!!This series provides example of:

* AliensSpeakingEnglish - Japanese in this case, but still both used and subverted. The audience, by necessity, is able to understand the Vijurian speech, but the characters in-universe need a translator.
* ApocalypseHow - Several planets in the path of Asteroid X-23/Vijuria have suffered at least Class 2, possibly up to Class 4. Captain Sugita's refusal to inflict Class X on it starts the series's plot. [[spoiler:Vijuria itself supposedly suffered an industrial Class 1 at some point, and survivors moved underground, altering their bodies to cope.]]
* BizarreAlienBiology - The Vijurians. They're missing some fairly prominent organs, like a stomach, even if their general structure doesn't seem too different.
* {{Edutainment}} - Fairly obvious with the way supposed experts in medical procedures go out of their way to explain to their teammates how things work in a human body.
* EverythingIsAnIPodInTheFuture - The Wonder Beat.
* FantasticVoyagePlot - The whole series. Overlaps with WombLevel because most of the fighting takes place inside the patients' bodies.
* ForMassiveDamage - After early Monsters proved too easy to beat, Vijurians started designing them tougher, with hard-to-find "hearts" that served as the monster's only weak spot.
* GunshipRescue - Wonder Beat performs this several times, saving EVA teams from all kinds of trouble.
* MidseasonUpgrade - Several, including Susumu's Electro-Boomerang, the EVA Units' Twin Beam Laser, and [[spoiler:a whole new ship]]. Except the last one, they are very rarely used.
* MonsterOfTheWeek - More or less, practically every episode that isn't part of a two-episode arc features a new Monster made by Vijurians.
* {{Mook}}s - The Vijurian soldiers are omnipresent, but quite competent when dealing with invaders, most of the time. The real {{Mook}}s are the Attack Drones, complete with programming straight out of ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy's IT department.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands - Even if you write it off as the crew being CrazyPrepared since Wonder Beat is still a medical ship, the sheer amount of various devices used to cure the patients is somewhat surprising.
* NoExportForYou - The series was never broadcast in an English-speaking country, but did get some air time in USSR (and, supposedly, Germany).
* TitleDrop - Despite her using "''Wonder Beat, launch!''" for most of the series, the very last episode has Captain Lee shout "''Wonder Beat, Scramble!''" when initiating the micronizer [[spoiler:from a hyperspace transporter inside the Vijurian base]].
* ZeeRust - There's a prominent lack of cellphones and flat monitors, but other than that the series manages to look fairly futuristic even today.

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