* Alice's LockAndLoadMontage. Watch it [[http://youtu.be/9UjNxFF9e9s here]].
* Freddy's death scene, with dozens of his previous victims' souls ripping their way out of his body and tearing him to pieces in the process. Also VisualEffectsOfAwesome; it was done with real actors inside a giant Freddy torso, and still looks good 25 years later.
* The zoom out to an entire planetwide junkyard following Freddy's resurrection.
* Dan defending Rick after an unnamed JerkJock not only brings up [[spoiler: Kristen's death]] but insults Alice. Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
-->'''"Jock":''' (''notices Rick'') You gotta feel for that guy. [[TheLostLenore Dead girlfriend]], basket-case for a sister...
-->'''Dan:''' Hey! (''grabs "Jock" by the shirt and shoves him against the lockers'') Learn to ''shut up'', asshole!
* Give Rick credit: despite fighting an invisible Freddy, he manages to fight back and actually kicks his butt, with Freddy only winning with a cheap shot.