[[caption-width-right:300:(clockwise from upper left) [[{{Housewife}} Matsuko]], [[BumblingDad Takashi]], [[CoolOldLady Shige]], [[BrattyHalfPint Nonoko]], and [[HormoneAddledTeenager Noboru]]]]

A 1999 Creator/StudioGhibli film directed by Creator/IsaoTakahata, ''My Neighbors The Yamadas'' is based on a popular Japanese newspaper comic about a slightly off-kilter "typical" Japanese family composed of mother Matsuko, father Takashi, grandmother Shige, son Noboru, and daughter Nonoko.

It's an episodic SliceOfLife comedy, and a DomCom. The art has a very loose, caricatured style that is reminiscent of its newspaper comic origins, very different from the lush animation typically found in Creator/StudioGhibli films.

Like most Ghibli films, ''My Neighbors the Yamadas'' was dubbed into English by Disney Studios using an all-star cast (headed by Jim Belushi, but don't let that scare you).

* ArtShift: The scene in which Takashi, followed by Matsuko and Shige, confront the hoodlums.
* BigNo: Noboru does one in the English dub as an army of Matsukos repeatedly command him to "study harder!"
* CoincidentalBroadcast: When the family turn their car around and head back to the supermarket to find the missing Nonoko, a song about a lost kitten plays on their radio.
* DomCom: The Japanese version.
* HappilyMarried
* {{Homage}}: When Takashi daydreams about turning into ''Series/MoonlightMask'' and rescuing Matsuko and Shige from kidnapping thugs.
* HonestAxe: Mostly played straight when Shige asks some kids if the ball they lost in the Yamada yard was the old worn-out one, or the new rubber one. (the scene even briefly features a storybook drawing depicting the woodcutter and the nymph) [[spoiler: However, after she gives away both balls and shares AnAesop about honesty, some other kids ask her if she saw the new rubber ball they lost, [[HypocriticalHumor prompting her to deny finding it.]]]]
* ImagineSpot: At least half of the movie is made up of these.
* KansaiRegionalAccent: Matsuko and Shige.
* MoodWhiplash: In one scene, Shige visits a friend who was suddenly hospitalized. The friend seems bright and cheerful, gossiping about the goings-on at the hospital and showing Shige around. [[spoiler:Until Shige asks why she is in the hospital in the first place, and the friend starts to cry, unable to keep herself together any longer. She's dying.]]
* NuclearFamily
* RandomEventsPlot
* ShoutOut: In the surreal opening sequence, the newly married couple discover baby Noboru in a floating peach in the water and baby Nonoko in a bamboo tree in reference to two famous folklores.
* SuspiciouslyAproposMusic: As the family drives back to the mall to find their missing daughter, the car's radio plays a song about a lost kitten.
* TooSmartForStrangers: After the realization that Nonoko got left behind at the mall, Matsuko expresses hope that she will remember the advice the PTA gave: "Never, ever, ever talk to strangers." Shige calls it a stupid lesson. Indeed, Nonoko defies the mantra after meeting a lost boy who doesn't talk because of it. She gets him to say his name, then goes to a shoplady who then calls his mother. Sometimes, talking to strangers can be helpful!