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''Mezzo Forte'' is an {{anime}} written and directed Yasuomi Umetsu, the director of ''Anime/{{Kite}}''. As with ''Kite'', ''Mezzo Forte'' was released in two versions: an abridged version with the explicit scenes removed, and an uncensored Directors Cut. The {{OVA}} was originally released in 1998 by studio Green Bunny, and was later licensed for release in North America by the Creator/MediaBlasters labels Anime Works and Kitty Media. A television series that followed from the events of ''Mezzo Forte'' called ''Mezzo DSA'' was later released in 2003.

The Danger Service Agency is a small-time group of mercenary con artists, operating in Japan in the [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture not so distant future]]. The DSA consists of three members: ActionGirl and weapons specialist Mikura, the tech-savvy Harada, and the balding ex-cop and nominal group leader, Kurokawa. Together, the trio will take on just about any job as long as the pay is right. And, at least for Mikura, the more reckless the request is, the better.

The DSA get in over their heads, however, when they are hired to kidnap Momokichi Momoi, the owner of the Peach Twisters baseball team. Unbeknownst to the DSA, Momoi just so happens to also be one of the city's most powerful mob bosses, a useful bit of information that they unfortunately do not learn about until after they grab him. Panicked, the group decides that they should cut their losses by returning the mob boss and leaving the country. This plan has two major problems, however: they were identified by the target's bodyguards during the kidnapping, and apparently [[OhCrap Momoi didn't make it out alive]].

Now with the mob hot on their tail, Mikura and crew must find a way to get out of the situation with their lives intact. A task made all the more difficult by the involvement of their mysterious client, a pair of vengeful street thugs, and Momoi's CuteAndPsycho daughter Momomi. What exactly did their client hope to gain from all of this? And what is the nature of the mysterious connection felt between Momomi and Mikura?

Not to be confused with the Icelandic musical group, Mezzoforte.

[+''This page is for the censored version only''.+]


* AnimeHair: Harada, sort of. While his hair style is pretty wild, think [[Franchise/{{Hellraiser}} Pinhead]] and you're halfway there, it's hardly impossible.
* BatterUp: When the pitcher of the Peach Twisters costs the team the game, Momokichi responds by beating him nearly to death with a baseball bat. After Momomi finishes him off, they then bury him underneath the pitcher's mound.
* CallBack: There are a couple of direct references to the events of ''Mezzo Forte'' in the anime.
* TheCanKickedHim: The DSA sedate and abduct Momoi through a false panel in the ceiling above his bathroom stall. He does not survive the ensuing battle between his kidnappers and bodyguards.
* TheCameo: Sawa from ''Kite'' walks by a window in one scene and pauses briefly, without any dialog.
* CannotSpitItOut: Harada, towards Mikura.
* DirtyCop: Kurokawa's old police department, as well as the old guy himself. After taking the fall for a big foul-up, Kurokawa made a killing with his tell-all book.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Kurokawa's driving isn't just crazy, it's ''insane''. Across bowling alleys, in canals, up small staircases, the car on its freaking side.
* EvilRedhead: Momomi.
* ExtraordinarilyEmpoweredGirl:
** Mikura, who along with her natural fighting and weapons skills possesses a bit of ESP that allows her to see [[{{Seers}} glimpses of the future]].
** Momomi seems to have similar precognitive abilities.
* {{Fingore}}: Kurokawa gets a fingernail pried off by mobsters attempting to find out where their boss is being held.
* GadgeteerGenius: Harada's primary function within the group.
* GirlsWithGuns: Mikura and Momomi.
* {{Gorn}}: While the action scenes aren't quite as gory as those seen in ''Kite'', this series doesn't pull any punches.
* GratuitousItalian: It's all there in the title. And seemingly bears no significance to the story, setting, or characters at all.
* GroinAttack:
** Mikura delivers a particularly wince-worthy one to one of Momoi's goons, and just to emphasize it, he drops a bowling ball on his own head immediately after.
** In the first episode of the anime, Mikura nails a Black Scissors stooge in the jewels. Cut away to a scene of two crystalline spheres being shattered. Yikes.
* HeroWorshipper: Asami in the anime, to Mikura.
* LiteralSurveillanceBug: A tiny robotic ladybug is used by Harada to drug Momoi's drink. That said, Harada could see his target just fine, since they were at the same bowling alley - the ladybug's POV on his watch was just for convenience.
* LongLostRelative: It's suggested that [[spoiler:Mikura and Momomi]] might be half-sisters. [[spoiler:This is confirmed in ''DSA''.]]
* MafiaPrincess: Momomi, who even goes so far as to kill any of her father's employees who she feels are underperforming.
* MissionControl: Kurokawa.
* MsFanservice: Mikura and Momomi
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Momomi's bowling game with her father.
* NeckSnap: Mikura does this to one of Momoi's goons at the bowling alley. It doesn't kill him and he's seen again later with his neck stuck at an unnatural angle.
* NonActionGuy: Kurokawa. Harada, too, sort of. He ''can'' keep up with Mikura if he really needs to, but it's not really his "thing."
* ThemeNaming:
** Momokichi and Momomi Momoi, and the Peach Twisters. "Momo" is Japanese for "peach".
** WebVideo/BennettTheSage points out that the English equivalent would be naming them "Peach Peacherson and his daughter Peachy Peachman."
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Kurokawa has this thing with noodles. They're practically all he eats. Since Mikura and Harada don't cook, this is all they get to eat too.
* WhamLine: "Unfortunately, I can not pay you the rest of the money. [...] Because Momoi is dead." [[DramaticDrop Cue the dropping of some cans]].