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Viper's Creed is an anime science fiction series created by Shinji Aramaki and directed by Hiroyuki Kanbe. It aired throughout Japan from January 6, 2009 to March 24, 2009 in the Animax and [=BS11=] channels. It was also released in North America, dubbed by Blue Water Studios in Alberta, Canada. It aired in 2011 in the United States through the [=G4=] channel before it pulled the show after four episodes were shown. However, it's still available via Hulu and [=YouTube=]. The [=DVDs=], however, are only released in Japan and in North America. The opening song ''R.O.C.K.'' was done by iLL while the ending song ''Ai no Oto'' was done by moumoon in good English. Among the companies that did the show's animation (Both [=CG=] and non-[=CG=]) were [=AIC=] Digital, Bee Train and Hanjin Animation. Production of Viper's Creed was done by Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan.

Taking place in the near future in the mid-21st century. World War III and global warming resulted in the destruction of most cities that a majority of them are forced to be abandoned due to flooding and ruin from the war. A few have been rebuilt with long highways over the waters due to complications with pollution in the air and water that most travel on airplanes and ships are not possible. Defending these rebuilt cities are tasked to the [=PMCs=] for law enforcement duties and among these companies is the Arqon Global Security Corporation. The [=AGSC=] is responsible for defending Fort Daiva City from crimes and terrorism. Among their duties are the elimination of military-made robots left from [=WWIII=] called "Bugs". Among the [=AGSC=] units deployed to combat these robots is the Viper Unit, which consist of experienced operatives called ''Blademen''.

!!The show provides examples of:

* {{Cyberpunk}}: [=PMCs=] have taken over (at least the majority) of duties away from law enforcement and the military. There is some resentment from the public against them [[spoiler:and rogue soldiers are ordered to frame law-abiding contractors as terrorists with a young hacker helping the rogue contractors take back their company.]]
** However, it mixes up with post-cyberpunk since there is an improvement with technology in terms of computers, communications and the mechs used to police Daiva City.
* MeaningfulName: Daiva City. It sounds the same as "Diversity".
* PrivateMilitaryContractors: Hired by various government to provide law enforcement duties in the future, one of them being Arqon Global Security. At the end of the show, they changed their name into Daiva Security.
* RealRobotGenre: All Maneuver-Roids, which can switch between a mech and a motorbike. These are heavily customized with different weapons and equipment, depending on the operator. The mechs are powered up thanks to the electrical supply built in the highways after World War III and global warming.