Japanese animation is a very wide media which spans countless genres. From children television to [[{{Hentai}} hardcore porn]], from [[WidgetSeries slapstick comedy]] to [[TearJerker sad dramas]], from RomanticComedy to [[{{Gorn}} bloody action]].

Now comes a 20 minute {{OVA}} which fills one of the few niches still not covered by anime: ''Isshoni Training / Training with Hinako'' is an animated fitness video. As is the case with most fitness videos, it is less about actually giving exercising instructions but more about giving an excuse to ogle a sparsely clothed, bouncy, sweaty girl.

Despite its very cheap production (countless repeats of the same sequences) it was quite a hit in Japan. All copies of the DVD were sold out immediately at release day.

A sequel, ''Sleeping With Hinako'', was released in February 2010. "Sleeping" alters the formula, and is meant to "simulate" a sleepover with Hinako. It acts as sleep ambiance and an alarm clock. The ambient footage is a repeating loop of Hinako [[MaleGaze sleeping in sexy poses from various camera angles]], giving the viewer something pretty to look at and listen to when falling asleep and waking up.

%% Per P5 decision, examples from volume 3 - "Bathtime with Hinako" are not allowed.%%
!!Has examples of:

* AnimatedActors
* AuthorAppeal
* {{Fanservice}} -- As if the rest wasn't enough, Hinako [[NoFourthWall flirts directly with the viewer]] and says sweet nothings. Service doesn't get much more direct than that.
* {{Gainaxing}} -- Sometimes even with sound effect
* MaleGaze
* MsFanservice -- Hinako, of course.
* NoFourthWall -- Hinako is frequently interacting directly with the viewer.
* PantyShot
* StockFootage -- Countless repeats after repeats of the same animation cycles until you are paying more attention to the background than the character and become grateful for your fast-forward button.
* TrappedInTVLand -- Hinako used to be a real girl but got sucked into the anime world.
* WidgetSeries -- depends on the person.
* WorkoutFanservice -- The specific draw of ''Training''.