'''First Season'''

* The first episode when the battle Drago and a Fear Ripper driven crazy by negative energy went all the way into Dan and Shuji's battle and their partnership began.
* Two for episode 2, first goes to Masquerade fro making the #1 spot in like a day, and second to Drago when his power level is so high it destroys the field.
* Dan beating Ryo in their rematch after he and Drago make up by [[BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame out-strategizing Ryo.]]
* Runo winning her battle in episode 5, because not only was it a great debut for Tigerra but she did it while still having two Bakugan in a Doom Card battle.
* Preyas's debut in episode 7 where he showed off his attribute changing powers.
* Julie beating Billy was in the Top 20 at the time after getting Gorem in episode 9.
* Episode 11 shows Shun and Skyress beating both Runo and Marucho and Tigerra and Preyas showing why they used to be #1.

'''Second Season'''
* Maxus Dragonoid vs Maxus Helios.
** When the system forcing Bakugan to take on sphere form on Vestroia is destroyed, their battle is prematurely terminated. That doesn't stop Drago and Helios from kicking the DuelsDecideEverything trope to the curb and slugging it out the old-fashioned way.
* Lync threatens Dr. Michael. How does Alice respond? She backhands him in the face.
* When Alice is being pursued by Shadow, she is rescued by Chan Lee. Not through a brawl; Chan Lee kicks him straight in the stomach.

'''Fourth Season'''
* This is pretty much a Crowning ''Season'' Of Awesome, as they fixed pretty much ''everything'' the fans were complaining about.
* The final battle with Mechtavius Destroyer. How do they finally stop this killing machine? Drago evolves again? Nope, not this time. [[spoiler:Dragonoid Destroyer calls upon every Bakugan on Earth with a human partner to lend him their power, causing him to enter a GoldenSuperMode with ''infinite attack power''. He then channels this [[CombinedEnergyAttack energy into a beam]] that ''vaporizes'' Mectavius Destroyer. To add to this, Genesis Dragonoid, the original Bakugan and Drago's ancestor, speaks through Dragonoid Destroyer to give Mechatvius Destroyer a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. Not only was it awesome, ''the entire world'' defeated Mechtavius Destroyer, not just Dan and Drago.]]