!!Examples from the movie include:
* Abe's father gets a rather understated moment in the beginning. When slavers come to take Abe's friend Will away, Abe's father punches one of them into the river. Barnes fires him and demands he pay a debt he was working off. Abe's father says, full of TranquilFury...
--> '''Mr. Lincoln:''' You get another penny from me, Mister Barnes, it will come with a fist, wrapped around it.

* After losing his musket ball and seeing the body of Barnes' last victim, Abe still manages to load his pistol and shoot Barnes in the eye ''just'' as he opens the door.
** After Barnes gets back up (because he's a vampire), he starts ''shredding'' Abe. Then Henri appears in the background. He grabs Barnes and flips him over, breaking the dock their standing on, then chucks him up the side of the nearby building. Barnes hits the wall, bounces off, then keeps going ''up'', digging a gouge out of the side, until finally he disappears over the roof in a spray of wood.

* Abe gets several while training with Henri:
** With some goading from Henri (re, being told basic truths that he had long denied), Abe manages to chop down a tree. With a single swing of his ax. That is by his own words, at least a foot thick.
** Everything about the Axe-Fu. It is strangely beautiful, especially when the scene transitions over to Abe's pen writing in his diary.
** At one point, Henri challenges Abe to fight him in a darkened room. The screen is completely black. We hear the sound of Abe getting his ass kicked, and then the door opens back up, and we see Henri kneeling with the ax, looking almost feral, while Abe is bloody on the floor. His response?
---> '''Abe:''' [[{{Determinator}} Again.]]

* After Abe moves to Springfield, he gets his first assignment: a pharmacist named Aaron Stipple, Jr. Abe goes to confront him and gets captured; strung up by his feet and his arms tied behind his back. As Stipple sets up the bowls to drain his blood, Abe wiggles around- and a knife falls out of his pocket. He catches it in his ''mouth'', then uses it to slash Stipple's throat, before crunching up and slicing through the rope holding him.
--> '''Henri:''' And remember: always have a contingency plan.

* At one point during his hunting years, Abe fights a blacksmith vampire. He kills it by holding its head over the furnace and ''stoking the bellows'', burning it with rush after rush of white-hot flames.

* Abe versus Barnes, round 2.
** Barnes recognizing his opponent by his ''smell''.
---> '''Barnes:''' Abraham ''[[PrecisionFStrike fucking]]'' Lincoln!
** They fight in the middle of a horse stampede, and Abe maneuvers- while pinned down- so that Barnes gets kicked in the face by an equine.
** Then Barnes gets up, grabs a horse, and ''throws'' it at Lincoln.
*** Which Abe tops by literally rolling with the hit and gets up ''riding the horse''. He charges straight at Barnes while leaning over towards the ground and grabbing his ax.
** Then the fight continues with them both parkour-ing on the horses' backs, and Abe gets to use the techniques Henri taught him earlier
** After tumbling down a cliff, Barnes grabs Abe's ax and tries to split Abe's skull. Abe dodges, grabs the ax- ''and reveals a '''hidden gun'''''. Then he shoots Barnes' other eye out.

* After Abe kills Barnes, Adam and Verdona find out his identity. They kidnap Will and send Abe an invitation to a ball. Abe, for his part, recruits his boss/friend Speed to help, and they head south. Once there, Abe crashes the party and murders ''every fucking vampire'' in the room in a glorious slo-mo battle that looks at least as good as the one from 300. The [[{{Gorn}} gratuitous blood sprays]] are beautiful, and the scene is fairly clever in its choreography. Of note, some of the blood remains on the floor, and factors into the ''next'' moment of awesome-

* Speed ''literally'' crashes the party with a horse drawn carriage when Abe gets pinned down by Verdona, and the wheels slide on the blood to smash her aside.

* On the villainous side, the entirety of Adam's "offer" to Abe, during which he not-so-subtly hints that Henri [[spoiler: is a vampire.]]\\
Accompanied by stunning painted visuals that flow beautifully through time and human suffering.
** A little while later, once the war proper is going, we get to see Confederate vampires fighting on the front lines. A handful of vampires versus an entire Union regiment, plus the support troops behind them. The vampires kill ''everyone''.

* Abe realizes vampires are fighting for the south and has a slight Heroic [=BSOD=]. It doesn't help that Verdona [[TearJerker killed his son]] the same way Barnes killed his mother. He's complaining to Mary about how their weapons aren't working, he compares them to his fork- [[EurekaMoment and then he realizes his fork is made of silver.]] Which is deadly to vampires. You can ''see'' the gears start turning, his mind working, and then he jumps out of his seat and runs over to talk to his friends/advisers.
--> '''Abe:''' [[SuddenlyShouting WILL! SPEED!]]

* A little later, Abe is getting ready for the coming struggle, and he breaks out the old axe, and starts spinning it. Almost [[CoolOldGuy 50 years old,]] and Abe still has it. [[FunnyMoments Until he drops it.]]

* ''Everything'' about the fighting on the train. Will going GunsAkimbo, then him and Abe ''sharing'' his axe- now equipped with a bayonet on the bottom of the handle- and culminating in Adam utterly [[CurbStompBattle curb stomping]] Abe and ''breaking'' said axe.
** And then, just when it looks like Adam will bite Abe, Henri jumps in and stops him. Their fight breaks the cliffs around the train, and parts of the train, too. Culminating in the reveal that the train was a decoy.
** And ''then'', the train goes over the massive bridge that Verdona set on fire. While the tracks are breaking, the fight continues among the flames.
'''Abe:''' Right- ''here!''\\
[punches through Adam's chest with his pocket watch]
*** What's really awesome is that this was foreshadowed way back when Abe was training with Henri (the blunderbuss).

* Mary Todd Lincoln and Harriet Tubman leading a bunch of freed slaves up the Underground Railroad- and transporting the silver right under the vampires' noses.
** [[CoolOldLady Mary]] gets another when she uses her TragicKeepsake- her son's miniature silver sword- to [[MamaBear shoot Verdona]] in the forehead at point-blank range.

* Reading below, it was cool that Abe was able to get some closure [[spoiler: 100 years later]] in the book. But in the movie, it was also cool that when Henri offered to turn him into a vampire, so they could continue the hunt forever, Abe ''turned him down''.
--> '''Abe:''' Vampires aren't the only things that live forever.


!!Examples from the book include:
* Lincoln and Speed luring vampire slavers to their doom; Speed lets them into the house one at a time, and Lincoln quickly dispatches each, with nary a sound (covered by slave gospel).
* How about the ending? Henry turns Abe into a vampire, and it jumps to 100 years later, at the Lincoln memorial when Martin Luther King Jr. gives his I have a dream speech. It turns out both Henry and Abe where listening to the speech. Lincoln got to personally see the affects of all he did come to this point.