''Sol Bianca'' is a two-episode {{OVA}} series by Creator/{{AIC}}, from 1990 (first episode) and 1992 (second episode). Also, a six-episode OVA series titled ''Taiyō no Fune Sol Bianca'' (Ship of the Sun Sol Bianca/''Sol Bianca: The Legacy''), was made in 1999-2000.

The series follows the adventures of the spaceship Sol Bianca and its crew.

!!This show provides examples of:

* AmazonBrigade
* CompletelyDifferentTitle -- When [[Creator/{{Geneon}} Pioneer]] released the second series, they called it ''Sol Bianca: The Legacy''.
* ConspicuousCG -- In the second series.
* CoolShip -- The eponymous vessel.
* [[spoiler:EarthThatWas]]
* ForeignLanguageTitle -- It's apparently supposed to mean "white sun" in Spanish and/or Italian ("bianca" is the feminine adjective form of "white" in Italian and "sol" is Spanish for "sun"; the correct phrase would be "sol blanco" in Spanish and "sole bianco" in Italian).
** Though that ''could'' be intentional, [[FridgeBrilliance given the all-female crew]].
* LaserBlade -- The ship's weapon is some kind of glowing yellow string (it forms curve shapes when in use) that cuts anything it touches.
* LeftHanging -- The second episode of the original series ends with an antagonist character bringing someone out of [[HumanPopsicle suspended animation]]. We never find out more about this, though, because the series ends there, and the second series seems to be either a {{Prequel}} or an AlternateContinuity.
* PirateGirl
* TheQuietOne -- Janny in the second series.
* SpaceIsAnOcean -- When the eponymous ship enters / leaves hyperspace, it resembles a submarine diving / resurfacing.
* SpacePirates
* SpaceshipGirl -- June seems to be something like a robotic terminal of the ship's computer.
* StabTheScorpion: First it looks, as if Gwen wants to shoot Janny, but actually he saves her by shooting Booster's big monster minion standing behind her.
* StarshipLuxurious -- The Sol Bianca has an onboard garden.
* ThemeNaming -- The given names of the main characters are [[TemporalThemeNaming month names]] or variations thereof: April, Feb, Janny, June, May. There's also an extrasolar system with planets named Uno and Tres.