* Stephanie is hurt, suffering the affects of Scarecrows fear-gas and about to give up when Barbara Gordon yells "Batgirl, get up!" though the comms. Seizing on this sudden change of heart, Steph gets back up and proceeds to wipe the floor with Scarecrow and pull off an awesome SmokeOut as a encore.
* ''Red Robin #10''. Prudence from the League of Assassins has a gun pointed at Steph's head. Tim is thinking about how she's going to die and it's all his fault, how he should have stopped her from being a vigilante, blah blah blah. What does Steph do?
-->'''Steph''':GUN! HUP! (Beats the crap out of Prudence and send the gun flying)\\
'''Tim''': Holy Crap.
* The fact that Stephanie (and subsequently Bryan Q. Miller) was able to WinTheCrowd so much that even those who weren't fans of her are calling foul on DC's treatment of her in the ComicBook/New52 is amazing. She is the [[MemeticMutation Goddamn]] Batgirl!
* Steph had the willpower to overcome a faceful of Black Mercy. For the uninformed, that plant brought ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' to his knees.
* In the final arc, Stephanie leads a charge into Blackgate to subdue a riot. ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}, Stargirl, Miss Martian and Bombshell are powerful and experienced heroines. And they all follow Steph's lead!