[[folder: Master Shake]]
* Shake giving Allen ATasteOfTheirOwnMedicine by killing him with [[BoltOfDivineRetribution lightning]] in the end of "Allen Part Two". Considering what Allen did [[LaserGuidedKarma prior to his death, this can be seen as a well deserved comeuppance.]]
** Also this:
-->'''Allen''': I talk a lot, I mean my dad says that. I wish he didn't exist!
-->'''Shake''': Don't you '''EVER''' say that about your father! Do you know how much he sacrifices for you?!
* Shake may be a total asshole, but he even has [[EveryoneHasStandards his standards]] when he calls out Frylock for agreeing to work with Nazis.
* Shake's [[spoiler: [[FamousLastWords last words]]]] in the series finale. [[HeroicSacrifice Not to mention how he sacrificed himself to save Meatwad from the man-eating clams]].
-->'''Master Shake''': [[spoiler: [[FacingTheBulletsOneLiner AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE FOREVER!]]]]
* In "Lasagna" Shake manages to continuously taunt Carl (who is under house arrest) with four-cheese lasagna and placing it just outside is house (if he leaves his house he'll get electrocuted!). [[KarmaHoudini He also gets away with killing carl.]]
* In "Love Mummy" the Aqua Teens find a mummy in their basement, who then manipulates Frylock and Meatwad with the threat of a curse to cater to it, however when the mummy comes face to face with Shake, he takes none of it, tells the mummy off, and when the mummy threatens him with his curse, Shake still doesn't care and ends with telling the mummy it better be out the house by tomorrow morning. Made even better when Shake isn't cursed at all by the end of the episode.
* Shake gets one when he steals Frylock's jewel and uses to fly away while causing several explosions in "Hoppy Bunny".
* In "Intervention", Shake is accidentally '''SLICED UP INTO SEVERAL SMALL CUBES''' and not only did Shake survive the whole thing, but he remained completely non-chalant about it.
[[folder: Frylock]]
* Frylock promises never to move back in with Shake and Meatwad, no matter how crappy his new life maybe in ''The.''; that's the actual Title. Thanks to NegativeContinuity, he has to go back on his word, but it was still awesome.
* Frylock responds to the ''Robositter'' disobeying him by killing her with a juicer.
-->''"You're liquefied, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch!]]"''
* In "The Marines", Frylock foils [[Franchise/{{Saw}} Jigsaw]]'s plans by untying a twistee-tie.
* Frylock once more in "Der Inflatable Fuhrer:" "Frylock agrees to synthesize a virus for a reincarnated balloon of UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler." -- Wiki/ThatOtherWiki.
* In "Chicken and Beans", Meatwad's ego inflates after a video of him vomiting during his performance of the eponymous song goes viral thanks to Shake. After Meatwad's breakdown on stage, Frylock confronts him and grounds him. The awesomeness shows when Frylock smiles after telling Meatwad that he's grounded.]
* Frylock blowing up the bus in "Party Bus":
-->'''Frylock''': RIDE THE BUS TO BUS HELL, [[RedundancyDepartmentOfRedundancy YOU BUS!]]"
* Frylock vs. Dr. Weird in TheMovie. Not to mention the fact the ATHF and Dr. Weird are in the same scenes together.
[[folder: Meatwad]]
* Frylock gives Meatwad one in "Bible Fruit", wherein Meatwad and Frylock resolve to blowing up their house to get away from some [[ItMakesSenseInContext born-again anthropomorphic fruit who fell off the wagon]]. But Shake is still inside...
-->'''Meatwad''': ''(sitting in a tire)'' Alright, what am I doing?\\
'''Frylock''': Are you grounded?\\
'''Meatwad''': Yeah, I think so...\\
'''Frylock''': Alright. ''(hands Meatwad two lengths of wire)'' Now touch the red wire to the green wire.\\
'''Meatwad''': But what about Master Shake?\\
'''Frylock''': ''What about'' him?\\
'''Meatwad''': Heh, that's what I say, yo. [[StuffBlowingUp Ba-ba-BOOM!]]\\
'''''[[StuffBlowingUp BOOM!]]'''''
* "Pregnant" Meatwad from the episode "Gee Whiz", in which he [[RantInducingSlight goes on a tirade aimed at Frylock and Master Shake that gets increasingly loud and increasingly foul-mouthed]], leaving them absolutely speechless.
** "How hard can it mother-f***ing be?! Ice mother-f***ing-cream! I guess that's the price I pay for living with two f***ing morons!"
** The icing on the cake being that every obscenity was bleeped with non-standard sound effects and a big red "X" appearing on screen each time.
* Meatwad transforming into a hurricane in "Rabbot Redux".
[[folder: Carl]]
* Carl gets one in "Deleted Scenes":
-->'''Shake''': Oh, is that a prop gun from the movie, Carl?
-->'''Carl''': No, this is a '''shotgun'''. And they use it for uh, for death.
* Carl using his nunchucks in "Merlo Sauvignon Blanco".
* Carl gets one at the end of "Robots Everywhere" when he plays "count the bullets" with the robots.
* Carl using the foreigner belt on the Mooninites: "[[http://video.adultswim.com/aqua-teen-hunger-force/carl-gets-the-foreigner-belt.html I don't need no instructions to KNOW HOW TO ROCK!]]"
* Carl taking out Marcula in ''Couples Skate'' with the garlic champagne.
* In "Muscles", after having his house broken in and having many of his possessions destroyed by Master Shake's muscles, "Muscles" demands that Carl gives him more muscle drinks. When "Muscles" obtains a can of "Blueberry Butt-Rape", Carl states that it's $14 without breaking a sweat. Turns into a funny moment with discussion that follows afterwards.
-->'''Carl''': Fourteen... American... Dollars... (Muscles gives him a [[DeathGlare Death Glare]] as Carl doesn't change his expression) Did I stutter?!
-->'''Muscles''': Oh shoot! I don't have Fourteen Dollars. (Looks up to Master Shake) Um... do you have Fourteen Dollars?
-->'''Master Shake''': Don't look at me, I'm broke.
[[folder:Other Moments]]
* The ''Bad Replicant'' Major Shake gets one just for being so calm about his existence.
* Meta example, series creators and Writers Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis get one for ''Dickesode.'' The whole Episode is a giant middle finger to all MoralGuardians and {{Media Watchdog}}s everywhere.
* Another meta example, series creators and Writers Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis get one for "Carl Wash" for tying up all the loose ends from the ''WesternAnimation/SpaceGhostCoastToCoast'' episode "Chambraigne".
* Yet another meta example, series creators and writers Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis get one for the upcoming [[LiveActionTV Live Action Episode.]] Not only is it Live Action, it's the 1st Episode since 2002 to have its own Page on Wikipedia, and it already has 4 Sources.
* The entirety of "Gee Whiz", the episode is a parody about American broadcast standards and practices, they couldn't let the characters get away with saying Jesus (hence referring to Jesus as "Gee Whiz") features a nun getting her head blown off with a rainbow coming out of her neck, and George Lowe's voiceover saying, ''"acceptable."'' Now that's just damn funny!
* Dr. Weird and Steve vs. phone solicitation. The episode opens up with a local contractor calling Dr. Weird's laboratory advertising home improvements. When it goes to voice mail, Dr. Weird orders Steve to "release the phone-spiders!". Steve drops a few into the line, which promptly attack the contractor.
-->'''Dr. Weird''': I guess we're ''not'' interested! [[EvilLaugh Bwahahahahah!]]
* "Last Dance For Napkin Lad." All of it.
* The first three minutes of the movie, consisting of a parody of the classic "Let's All Go To The Lobby" singing-food ads... which is filled with double entendres, gives way to ''single'' entendres, and is then rapidly [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo9v_GIuDBk hijacked by]] '''Music/{{Mastodon}}'''.