With elements from Franchise/{{Digimon}} (and later WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars, Franchise/{{Pokemon}}, and Film/LordOfTheRings) in Fanfic/AStickySituation, it shouldn't be surprising that there are plenty of awesome moments for everyone to enjoy.

In the first story, ''A Sticky Situation'':
* The defeat of [[spoiler:Ogudomon]] at the end. The entire battle with him was impressive, but his defeat was worth all the effort.
** The impressive collection of digimon who were facing the evil mega was also rather entertaining.
* Held prisoner by Goro and with no one having the slightest idea where they were, [[spoiler:it was Terriermon who devised the escape strategy for him and Renamon]]. And it worked perfectly.

In the second story, ''Secret of the 327th'':
* The battle with [=MegaGargomon=] and Cherubimon against [[spoiler:the Zillo Beast]].
* Aayla fighting against Ventress while the Jedi was wearing a slave outfit ({{It Makes Sense In Context}}) and without a lightsaber.
** She tops this by later fighting [[spoiler:Ventress, Dooku, and Grievous]] at the same time on her own.
* A subtle one: Bly choosing to disobey a direct order, and act like a human instead of droid, so that they would go back to [[spoiler:save Aayla]].
** This [[{{Foreshadowing}} foreshadows]] the moment where [[spoiler:Palpatine issues Order 66 and at least some of the clones manage to disobey]]. True, this is because Bly and the others have just learned some rather important information, [[spoiler:specifically that Palpatine is a Sith Lord]], but it is still quite an impressive feat for the clones and demonstrates how far they've come.
* This pretty much summarizes a large number of [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome moments]].
-->"I am Aayla Secura. [[spoiler:I have survived a brush with the Dark Side and recovered from losing all of my memories. I have leapt out of moving gunships and crossed chasms without bridges. I have escaped from Separatist facilities that were exploding all around me and come out without suffering a scratch. I have flown through space, blasting apart any droid that I find without prejudice. I have battled rancors, survived an assault from a swarm of Gigantoformicums and scared a bunch of pirates away from a farm by making them believe they were being attacked by a ghost. I have ridden Acklay into battle and even gone so far as to befriend them. I have destroyed Geonosian droid factories from within and faced off against zombies and Jedi infected with mind-controlling parasites. I have stood in the face of giant blasts from defoliator cannons and emerged unscathed. I have passed into the Palace of Jabba the Hutt and come out with my sanity intact. I have infiltrated an entire base of Dooku's Dark Acolytes to convert my Master back from the Dark Side and helped him to fight all of them off. I have assisted in diffusing an anti-matter bomb before it could destroy the whole of Naboo. I have fought off powerful ice monsters and run up and down on the back of the Zillo Beast the most dangerous creature that has ever been born in this universe. I have defeated Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku, and I shall defeat you in just the same way."]]
* Renamon vs. Cad Banes. No weapons, no gadgets, no special abilities or attacks. Just hand to paw combat.
* [[spoiler:When Aayla is kidnapped by Cad Banes, the clear choices are submit to the torture and share a secret that could alter the entire war if the Separatist find out (and die) or remain silent while suffer intense pain at the hands of the bounty hunter (and die). [[TakeAThirdOption Instead]], she because she has learned to think outside of the box, she decides to ''pay'' her captor more than [[BigBad Darth Sideous]] did and have him both release her, keep the digimon a secret, and start working for the Jedi.]]
* The entire arc involving [[SlaveLiberation freeing almost one hundred Twi'lek women from slavery]]. But [[spoiler:Rika punching one of the slavers (a male Twi'lek who was betraying his own kind)]] is particularly awesome.
* Continuing on the trend of cool moments for Cad Banes, Chapter 151 and 152 has him [[spoiler:fighting against Darth Sideous with a combination of [[WhereDoesHeGetAllThoseWonderfulToys gadgets]], trickery, and luck. Eventually, [[BigDamnHeroes Chewbacca had to help him make their escape]], but he still held his own against the Sith Lord fairly well until then.]] Never underestimate the Bounty Hunter.
* Chapter 190 of "Secret of the 327th" involves the start of [[UpToEleven one of the biggest digimon battles yet]]. This battle includes, but is not limited to, the army Nightmare Soldiers, [[spoiler:Belphemon, and [=GranDracmon=]]] against the tamers and their partners, the Digimon Sovereigns, the Deva, and a collection of powerful digimon that were either recruited by the Sovereigns or are friends with the tamers and digimon. Oh, and [[CoolBike Behemoth]].
** Special mention should go to the arrival of [[spoiler:Fatemon]] onto the scene. Both the Biomergence and everything he does from his first appearance to [[spoiler:[=GranDracmon's=] death]].
* [[SpannerInTheWorks Jar Jar Binks]] took out [[spoiler:an AT-AT walker]] by being his own clumsy, accidental self.
* Almost any of the fight scenes near the end against the Sith and their allies were amazing, but some of particular interest would be:
** Ahsoka against [[spoiler: Ventress]].
** Barris fighting and defeating [[spoiler: Aurra Sing]] on her own.
** [[spoiler: Durge, who is nearly impossible to kill, fighting against Bane and Sakuyamon until she mode changes and crushes him with a forcefield]].
** Count Dooku's duel against [[spoiler:General Grievous]].
** Aayla taking on and defeating both [[spoiler: Bok and Pong Krell]] at the same time.
** And, last but not least, the amazing duel between Anakin Skywalker and [[spoiler: Palpatine that not only results in him revealing his Sith Lord status through an EngineeredPublicConfession, but also ends with him utterly [[LaserGuidedKarma defeated by the Jedi he wanted as his apprentice and eaten by the Zillo Beast he tried to have killed previously]]]]
* Before that, the [[spoiler: Biomergence of Numa and Gabumon to form [=ZeedGarurumon=]]] was particularly awesome. This lesser-known mega Digimon appeared on the battlefield and began to completely decimate the enemy, leaving even his allies stunned by his [[MoreDakka firepower]].
* Just the fact that the Tamers refuse to bow to hardship after their arrival. Let's look at how they ended up where they did. They crash-landed on the Twilek homeworld with Henry getting injured in the crash, the Twileks can't speak their language, slavers attack before Henry's injury can do any mending and during the slavers' attack, Suzie is separated from her brother and Rika. Do any of them bow? ''No''; in fact, when Henry and Rika are rescued, it's noted that Henry's injury is the only thing affecting his [[DefiantCaptive defiance and Rika has no such limitations]].

In ''Quest of the Gods'':
* The death of [[spoiler:[=IceDevimon=].]] It is completely true what they say: There's NoKillLikeOverkill
* The battle between Zapdos and Taomon (and later, Sakuyamon) in order to prove to the Legendary Bird that they were worthy protectors to their own universe and that helping them was a good idea.
* [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Son]] versus [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Mewtwo]]. The Daughter, Latios, Latias, Zapdos, and Suicine also eventually show up to help out, but Mewtwo definitely held his own fairly well against the AnthropomorphicPersonification of the Dark Side.
* The fact that Team Rocket is actually very competent and dangerous in this story is pretty impressive. Not to mention that Giovanni is now working with [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Son]] and the evil digimon.

In ''To Be a King'':
* Two words: Stone Giant
* The Hobbits preparing for an invasion of Goblins.