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* Undeniably the ConcertClimax.
** Of course, Goofy turning the Perfect Cast into a badass Dance Move that Powerline loves. And following it up by ''moonwalking''.
--> '''Max''': Dad! '''Dad!''' ''Do the PERFECT CAST!''
** And we cant forget PJ and Pete catching the show on TV.
--> '''PJ''': They ''did it!!''
--> '''Pete''': *SpitTake* *stares in shock*
** On a relatively minor note, Powerline proves to be both very [[NiceGuy nice]] and professional in light of his concert's interruptions, as he manages to play along without missing any of his lyrical cues [[TheShowMustGoOn no matter how many surprises he gets]].
* The "On the Open Road" scene for Goofy himself. Getting an ''entire highway'' of drivers to join in on what started out as a SerendipitousSymphony ditty between him and his unenthusiastic son has to count for something. Hell, if getting a ''dead guy in a hearse'' to sing and dance along isn't awesome, I don't know what is.
* Pete's camper is made of this. Admit it, who didn't want an RV that came packed with a pool, a hot tub, and a freaking ''bowling alley'' after seeing this movie?
* The ZanyScheme of the film's for Max -- He manages to turn a father-son camping trip into ''appearing on live television with (an {{Expy}} of) Michael Jackson''.
* Max using The Perfect Cast to [[spoiler: save Goofy from falling down the waterfall.]]
* Goofy telling Pete that while Max isn't everything he thinks a son should be, he loves Max and vice versa. Made even sweeter by the fact that Pete has been giving Goofy parenting advice all movie, but in responding does not and honestly ''cannot'' claim that PJ loves him. What was already a solid defense becomes a checkmate.
-->'''Pete:''' My son ''respects'' me.\\
'''Goofy:''' ''(shrugs)'' Yeah.\\
'''Pete:''' ''(annoyed, glares back at Goofy)'' Check the map, Goof!
** Oddly enough, Pete also has a moment here- while PJ might not love his father, he does ''respect'' his father. Goofy can say that Max loves him... but he can't say that Max respects him.
* Max's stage show at the beginning was pure awesome. The simple fact that a trio of high schoolers could pull off a pretty sweet-looking show is nothing short of impressive. In-universe as well. He gets kudos from two of the cool kids and Lisa, the hottest girl in school, briefly flirts with him before being interrupted by Stacy.
* Even better, Max not only gets kudos, but a ''crowd chant'' after leaving school, when at the start of the movie he was nearly a pariah. And on top of that it was started by ''[[ShrinkingViolet PJ]]'', who not only had the courage to start one, but also ''succeeded'' in getting others to join in, in spite of his place on the social totem pole. He must have been really [[ShipperOnDeck happy for Max]].
** ''And'' he still got kudos even though his performance went south and he got in trouble. Max thought he made a complete fool of himself in front of the whole school, and expected everyone to make fun of him for it. Instead, they cheered him on because all that was important to them was how cool he was on stage.
* A meta-example with this '''PERFECT''' live remake of ''After Today'': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OABeWNqZph4
** So perfect that '''''it got aired at 2015's D23 Expo''''' (At the panel "A Goofy Movie's 20th birthday").
* Another meta-example at D23. The panel ended with a twitter question asking if the panel should end with a Powerline performance. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAuCpdCn3gc Guess who showed up?]]