Haruka Minazuki and Aoi Kannazuki, lifelong friends and classmates at St. Cherine Academy, are their school's most admired students, but they also work as {{Magical Girl}}s, thwarting the nefarious organization Black Auction in their every move, as Red Angel and Blue Angel, respectively. When things go tough, the masked gentleman Misty Knight -- resident ChickMagnet Yuito Kisaragi -- appears to their aid.

Originally pachinko machine characters, the Twin Angels got a two-episode {{OVA}} in 2008. In [[Summer2011Anime summer 2011]], they got a full TwelveEpisodeAnime series, ''Kyunkyun Tokimeki Paradise!!'', in which Haruka and Aoi earn a new ally in the form of the diminutive Kurumi Hazuki, the White Angel, and clashing head-on with the Twin Phantom -- transferees Tesla and Nine Violet.

The series has also spawned a [[http://twin-angel.com/web_comic.html set of eight]] {{Webcomics}}, a {{freeware}} VisualNovel (''[[http://twin-angel.com/moviespecial_04.html Maboroshi no Shoujo]]''), an internet radio show, and a [[UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable PSP]] game, ''Toki to Sekai no Meikyuu'', which adds two new Angels -- Tsukasa Hazuki (White Angel) and Aprille Mattia (Platinum Angel).

A series that [[{{Troperrific}} loves its tropes and indulges in them shamelessly]]. Usually runs on the RuleOfFun, RuleOfCool and RuleOfCute.

!!Tropes in ''Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel'' include:

* ArtifactTitle: Originally the "Twin Angel" team had only two people (hence the name), but the TV version adds Kurumi.
* AttackItsWeakPoint: How Aoi takes down the mecha in episode 6.
* BadassAdorable: The Angels, of course.
* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace: [[spoiler:In addition to getting there in the first place and then surviving reentry, all without any equipment other then their usual transformed forms. It lets them blow up the {{kill sat}} in the last episode.]]
* BattleButler: Heinojou Nagatsuki, butler of the Kannazuki household who provides help to the girls both in their civilian and Twin Angel personae.
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: "Let's go Fever Time! Lovely Angel!"
* BruceWayneHeldHostage: In episode 4.
* CallingYourAttacks
* {{Cameo}}: [[http://www.dannychoo.com/ Culture Japan]]'s mascot, Mirai Suenaga, appears at the start of episode four, and is also one of the hostages.
* CameraFiend: Yayoi, and the group of "villains" in episode four.
* CatGirl: [[MeaningfulName Nyan Tomochi]], and Kurumi. Kurumi's is an AnimalEaredHeadband in her normal form; in her transformed form, she has different cat-ears that appear to be mechanical and it's not obvious how they're attached.
** In the first episode, Salome has a gas that turns the Angels into catgirls as a distraction. It's surprisingly effective.
* ChildProdigy: Kurumi is only a grade-school kid, but her high IQ sent her to Saint Cherine, a high school. Her talents include tennis, math, and ''[[SerialEscalation welding]]''.
* ChristmasCake: Saijou-sensei, and she has quite the complex about it. This factors into her dating the Black Trader and [[PunchClockVillain becoming the Black Carrier]].
* ClarkKenting: Yayoi sees the Twin Angels in Episode 4... up close and personal. And they don't wear masks, hats... anything to conceal their identities. And she still doesn't figure out who they are. Neither are the trio aware that Black Carrier is Saijou-sensei in an AbsoluteCleavage-baring bodysuit.
* CuteBruiser: Haruka
* CuteClumsyGirl: Nyan... and she's always [[CarryingACake carrying a plate of crayfish]].
* DidIJustSayThatOutloud: Black Carrier unintentionally reveals that one of the Seven Amulets is hidden in the belly of Pitan, Nyan's giant salamander friend.
* DigitalPiracyIsEvil: A man uploading videos on the internet is presented as a [[GeekPhysiques fat]] {{otaku}}. His crime isn't presented as ''too'' heinous, but still...
* ElegantGothicLolita: Salome.
* EnemyMine: Salome and Alexander are willing to ally themselves with Twin Angel against Black Fund. It doesn't help that Black Trader forcibly booted them out.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: The photographers deliberately [[IgnoreTheFanservice ignore Kurumi]] when she tries to get photographed, citing city ordinances. Kurumi is actually annoyed by this.
* {{Expy}}: Misty Knight, of [[Franchise/SailorMoon Tuxedo Mask]].
* {{Gainaxing}}: Aoi. Not on the OVA though, blame Creator/JCStaff doing the TV anime.
* GirlishPigtails: Haruka and Yayoi .
* GottaCatchEmAll: The Seven Amulets, a series of magical items that both groups are after.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:The Twin Phantoms near the end of the anime.]]
* HumongousMecha: Controlled by Salome.
* IdenticalStranger: Salome managed to find a clothing thief who looked ''exactly'' like Yuito, save for the giant buckteeth.
* IdiotHair: Aoi and Saijou
* InTheNameOfTheMoon:
-->''"We won't let you get away with your evil deeds!" \\
"Love and justice always hit the mark!" \\
"We'll bring back everyone's smiles!" \\
"Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel!"''
* KabukiSounds: These are heard in the last episode during a post-transformation sequence done in the style of kabuki theatre.
* KickChick: Haruka prefers her [[KickChick kicks]], including her a la [[{{Series/Kamen Rider}} Rider Kick]] finisher, Angel Tornado.
* LadyOfWar: Aoi.
* LegacyCharacter: Misae and Sakie, Aoi's grandmother and her sister, were Twin Angels themselves once.
* LeotardOfPower: Aoi.
* LighterAndFluffier: So... How 'bout them [[DarkerAndEdgier original OVAs]]?
* LivingWithTheVillain: Twin Angel's greatest ally and most prominent enemies are all in the same classroom, and except for Misty Knight, none of them seem aware of the other.
* LovelyAngels: "Lovely angel" is even part of the {{activation phrase}} for their [[TransformationSequence transformation]].
* LovesMyAlterEgo: Haruka isn't that fond of Yuito, but she loves Misty Knight.
* MagicalGirl
* MundaneUtility: In episode 5, Haruka uses Angel Tornado to dig a hot spring.
* MysteriousProtector: Misty Knight.
* NoblewomansLaugh: Saijou as Black Carrier.
* NonIndicativeName: Everyone is confused as to why, even though they're called Twin Angel, there are three of them.
* OneeSama: How Kurumi addresses Aoi.
* {{Ojou}}: Aoi polite girl from a wealthy and respected family, with a BattleButler.
* PaperThinDisguise: The only thing that changes in the Twin Angels' appearance are their costumes, and ''nobody'' seems aware of their identities behind the costumes. This goes for Black Carrier as well, ''constant'' remarks about being Saijou-sensei notwithstanding. At least Misty Knight bothers to put on a mask.
** In the OVA they even star as the Twin Angels in a play at their school.
* ProperLady: Despite her {{Tsundere}} streak, Kurumi does her best to be polite.
* PowerTrio: Once Kurumi joins up.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: Salome and Alexander
* RedOniBlueOni: The colors (of their costumes and [[HairColors hair]]) even match up. Also, Aoi's name is written as 葵, which means "hollyhock", but it sounds the same as 青い, which means "blue".
* RoofHopping
* SchoolNewspaperNewsHound: Yayoi.
* ShockAndAwe: Tesla.
%% * SixthRanger: Kurumi.
* SpoilerOpening: It's glaringly obvious in the opening that Kurumi was going to join the team.
* StudentCouncilPresident: Yuito
* SugarAndIcePersonality: Nine.
* TemporalThemeNaming: Minazuki and Kannazuki are the names of the sixth and tenth months in the old Japanese lunisolar calendar.
* TokenMiniMoe: Kurumi, [[Creator/RieKugimiya yea]].
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Haruka is the tomboy to Aoi's girly girl.
* TransformationTrinket: The Pocketen, a digital compact.
* TrapDoor: How Salome and Alexander are disposed of by Black Trader. Twice. And the second time is them doing it to themselves (''and'' their robot!).
* TrouserSpace: During the hot springs fight with Misty Knight, Alexander pulls out a bar of soap from his swim shorts.
* TruckDriversGearChange: Several times in the opening theme.
* {{Tsundere}}: Kurumi, [[Creator/RieKugimiya natch]].
* {{Underboobs}}: Nine, in Phantom form.
* UnexplainedRecovery: [[spoiler:Misty Knight]] survived his deadly explosion by "withstanding the blast". All it got him was bandages over his body. Twin Angel is so dumbfounded that they can only give a FlatWhat when the first EyeCatch hits.
* VictoriasSecretCompartment: Aoi stores her Pocketen between her breasts, both in civilian and Angel form. Haruka tries it, only to hilariously fail.
** As of episode 5, Black Carrier has this as well.
* VillainExitStageLeft
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: A lot of the cast has some really funny hair colors.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Haruka/Red Angel, Aoi as Blue Angel only