--> ''"I'm a tire for hire!"''

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''Riding Bean'' is an {{Anime}} {{OVA}} produced by studio Creator/{{AIC}}, created by Creator/KenichiSonoda and directed by Yasuo Hasegawa, released in February 22, 1989 with a run-time of 48 minutes.

The anime OVA follows the exploits of [[AwesomeMcCoolName Bean Bandit]], a professional getaway driver (Think ''Film/TheTransporter'') who's been framed for kidnapping the daughter of an electronics CEO. Using a series of tricks, clever plots and disguises, Bean and his friend (and trigger-woman) Rally Vincent attempt to avoid being captured as they work to clear their name. With many a good plot twist and a interesting story and plot, the OVA was well received.

This OVA was supposedly the pilot for a suggested Anime series, but due to a falling out between Kenichi Sonoda and Toshiba EMI over the series left it with only one episode. Quickly moving on, Riding Bean served as a pilot of sorts for the related project ''Manga/GunsmithCats'' that Kenichi Sonoda went on the create in its place. ''GSC'' featured a redesigned Rally as the main character, with Bean making a number of appearances.

A {{Manga}} adaptation of Riding Bean was also produced by Kenichi Sonoda in 1989 but was left unfinished after four chapters due to the cancellation of Monthly Comic Noizy, the Japanese magazine in which it was published.

[[ForeignLanguageTheme It's also notable for being one of the few Animes to have a soundtrack composed and performed entirely by a foreigner.]] In this case, Jazz Fusion keyboardist David Garfield and his band.

On May 18, 2018, appropriately in Chicago, Kenichi Sonoda revealed ''Project [B.B]'', a new anime about both Bean and [[Manga/GunsmithCats Rally Vincent]].
!!This anime contains examples of:
* AntiHero: As Rally puts it "He's a Scoundrel at heart, but he dreams to be a good guy."
* AwesomeMcCoolname: Bean Bandit.
* BadassDriver - Take a wild-ass guess.
** Say what you want about Semmerling, she did show off some fairly impressive wheelwork in the final chase.
** Percy ''wishes'' he could be one.
* BadBoss: Semmerling. Anyone under her employ is completely expandable to her plans. To wit, she kills one underling that was meant to be the driver of her big rig out of town just use his body to weight the gas pedal (apparently never hearing of cruise control) and uses Carrie as a hostage when Bean closes in to kill her just to get him to back off. Keep in mind, Carrie's her ''assistant''.
* TheBerserker - Bean got really pissed at Semmerling for hitting him with a fragmentation grenade. Later, she tries to run him over. He ''shoulder-checks'' her car and not only stops it cold, but pops it right off its front wheels!
* BerserkButton - Don't diss or mess with Bean's car. And do not mess with kids if he's around your general vicinity..
* BigBadassRig: The Scania T-142 M driven by Semmerling and one of her mooks.
* BulletProofVest: All but said that his leather jacket is heavily armored, with a strong hint that his headband is bullet proof too, though the shot it stops does daze him for a moment.[[note]]The Gunsmith Cats version explicitly says this, revealing that the jacket weighs a ton.[[/note]]
* CannonFodder - Potentially, any one of Semmerling's Mooks.
* CarFu: Bean seems to be a master of this.
** Later on Semmerling tries run over Bean with a hijacked car. [[spoiler: It doesn't work out well for her.]]
* TheChessmaster - Semmerling, at least she would've been if she didn't leave too many clues for Bean and Rally to get their head around.
* CoolCar - Bean's especially so. With Bulletproofing, Gun Ports, [[BladeBrake Blade Braking]] and the ability to turn it's wheels 90 degrees and drive that way. In ''Manga/GunsmithCats'', Bean worked hard and paid millions of dollars to make the car and christened it as "The Buff".
** Semmerlings BMW 750iL. It's not as outwardly impressive as Beans car, but makes up for it with a [[{{Overdrive}} monstrously powerful V12 engine.]]
** According to creator Kenichi Sonoda, all of the high tech gadgetries found on Bean's car, except the strange break-fins on the wheels, were 100% technologically feasible at the time in which the anime was made. Although the Series/MythBusters might take issue with this...
* CoolGuns: The OVA shows a pretty nice selection of guns from somewhat common to quite uncommonly seen ones (such as a [[http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Semmerling_LM-4 Semmerling LM-4]] and a Calico M-100).
* CowboyCop: Percy is an AxCrazy version of this--the man is responsible for an astounding bunch of property damage during his chasing of Bean, and he keeps on going with a nearly-destroyed car, single-mindedly wanting to catch Bean.
* DomesticAbuse: Semmerlings to Carrie
* FrameUp: Semmerling purposefully hires Bean as a getaway driver for a bank heist while her assistant, Carrie, dresses as Chelsea, the daughter of a wealthy CEO, and be caught on camera as he's driving through a warehouse. Once the job is finished, her second phase is to kidnap said CEO and take his daughter to Bean, under the disguise of a "bodyguard" to have Bean deliver her to her manor in "his" place after he's "killed" by pursuers. Since the police caught whom they thought was Chelsea on camera in Bean's car, they assume Bean kidnapped her and go after him.
* FriendToAllChildren - Bean may be a scoundrel but he's got a soft spot for children.
* FishEyes: Bean, after being [[spoiler: ''shot in the fucking head.'']] All things considered, he got off easy.
* Gorn: In the start of the film, we see a pretty roughed up corpse of a security guard and another security guard has his head blown off with a shotgun.
** Mild version, but after shot in the forehead (that had an armored bandanna) and being rammed by a car against a wall several times by Semmerling in an attempt to kill him at the climax, Bean's head has been twisted ''almost ninety degrees horizontally''.
* HeelFaceTurn: Carrie at the end, somewhat. She threatens to shoot Bean [[spoiler: for Semmerling's death. But Bean points out that her death was her own fault and Semmerling was willing to ''shoot through'' Carrie just to kill him (She just barely gazed Carrie's arm before the explosion, likely because Carrie had moved enough to avoid a direct hit). Heck Bean was willing to accept Carrie's demands to take the money in exchange for their lives. But Semmerling was too stubborn to know when to quit. Carrie ultimately concedes and accepts Bean's offer to join Rally and him.]]
* HeavySleeper - Bean. Not even a ''stungun'' can wake him! What does? ''A heated frying pan to the face''.
* HyperCompetentSidekick - Dick (the Ying to Percy's Yang)
* InspectorLestrade - Percy, to a degree.
** InspectorZenigata - He's way more interested in taking out Bean than doing his duty as a Chicago PD officer. And collateral damage be ''''damned'''.
* KnifeNut: Bean, he's pretty adequate with them too.
* KarmicDeath - [[spoiler: Semmerling is killed when her attempt to murder Carrie triggers an explosion caused by the gas leaking from the wrecked car she tried to hit Bean with. Made doubly more embarrassing by the fact that she probably would have survived the entire altercation were she not to have done that.]]
* KickTheDog - How Semmerling treats Carrie.
* LanternJawOfJustice: While the Justice part is debatable, Bean's got a pretty good jawline.
* LatexPerfection - Semmerling can flawlessly impersonate a man with a handy rubber mask and a throat-ring that makes her voice low.
* KillItWithFire
* MadeOfIron - Bean. This guy can take stungun shocks without even flinching, and [[spoiler:even takes a BULLET TO THE HEAD and get hit by a car (twice!) while still remaining standing!]]
* MasterOfDisguise: Semmerling and Carrie.
* MirthlessLaughter: Both Semmerling and Bean share a brief moment of stress-laughter when [[spoiler: he somehow body-checks her car.]]
* MoreDakka: Standard for Kenichi Sonoda.
* PedestrianCrushesCar: There's a scene where the BigBad attempts to use CarFu on Bean Bandit, who instead lifts the car off its front wheels.
* PsychoLesbian - Semmerling.
* PunchClockVillain - Anyone stupid enough to join Semmerling's gang. See CannonFodder above.
* PrettyLittleHeadshots: Rally delivers one to the man brave enough to hold the little girl hostage. Unfortunately averted for one of the mall cops in the intro.
* RareGuns: Well it is a work by Creator/KenichiSonoda so it's a given. In fact this is probably the only form of media where guns such as [[http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Semmerling_LM-4 Semmerling LM-4]], [[http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Solothurn_S-18_20mm_Anti-Tank_Rifle Solothurn S-18 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle]] and [[http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Ithaca_Mag-10_%22RoadBlocker%22 Ithaca Mag-10 "RoadBlocker"]] were actually shown,, alos there's the aforementioned [[http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Riding_Bean#Calico_M100 Calico_M100 Rifle]].
* RatedMForManly: Exemplified by Bean Bandit. His typical breakfast includes a salami the width of a normal person's arm and an entire pineapple. A taser blast to the neck can't even ''wake him up.'' ''He crushes shelled walnuts with his teeth.''
* RedBaron: Bean "The Road Buster" Bandit.
* ShoutOut: To ''Film/TheBluesBrothers'', the film is supposedly set in Chicago. The pile up scenes are quite similar to the film as is the highway sequence (though Bean is the one in pursuit rather than being chased and doesn't pull a car flip like Elwood did). Heck even the chase sequence under the railway tracks look lifted right from the film.
* SpotTheThread: The trailer used to block Bean's escape in the first heist, and the trailer Semmerling is escaping in are on and them same, but Bean doesn't realise this until he sees the bumps on the side from the police cars crashing into this.
* SmugSnake - Semmerling fancies herself as a competent and elegant schemer, but makes plenty of extremely stupid decisions throughout her caper and goes absolutely ballistic when her plans inevitably goes awry.
* SunglassesAtNight: Bean, in the intro wears one, it doesn't damper his BadassDriver capabilities one bit.
* SuperStrength: Somehow Bean can not only carry an entire car on his own, but also be able to throw a knife with enough force to rip off car doors.
* VagueAge: Carrie: Young-looking enough to convincingly impersonate an 11-year old girl, old enough to be Semmerling's paramor. Lampshaded by the kidnapped CEO, and later on Bean.
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: Thanks to Bean's SuperStrength he can throw a knife with incredible force. Seriously, he throws one at Semmrling, it goes through the window and ''tears out the opposite door on the other side''.
* TooDumbToLive - [[spoiler:Semmerling decides that attempting to murder Carrie for offering to pay Bean their entire ransom in exchange for Semmerling's life is a good idea. Except for the fact that this is the only thing keeping Bean from killing her and taking the money anyway.]]