!!The Book:
* Meg making the SadisticChoice to go back to Camazotz alone to save Charles's life.
-->'''Mrs. Whatsit''': We want nothing from you that you do without grace, or without understanding.
-->'''Meg''': But I do understand. It has to be me, it can't be anyone else.
* The final defeat of IT, due to Charles Wallace and Meg's use of ThePowerOfLove.
* Mrs. Whatsit's first introduction, showing up in a hurricane, showing us the first adult to ever understand Charles Wallace, and departing leaving Mrs. Murry in a HeroicBSOD in her wake.
-->''"Speaking of ways, pet, by the way. There IS such a thing as a tesseract."''
* Mr. Murry tessering the children away from IT and managing to land them on a friendly planet. After ''just'' being freed from his extended captivity.

!![[FanFic/AWrinkleInTime The FanFic]]
* Just about any time the trio shows of their real abilities. Including [[spoiler:resealing the Shukaku into Gaara]].
* Naruto makes it all too clear ''why'' he became Rokudaime Hokage after he [[spoiler:''removes Neji's Caged Bird Seal'' and forces the Hyuuga Clan with ''politics'' into freeing the rest of the Branch House -- and he does it during the middle of the final round of the Chunin Exams, in full view of the ''entire'' stadium (the audience of which includes several high-ranking nobles and no less than three Kages) ensuring that they ''can't'' get out of it]].

!!The 2018 Film:
* The film's trailer has gotten immense publicity? How so? The fact that it's the #1 trending video on Website/YouTube and on the top 5 trending topics on Twitter. There's more. It came out of D23, Disney's convection, and yet it managed to gain a lot more talk than ''Marvel or Star Wars''.
* The 2nd trailer revealing Miss Which's (or Miss Who or Miss What's) true form. Just a glimpse of her face, but that alone is a beautiful take on the book version. It's absolutely majestic to behold.