!!Examples from the book include:
* Lincoln and Speed luring vampire slavers to their doom; Speed lets them into the house one at a time, and Lincoln quickly dispatches each, with nary a sound (covered by slave gospel).

!!Examples from the movie include:
* Pretty much any time Lincoln is beating vampire ass.
* Bartz throwing a horse at Abe.
** Also, Abe gets hit by the horse dead-on, but he makes a very nice recovery; in the ensuing tumble, the horse manages to roll back onto its feet and stand up, and Abe manages to cling on, resuming the chase now on horseback.
* "Where's the [[spoiler:silver]]?!" "Right HERE!" *WHAM* [[spoiler:Cue dead Adam.]] The fact that Lincoln did this at [[spoiler:the age of ''[[CoolOldGuy fifty]]'']] is the icing on that particular cake.
* Whenever Henry starts fighting, one of these moments isn't far behind.
** Same for Lincoln, Speed and Will.
* [[MamaBear Mrs.]] [[CoolOldLady Lincoln]] gets a rather fitting one when she [[spoiler:kills Vadoma by shooting her in the head with her (Mary's) silver TragicKeepsake (her son's - whom Vadoma had murdered - miniature silver sword)]].
** She gets one (combined with Harriet Tubman and some freed slaves), when they [[spoiler:transport the silver to the soldiers right under the vampires' noses]].
* Abe killing the pharmacist vampire by way of [[spoiler:slashing his throat with a hidden knife that he dropped from his picket and caught with his ''mouth'']]!
* An axe that's also [[spoiler:a '''gun''']]?! Hell yes!