->''"Uo' mabushi'!" ("Wow, it's dazzling!")''
-->--'''Miyamoto Musashi'''

Possibly the defining experience in SoBadItsGood anime.

''Musashi Gundoh'' is set in a fictional feudal era of Japan, when the Toyotomi Shogunate (instead of Tokugawa) governed the nation. The anime tells the story of Musashi, a young practitioner of [[GunFu "gundoh"]], a martial art involving the use of guns. The series deals with Musashi's battles against a group of monsters called "Ayakashi". The art is terrible, the action is terrible, the plot... well, the series was never translated into English, and so people are reluctant to talk about the plot. Legend has it that it's funny.

That the TV broadcast version is [[ILikedItBetterWhenItSucked considered superior to the retouched DVD release]] certainly says something.

!!''Musashi Gundoh'' contains examples of the following tropes:

* BloodlessCarnage: Thanks to a bunch of "sleeping" bullets!
* EnhancedOnDVD: The DVD version remedies the OffModel. Unfortunately, the QUALITY animation is an important part of the viewing experience, so most people prefer the TV version.
* GISSyndrome: Go ahead. Count the number of times the background ''isn't'' an obvious .jpeg image.
* GunFu: Gun-doh, though most of the time it only really amounts to just a whole lot of jumping around.
* LazyArtist: Many scenes are left out because the animators claimed that they were too hard to draw. The "Wow, it's dazzling!" line was added without showing the dazzling thing, making it an unintentional non-sequitur.
* MindScrew: Even if the entire series were subtitled, apparently the show wouldn't make any sense anyway, as a horrible editing job left out many key plot details.
%%* OffModel
* OneManArmy: Implied with Musashi, seeing as one of his favorite past-times is "castle-taking."
%%* PistolWhipping
* SetSwordsToStun: In the first episode, Musashi slices up a bunch of people with an electric sword that stuns but does not kill.