Aliens from the planet Vijure search for the key to the secret of all life by infiltrating human bodies. This usually doesn't end well for the humans, so the White Pegasus Team and their ship the ''Wonder Beat'' fight them.
!!This series provides example of:

* AliensSpeakingEnglish - Japanese in this case, but still both used and subverted. The audience, by necessity, is able to understand the Vijurian speech, but the characters in-universe need a translator.
* ApocalypseHow - Several planets in the path of Asteroid X-23/Vijuria have suffered at least Class 2, possibly up to Class 4. Captain Sugita's refusal to inflict Class X on it starts the series's plot. [[spoiler:Vijuria itself supposedly suffered an industrial Class 1 at some point, and survivors moved underground, altering their bodies to cope.]]
* BizarreAlienBiology - The Vijurians. They're missing some fairly prominent organs, like a stomach, even if their general structure doesn't seem too different.
* {{Edutainment}} - Fairly obvious with the way supposed experts in medical procedures go out of their way to explain to their teammates how things work in a human body.
* EverythingIsAnIPodInTheFuture - The Wonder Beat.
* FantasticVoyagePlot - The whole series. Overlaps with WombLevel because most of the fighting takes place inside the patients' bodies.
* GunshipRescue - Wonder Beat performs this several times, saving EVA teams from all kinds of trouble.
* MidseasonUpgrade - Several, including Susumu's Electro-Boomerang, the EVA Units' Twin Beam Laser, and [[spoiler:a whole new ship]]. Except the last one, they are very rarely used.
* MonsterOfTheWeek - More or less, practically every episode that isn't part of a two-episode arc features a new Monster made by Vijurians.
* {{Mook}}s - The Vijurian soldiers are omnipresent, but quite competent when dealing with invaders, most of the time. The real {{Mook}}s are the Attack Drones, complete with programming straight out of ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy's IT department.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands - Even if you write it off as the crew being CrazyPrepared since Wonder Beat is still a medical ship, the sheer amount of various devices used to cure the patients is somewhat surprising.
* NoExportForYou - The series was never broadcast in an English-speaking country, but did get some air time in USSR (and, supposedly, Germany).
* TitleDrop - Despite her using "''Wonder Beat, launch!''" for most of the series, the very last episode has Captain Lee shout "''Wonder Beat, Scramble!''" when initiating the micronizer [[spoiler:from a hyperspace transporter inside the Vijurian base]].
* ZeeRust - There's a prominent lack of cellphones and flat monitors, but other than that the series manages to look fairly futuristic even today.

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