Guts quickly reloading his arm cannon and firing it at Femto all the while he's in the sky and phantoms are trying to pull him into Hell!
* When you read the manga's "Guardians of Desire" arc after seeing the anime first in its entirety, the moment when Femto is introduced gains a LOT of momentum and you practically [[SayMyName yell]] '''"GRIFFITH!!!"''' in unison with Guts.

[[folder:The Golden Age Arc]]
* Fridge-awesome: Guts' first meeting with the Hawks was as an enemy: the castle he was supposed to take was being defended by the hawks and a group of knights. Instead of taking Guts and the mooks he's working with 5 days to take the castle, it took no less than 5 hours. The whole reason Griffith wants Guts is because he saw first hand how unstoppable Guts is in battle. Once he has Guts the Hawks going from being an exceptional group to one where they can commit the most crazy but practical assault on the enemy and not lose a single man because Guts is holding the defensive line.
* Guts and Casca's first fight. Despite the fact that she lost in the end, it's very impressive because mind you: very few grown men have been able to hold teenaged Guts off in combat for so long, let alone a teenage girl. And he was never holding back, ''not even after Casca was outed as a girl.''
* During Guts and Griffith's first fight, even though he ends up losing, how 'bout Guts biting down on Griffith's sword and knocking him down a hill where he beats him up?
** Griffith defeating Guts by dislocating his shoulder effortlessly. Especially impressive considering how much more muscular Guts is compared to Griffith.
* After getting his arm chopped off, Zodd ''[[GrievousHarmWithABody picks it up and smacks Griffith with it]]'', instead of doing something more predictable like exclaiming how impossible it is that a mere human just did that. TheAbridgedSeries put it best:
--> "Did you just beat him with your own arm? That is hardcore! Seriously, kill me right now, that is the coolest thing that I will ''ever'' see!"
** Actually Zodd did say that, AFTER he'd incapacitated both of them.
* Guts has the title of the "Hundred Man Slayer," which he earned by single-handedly tearing apart Adon Corbowitz's company of at least one hundred mooks plus his giant brother Samson, in what was deemed at the time as a suicidal assault. And he survives the whole thing while preventing Casca from getting even a scratch on her, cementing his reputation as a supreme badass.
** Casca also totally kicks ass in that fight. She catches a sword flying through the air, parries, and chops off her attacker's head in one smooth motion, and that's just the start. Even though she almost collapses from fatigue several times, she manages to take down seven guys by herself. She also uses a broken branch to stab out the eye of a guy trying to rape her.
** As the memory of this event turns into legend over time the number of casualties becomes more and more exaggerated. The last time it was mentioned Guts was rumored to have killed a thousand guys! Funny enough, at this point he could probably DO that, but now he has bigger fish to fry.
* Casca defeating the dastardly Adon Corbowitz in two moves, even while under the effect of a poison that induces paralysis.
* Griffith manages to capture the impregnable castle of Doldrey and win the Hundred Year war using only the Band of the Hawk, with no assistance from Midland. To do this he faces the Holy Purple Rhino Knights, Chuder's strongest army, with only five thousand men and a river at his back. He uses Lord Gennon's obsession with him to draw the Tudor army away from the castle, enabling Casca's team to rush inside and defeat the Garrison. Once Guts decapitates General Boscogn and the Hawk banner flies over Doldrey, the Hawks mop up the remaining forces as they flee.
* Griffith's greatest MagnificentBastard moment comes AFTER he just single-handedly won the Hundred Year War: A group of disgruntled nobles led by the Queen and Minister Foss are planning to poison Griffith and then blame the assassination on the Tudor Empire. Griffith seemingly falls for it, but later, the conspirators find the castle they are in is burning. The queen rushes to a balcony to see what is going on, only to find Griffith, alive and well, standing outside the castle. Griffith calmly explains to the queen and her fellow conspirators that they are the losers, and death on the battlefield does not distinguish between nobility and commoners before the last of his enemies burn alive. Foss, who had taken part in the conspiracy and had acted as Griffith's mole after Griffith kidnapped his daughter, finds himself shaking after the fact. Not because he's worried that he will be executed if anyone ever finds out, but because Griffith is ''just that scary''.
* Guts' and Griffith's rematch in the snow proves that in three years Guts has totally surpassed Griffith. The first time they fought, Griffith fenced circles around him and made him taste defeat and humiliation. This time, Guts is completely calm and resolute, while Griffith is filled with {{Yandere}} rage yet uncertain whether he can defeat Guts as he is now. It's over in just one move: Guts slices Griffith's blade in half and stops his cut short just at Griffith's shoulder. As Griffith kneels in the snow speechless, Guts walks away from him without looking back.
* [[http://read.mangashare.com/Berserk/chapter-056/page006.html Charlotte gets one]] in the manga when she completely pulverizes her father's face with her feet after he tries to rape her. Not as awesome as the other examples on this page, but still pretty impressive for someone who's a DamselInDistress most of the time.
* How about when the Midland army traps the Hawks two to one when Griffith gets arrested and the King charges them all with the count of high treason? Although weaponless and surrounded by hundreds of Midland soldiers, Casca manages to break the Hawks through the barrier and lead them to safety, all the while with ''[[AnnoyingArrows five crossbow bolts]]'' stuck in her. Daay-umn girl.
** Her intrepidness certainly doesn't end there, because from that point on, Casca is the de-facto leader of the Band of the Hawk. Even though we don't see all that they've been through in the course of the year, we can only assume that Casca continuously had to avert enemies, keep the remaining Hawks together, and constantly plan for Griffith's rescue. The fact that she's so focused on her duties as a leader on not on her personal well-being shows through he sleep deprivation.
** ... And speaking of sleep deprivation, friendly reminder that Casca fights Silat when she's pretty much half asleep. Yeah, another battle where she technically loses in the end, but not without an actual good reason and still showing how much resilience and endurance Casca actually has.
-> "[Guts] [[NotSoDifferent You're just like Griffith]]: [[TheUnfettered your dream is everything]]; [[ItsAllAboutMe you think of nothing but yourself!]] [[DudeWheresMyRespect You don't give a damn whether I'm around or not, do you?!]]"
-->-- Casca, episode 21
* One the most awesome things Casca has said in the series thus far because it displays a phenomenal amount of her character development. It's not only the closest thing to a WhatTheHellHero speech that Guts was served up to that point, but it was the first time that Casca openly criticized Griffith, something that she would not have done in the past. Her words also ring true, in a [[FridgeHorror pretty creepy way]] considering what ends up happening to her later in the story as a result of Guts' and Griffith's decisions and actions for the sake of their own goals and ambitions.
* Guts' BerserkerTears filled UnstoppableRage upon finding Griffith's tortured, mutilated and emaciated body inside the Tower of Rebirth seriously deserves a mention. The torturer gloats as soon as he locks Guts' group inside a chamber. As he [[ToThePain lets them in on what's in store for them]], Guts [[TalkToTheFist rams his sword through the door and through the torturer]]. And then he proceeds to live up to the name of the series by carving a bloody swath through every last Midland guard between him, the Hawks, and the way out of the tower.
* Casca, during the entire Griffith rescue operation. Sure, she had her moments of weakness - and some of the moment got soured when Wyald entered the picture - but you can't say that she wasn't a TOTAL BOSS up until the very end. After months of corresponding with intelligence, she finally puts the operation into motion upon Guts' convenient return. Casca takes up arms, takes the lead, [[http://www.mrsmanga.com/Berserk/059.069/42/ and even blows up a fucking bridge!]] Not to mention that she and Guts as a BattleCouple [[http://www.mrsmanga.com/Berserk/048.058/208/ are in their prime]], having total trust in one another and knowing how to coordinate with each others strengths and weaknesses in order to get the job done.
* Guts' fight with Apostle Wyald. He's nearly dead, and yet still manages to [[NotQuiteDead almost]] kill the perverted Apostle and give him perhaps the [[GroinAttack ultimate cock-block]] in order to save Casca.
** And then Zodd arrives and finishes the fight by ''ripping Wyald in half''.
--->'''Wyald:''' L-Look, there's no way [Griffith] can be the King! He's going to die!
--->'''Zodd:''' ''Then you'll die first!''
* Guts taking on TheLegionsOfHell during the Eclipse with nothing more than his UnstoppableRage and a horn he snapped off a monster's head. Then when his arm gets caught in the mouth of one of those demons, he picks up a dull sword and ''hacks it off'' at the elbow, all to try and save the person he loved.
** [[ForegoneConclusion Although we already know what ultimately happens,]] the movie adds a few more Awesome Moments for Guts. When he cuts his arm off, Guts doesn't bother hacking all the way through but instead cuts only halfway before tearing the rest off as he pulls himself free. Guts then charges at Femto but is frozen dead in his tracks just as he is about to drives his broken sword into Femto's eye. For a moment, it seems that Guts will now have to witness Femto's raping of Casca within only inches of reach, until Guts slowly but surely overcomes Femto's spell with nothing but his [[HeroicWillpower sheer willpower]] and [[UnstoppableRage unfathomable rage.]] Guts is tossed back by an influx of Femto's power, but the nigh-omnipotent demon god's [[OhCrap expression]] suggests he legitimately didn't see that one coming and realized that Guts may actually be able to harm him if he allowed him to get too close.
*** Watch the reactions of the Godhand while this is happening; when Guts first lunges towards Femto, the other Godhand members are all laughing. Then they '''stop''', because despite their claims that a mere human could never overpower one of them, Guts '''is still moving towards Femto'''. Not only did he not see it coming, '''none of the others saw it coming either'''. Slan herself seemed mightily impressed.
** Even though this was overshadowed by horror, it was pretty badass how Casca gave one last stand against the Apostles after Judeau died. Even in the face of death ([[FateWorseThanDeath and worse]]), Casca did not give up.
*** [[TearJerker It's made even sadder]] in that this is really Casca's last conscious action as the heroic female warrior that she was before the horrors that lead to the loss of her mind befall her.
*** Before Judeau dies, he throws his last knife at the Apostle that just skewered him, which distracts it enough that Casca can kill it with her sword. In the next panel, you can see that the Apostle is now lying on the ground. Even though they were never powerhouse fighters like Guts, Judeau and Casca managed to take down an Apostle in the middle of the Eclipse.
** Let's talk about what the Eclipse is first. It's, in its most basic form, a Demon infested killzone meant to tear the sacrifices apart to fuel the Godhand transformation. It looks and can be seen to be the very definition of a living Hell...And Guts and Casca '''survive''' this. With a little help of Skull Knight, but for surviving as long as they did, is a nigh impossible achievement all on its own.
* The declaration of war Guts delivers upon surviving The Eclipse:
-->'''Guts''': Destiny...destiny...destiny...destiny...'''SHUT THE HELL UP!''' How 'bout you save your high and mighty crap for after I've been haunted to death, skullface? Sacrifice? Offering? Destiny? Quit spoutin' out a bunch of cryptic explanations! The point is, this is war! It ain't different from any other war! The last one standing wins! Listen here! I'm beatin' all a' you back down to Hell! Tell those ugly pale-faced bastards for me! If I get hit, I will hit back! Tell 'em leavin' me half-eaten is gonna be the end of you! I'll hunt and kill all those wretched monsters...and all of you...DOWN TO THE LAST ONE! THIS IS...'''MY DECLARATION OF WAR!'''

[[folder:Conviction Arc: Chapter of Lost Children]]
* The finale of the battle between Guts and Rosine. She flies up in the air in a pained rage, with him riding her (via the BFS he impaled her with), whips him off, and charges toward him, intending on running him through with her lance-like proboscis. She succeeds; it goes through one of his cheeks and out the other, and he [[NowThatsUsingYourTeeth BITES DOWN ON IT]], using the new-found leverage (and her sudden fearful paralysis) to strike, mortally wounding her, and sending them both plummeting to the ground!
** Jumping into fire to kill a swarm of insect-like faux-Elves, dousing himself in blood and entrails to keep from burning to death, intentionally getting his arm impaled on the proboscis earlier in order to get a clean shot with the ArmCannon...this entire battle is one CMOA after another.

[[folder:Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Binding Chain]]
* Although he's usually TheScrappy, Puck gets one when he saves Guts from a horde of shadow monsters by ''fencing with dandelions''. Doubles as [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments hilarious]].
* Though the Holy Iron Chain Knights (or "Spoiled Brat Knights," as Serpico calls them in the 2016 anime) are mainly spoiled young sons of noble families, when Guts jumps over Azan and goes straight for their commander, Farnese, a group of them do not hesitate to get themselves between her and Guts, trying to protect her. Though they may have been spoiled and inexperienced, they weren't cowards.
* Right after this, Serpico stops Guts and saves his commander (and half-sister) with a mere piece of wood which he throws directly at Guts' injured thigh, thereby knocking him out. Bonus points for nobody else noticing it, not even Farnese, thereby causing all the Knights to think she did it herself.

[[folder:Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Birth Ceremony]]
* [[MyGreatestSecondChance Guts' greatest second chance revelation]] in volume 17 is pretty triumphant, as he makes a declaration that [[http://www.mrsmanga.com/Berserk/122.132/182 he would never lose what is important to him again.]]
* And Guts then goes on to make '''damn good''' on that declaration during their reunion, by saving Casca in true BigDamnHeroes fashion in the heretics' den, stopping the possessed Great Goat Head from doing to her what Griffith did to her two years ago.
* Isidro gets his own little moment of awesome prior to this, when he buys time for Puck to get to Guts by holding off an army of cultists using a whole pile of thrown rocks, the first of which puts out the eye of the cultist about to sacrifice Nina.
* While Isidro is trying to help Casca and Nina escape from the pagans, he jerry-rigs a pulley system but Casca slips through the harness, only to acrobatically land safely on the cave floor below. A small feat, yes, but so impactful - especially considering recent plot developments on Elfhelm - because it's the first hint that on some level, Casca is aware of her surroundings despite her insanity.
* Serpico challenging Guts shortly after his battle with the Great Goat Head. This gives us a glimpse at his tactical genius, as he encounters Guts at a narrow cliff face, where Guts can't use the Dragonslayer due to the cliff being on his right side and Serpico actively preventing him from drawing it. He's also pretty good with his rapier, actually forcing Guts on the defensive. The only reason Serpico loses the fight is that Guts is able to grab Serpico's sword with his right hand and snap its blade, and Guts notes that Serpico was an even tougher opponent than ''the Apostle-spawn he'd just killed''.
** When he pretty much loses the fight, Serpico is able to dodge a wave of bombs aimed at him, steal one of Guts's bombs, and detonate it as a distraction.
* Guts's fight against Mozgus where he yells just before killing him:
--> '''Guts:''' "When you meet your God tell him to [[LargeHam LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!]]"
* Isidro saves Casca from being burned at the stake [[JustInTime in the nick of time]] due to his IndyPloy in volume 21.
** Heck, even Puck had a rather badass moment around the same time, when he momentarily blinded two of Mozgus' henchmen so that Isidro could throw rocks at them and have Jerome finish them off when the crashed down. Now that was some teamwork there!
-->'''Puck''': "[[BadassBoast I'll show you why fairies are the kings of the sky!!]]"
* At the end of the Conviction arc, Guts and his allies are attacked by the Bakiraka. While the men (and Isidro) manage to defend themselves, Casca, Farnese, Luca and Nina are captured by them and threatened unless they surrender. Out of absolutely nowhere, Azan appears behind the one who held them hostage, announcing his presence, before smashing in his head with his metal quarterstaff. A true [[KnightInShiningArmor knight]], indeed.

[[folder:Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War]]
* Guts's second battle with Nosferatu Zodd, about four years after the first -- where he's gone from just barely managing to not die, to matching the demonic warrior blow for blow -- and ''forces'' him to up the ante and go apostle. All without using any magical items, arrows, or even the arm cannon.
* During the Kushan occupation of Midland, the Bakiraka are summoned to the tent of a Kushan commander. The commander is a complete Jerkass who proceeds to give shit to Silat about how he has failed to capture "just one man" and how it's just "a whim" that the Kushan Emperor is even keeping him employed. Silat was kneeling while being lectured and to accentuate his douchbaggery, the commander is resting his foot on Silat's neck. Suddenly Silat rises upwards as if in anger but instead catches an arrow, meant for the commander. Turns out there is an assault by Midland forces which the commander had totally missed. So the Bakiraka proceeds to decapitate the Midland Knights with their War Wheels and utterly CRUSH the skulls of some, with their Martial Arts kicks. It's definitely Silat's and the Bakiraka's most awesome moment.
-->'''Silat:''' There are more pressing issues.
* Post-Eclipse Casca killing 3 would-be rapists just before they have their way with her while Guts is away. As she stands there, naked and covered in their blood, you see her huffing with BlankWhiteEyes. Guts himself was surprised.
* Whenever the Skull Knight shows up, things are going to get awesome.
** One moment in particular was the fight at the spirit tree, where Griffith sent his apostles to go kill Flora. And then Skull Knight comes and basically says, "the fuck that I'll let that happen." Skull Knight may be all mysterious, cynical and junk, and though he has saved countless people, it's here that we see just how much Skull Knight truly valued Flora as a friend.
* Grunbeld calmly challenging Guts to single combat, before utterly schooling him in a fight.
* Guts' first use of the Berserker armour: he gets eaten whole by an Apostle who runs outside screaming from the pain he's in, ''rips the Apostle apart'' from the inside, the armour reshapes itself to match Guts's inner beast, and then he proceeds to curb-stomp every Apostle he can get his hands on. The resulting carnage was so awesome that Skull Knight and Zodd ''completely forgot'' they were supposed to fight each other... and could only [[PassThePopcorn watch in awe]] as Guts cuts loose on Grunbeld, matching him blow for blow and then some.
** Every other use of the Berserker armor is a mix of awesome and terrifying because everyone in the party knows that Guts is killing himself by using it and is one step away from killing them too.

[[folder:Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of Falconia]]
* Azan's reappearance in Vritannis is both this and [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments funny]]. When Captain Sharkrider unwittingly steps on the sleeping knight's face while fighting Isidro, Azan grabs his foot and throws him into the water. He then proceeds to beat up the rest of the pirates to save the captured children, adding in a [[LargeHam stirring speech]] of what it means to be a knight beforehand.
* Guts and Serpico's duel in the hall of pillars beneath a palace in Vritannis. Serpico shows his tactical genius again, but what makes it really awesome is that afterwards Guts admits that he '''wasn't holding back'''. That's right, Serpico fought Guts full on and came out with nothing more than a scratch and wounded pride.
** Worth noting: Serpico places Guts in a room full of pillars, which makes the Dragonslayer almost worthless. Without resorting to ''any'' of his other weapons, Guts ''still'' beats Serpico down - to the point that Serpico is forced to admit to himself that '''''Guts scares him'''''. (Incidentally, how'd Guts deal with the pillars? ''Smashing through them with his sword.'' Even when the arena is designed to stop him using that weapon, he still made it work.)
** Serpico seriously deserves credit for having the spine to stand up to Guts, the brains to pick a location where he has multiple distinct tactical advantages, and then impressing Guts enough to let him live after his last minute escape. The fact that he lasted as long as he did, WITHOUT his [[InASingleBound Magic Cloak]] or [[DiagonalCut Wind Sword]], is a testament to his tactics and capabilities. Of course, Guts gets one as well for ''winning anyway''.
* Farnese gets hers when she attacks a giant tiger demon at a royal ball with only a silver candelabra. While she may be little more than TheLoad most of the time, this shows that traveling with Guts has put her that bit above the rest of the inhabitants of Midland.
** Guts' BigDamnHeroes moment [[http://manga.animea.net/berserk-chapter-259-page-17.html rescuing Farnese from the tiger]] was pretty awesome too.
** The tiger battle that follows has nearly everyone in Guts's crew pitching in. Guts is the primary asskicker of the fight, cleaving through tigers left and right with the Dragonslayer, while Isidro helps out with Godo's bombs and Schierke summons a plant elemental to tangle up more tigers before granting control of her summon to Farnese, who promptly uses it to save Roderick from another tiger, while giving him some pointers on what weapons to use against the monsters. Roderick even skewers one of the tigers to help out Guts.
* Schierke gets several of these but especially upon summoning a [[PlayingWithFire giant fire wheel]] and then ''[[KillItWithFire torching alive a whole platoon of Kushan demon soldiers]]''!!! She might be a GlassCannon but she's still badass for such a frail-looking little girl (aside from [[KillerRabbit Rosine]] of course).
** Pretty much the entire battle in Vritannis against the sea monsters, Daiba and Ganishka, which is just one awesome moment after another from Guts, Schierke, Serpico and Zodd. Schierke especially gets points for being able to keep Guts in control of himself while she's trapped in the Berserker Armor with Guts and being able to call on the fire magic that helped the crew against the Kushan demons (see above) while still in astral mode in order to help Guts against the Kundalini and Daiba, essentially turning the Dragonslayer into a FlamingSword.
* It bears repeating: Guts ''surfing on Zodd through the head of Ganishka's astral form, in the middle of a frigging lightning storm!'' Holy crap!
** [[http://www.mangareader.net/96-1152-16/berserk/chapter-32.html Seen here in all its glory.]]
* Guts's utterly ballsy telling off of Ganishka, when Ganishka tries to get him to join him against their mutual enemy Griffith, telling him in no uncertain terms what he thinks of the both of them, after already taking enough lightning from Ganishka to kill a normal human at least several times over.
* Emperor Ganishka resisting [[GodModeSue Griffith's]] attempts to bring him under control like the rest of the apostles was seriously awesome in This Troper's book.
* Captain Sharkrider's pirate crew, last seen in Vritannis, decide to try their luck and attack Roderick's ship, the ''Seahorse'', which Guts and his companions are traveling on. Cue Roderick utterly humiliating them in a naval CurbStompBattle.
** Ganishka in general is one of those characters that is so utterly and totally evil that he crosses the line into awesome. From the hammy speeches to the soul-devouring rawness of villainy, he is essentially {{ComicBook/Darkseid}} in a turban.
* Sonia making a RousingSpeech and leading the human members of the new Band of Hawks to aid their fellow demon members fighting Emperor Ganishka's monsters.
* Griffith and the new Band of the Hawk versus Vishnu/Ganishka and its massive horde of Apostle spawn. Sure, he's the villain, but still! Under his command, regular, human soldiers start ''fighting alongside'' the monstrous, demonic Apostles. It really gives you an idea of why everybody considers him to be a MessianicArchetype.
* Griffith/Femto just got another, when he uses Skull Knight's surprise attack that was meant to kill him to split the abomination that Ganishka had become open and ''merge all layers of the world!'' And in the wake of that, his castle, his city of Falconia, rises from the earth, marking both the beginning of his reign and the Age of Darkness.
** The chapters "Creation" and "Fantasia". Without a single word until the very end, Miura portrays the transformation of the series's universe from LowFantasy to HighFantasy. And it is ''glorious''.

[[folder:Fantasia Arc: Chapter of Elf Island]]
* Guts gets another moment when the pirates come back for a rematch after being possessed by the Sea God. They come in the form of ravenous sea cucumbers that do immense damage to the ship and put Roderick's men on the run. So Guts casually marches up from below deck, quietly appraises the threat...and drives off the demons singlehandedly in a CurbStompBattle, [[DeadpanSnarker snarking with boredom]] the entire time. Points added for this effectively doubling as a HesBack moment, with Guts recovering very nicely from the injuries he sustained in Vritannis.
* Farnese has recently gotten another one with her very first spell, a ward of protection around the ship Guts and company are taking. Schierke's not the only witch among Guts' TrueCompanions anymore.
* In chapter 326, Guts killed the Sea God. That's right, [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Guts has officially punched out]] ''[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Berserk]]''[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu 's equivalent to Cthulhu!]]
* In Chapter 337, Rickert has the nads to ''slap Griffith in the face''. The greatest thing about this is that he's able to walk away afterwards without being assailed by any of the villain's soldiers for doing such an act. Quite the impressive feat, considering how "untouchable" Neo-Griffith has seemingly become since joining the Godhand.
--> '''Rickert:''' "I was ashamed. I couldn't go with everyone to Wyndham that day, to rescue you. There was a debt I had to pay for not going with my comrades to their doom. Unlike Guts, I couldn't get angry. I couldn't shoulder that burden, all I could do was see him off. But on that hill, the one who forged those swords in remembrance of everyone... That WAS ME! Did you notice? The crest of the new Band of the Hawk compared to the badge of old -- the wings are a bit different. I was a soldier led by the white winged Griffith. I am Rickert of the Band of the Hawk. The Hawk of Light is ''not'' my commander. Farewell."
** The speech isn't even hate-filled nor one with malicious aura. Rickert simply looks Griffith in the eye and tells him point blank that he will [[DefectorFromDecadence not throw away his principles]] in tribute to his fallen friends, refusing to desecrate their memory by following the same man who condemned them all to die.
** Bonus awesomeness: Locus standing in the background, looking really, [[{{Death Glare}} REALLY]] pissed but not allowed to act on it. This, after he tried to intimidate Rickert earlier by showing him the army of Apostles in the arena.
* Following the aforementioned slap, Rakshas attempts to assassinate him. After being saved by Silat and the Tapasa, Rickert concocts a plan with them to combat the Apostle. He lures Rakshas into a trap and sprayed him with arrows ([[NoSell albeit ineffectually]]) and modifies the water spraying machine he created into a napalm-like flamethrower which the Tapasa use to force Rakshas into Apostle form.
** Silat too gets an awesome moment when battles evenly with Rakshas, even landing a hit. When Rakshas comments on his improvement, he reveals that after Guts defeated him, he learnt from his failure and became much stronger. His Tapasa get to show off their incredible skill and finesse in the battle with Rakshas as well.
* Rickert and company's escape from Falconia is completely epic. Daiba shows up with swarms of snakes and rats to save Erica from Rakshas' clutches, and flies them out on his pet Pterasaurs. Rakshas flies into the air like a bat winged monster and is catching up, when at the last possible second Rickert shoots him out of the sky with a friggin' self-invented ''rocket launcher''. Rickert officially TookALevelInBadass.
* After so long, Guts and company have finally, ''finally'' reached Elfheim.
* Schierke summoning the giant golem in Casca's dream. When the old wizards called her Flora's star student, they weren't exaggerating.
* In Chapter 351, Schierke brings forth not only the giant golem, but also the Rotting Root Lord to fend off the incredibly disturbing monsters after them, but when Schierke runs out of fetishes, Farnese brings out a summon of her own from her dream to cover their escape from the nightmarish forest: FREAKING MOZGUS! He proceeds to destroy the creatures in the most hilariously awesome way possible.
* Chapter 352, Four words: [[spoiler: Berserker Armor Dog Guts.]]
* Chapter 353, [[UpToEleven Ten words]]: [[spoiler: Berserker Armor Dog Guts with a mouth cannon and Dragonslayer.]]
** [[spoiler:Don't forget Flora's spirit reappearing and vaporizing the monster army.]]
** Honestly [[spoiler: the fact that Guts, no matter what form or plane of existence he's in, is still risking everything to protect Casca is just a whole new level of jaw-dropping awesomeness.]]
* Chapter 354. After spending over twenty real time years as a maddened shadow of her former self, Casca has ''finally'' regained her sanity.
** There’s something awesome about not having a hiatus after such a pivotal point in the story, unlike several times before. The audience merely has to wait a whole month to see the results of Casca returning in full form. Simply awesome.