Nadia Omake Gekijou (English: Nadia's Omake Theater) is a collection of ten animated featurettes humorously explaining and expanding the universe of ''Anime/NadiaTheSecretOfBlueWater''. These were created by Creator/StudioGainax who had created the original series and released initially on UsefulNotes/LaserDisc and later on UsefulNotes/{{DVD}}. Release date was very close to the time {{NHK}} was airing the series. Categorically, they constitute, as the title clearly suggests, {{omake}} to the series.

Directors involved were: Creator/HideakiAnno, Creator/HayaoMiyazaki, TakeshiMori, Creator/KazuyaTsurumaki, among others.

'''Titles and Synopses of the Featurettes'''

#''1889: Nadia's World'' - about Paris, Eiffel Tower in particular, as of 1889 with added fictional details. "Introduces" Creator/JulesVerne.
#''This is Neo-Atlantis'' - black-and-white animation styled after WWII German propaganda films with Gargoyle making a speech suspiciously similar to Adolf Hitler's fervent speeches. Uses evocative symbols.
#''26 Secrets of the Invincible Submarine Nautilus'' - gives "technical" details and statistics on Nautilus. The actual number of secrets revealed is far less than 26 because, [[spoiler:Elektra says, "they are s-ec-ret."]]
#''The Big Secret of Blue Water'' - nature and qualities of Blue Water are explained by Elektra to a rod puppet of Marie. Some humurous character dynamics.
#''Nadia Enters a Pageant (Out of 39)'' - designated in the title screen as "Episode 17.5" goes over the story of an almost "normal" day in Nautilus.
#''Welcome to Neo-Atlantis'' - Gargoyle plays a curator and introduces Neo-Atlantis and its army to the habitually irreverent and instinctively practical Marie. [[LampshadeHanging Hangs a lampshade to]] the unexplained destruction of Gargoyle's knock-off Tower of Babel.
#''Nadia Super Encyclopedia (This is Nadia! Nadia's Secret File)'' - goes as far as giving Nadia's measurements and "interviews" with her reluctant acquaintances. A photo of Creator/HideakiAnno appears in a cutout animation near the end.
#''Sunset [=JanJan=]'' - designated (playfully) "Episode 52." Features Nadia and Jean in a form of Japanese talk show unknown to [[Tropers/{{Discordia}} this troper]] showcasing their memorable moments through occasionally embarrassing photos.
#''In Search of that Lost Time'' - playing on the title of Marcel Proust's magnum opus, features a tipsy, moody Elektra at the (actual) Shige-chan bar in Ikebukuru, Tokyo giving some details about what happened to Nautilus' crew while Nadia, Jean, and Marie were on the desert island, i.e. during the Island arc. Her [[spoiler:relationship to Nemo]] is confirmed.
#''Comparison! New Nautilus versus Red Noah'' - some more "technicalities" plus outright LampshadeHanging to humorous effect.

!!''Nadia Omake Gekijou'' provides examples of:

* AlternateUniverse - the ReVision on featurette number 6 (described below) tries to explain an event in one reality[[spoiler:, destruction of Gargoyle's first Tower of Babel,]] in terms of interference from the comical parallel reality of the featurette.
* LampshadeHanging - multiple times the featurettes allude to the weak points of the series' long and complex plot. The creators' "we-know-it-was-lame" nod.
* ReVision - during featurette number 6 Marie [[spoiler:"accidentally" presses the self-destruct switch of Gargoyle's first Tower of Babel]] in effect explaining how the destruction happened in the first place.
* ShoutOut - obvious ones are to the series itself. Less obvious ones are to many works of literature, historical events, and scientific ideas.