''Serendipity the Pink Dragon'' is a 1983 anime (original title ''Serendipity Monogatari Pure to no Nakamatachi'' -- "''Serendipity Stories: Friends on Pure Island''") that was adapted into a movie in 1989. The story follows Bobby, (or Kona in Japanese), a young boy who is shipwrecked in the Antarctic. He finds a pink egg and floats on it out to a magical island, where the pink plesiosaur Serendipity hatches. The island where she lives is endangered by the threat of humans coming when Captain Smudge realizes there is gold on the island.

The original anime, and the movie made from it, was based on a series of children's books called, oddly enough, Serendipity Books. Each book was designed to deliver AnAesop, such as "[[BeYourself Enjoy being you,]]" [[TheGoldenRule "Treat others the way you want to be treated,"]] and "Not everyone enjoys the same things."


* AdaptationExpansion: And how! The original Serendipity Books were mostly stand-alone stories with different characters and settings (with the exception of a few mini-series here and there). Serendipity herself only appeared in one or two books, the plot of which the anime and movie only follow quite vaguely.
* AmbiguousGender: A baffling example in the English dub, Peela-Peela is referred to as a female in the first half of the movie and a male in the second half.
* AscendedExtra: Lord Winston manages to be both this and DemotedToExtra at once. He gets a lot more screen-time and characterization than in the original story (wherein he was only known as "the Dolphin"), and is a fairly important character, but he's no longer [[spoiler:one of the rulers of the sea]].
* BishieSparkle: Often with Princess Laura
* CarnivoreConfusion: Bobby eats a coconut, but they ''talk'' and have feelings...
* DemotedToExtra: The Walrus. He barely appears at all in the film when in the book he was the first character Serendipity met after hatching, helped her to make her journey across the ocean, and was [[spoiler: the other ruler of the sea]].
* DinosaursAreDragons: The title calls Serendipity a dragon, but the theme song says she's a dinosaur.
* EggMacGuffin
* EverythingTalks: Rocks talk, the fruits on the trees talk, etc.
* ForTheEvulz: Captain Smudge- "What's that bird doin'? Well, it's a shame I'm in such a foul mood-" *cocks gun to shoot Peela-Peela*
* HumansAreBastards: Humans are the main threat to the island.
* LullDestruction: The dub movie has several songs filling quiet moments and quite a bit of extra speech.
* SeadogBeard: Captain Smudge has one
* SugarBowl
* TalkLikeAPirate: Captain Smudge
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: The mermaid princess Laura has purple hair.