[[caption-width:300:The classic story of [[BoyMeetsGirl Giant Robot Meets Girl]].]]

In 2007, {{Sunrise}} adapted popular video game ''VideoGame/TheIdolmaster'' into [[TheAnimeOfTheGame an anime]]. This being Sunrise, they didn't exactly take the expected path, deciding to transplant the characters into an {{Elseworld}} RealRobot series.

In the world of ''Xenoglossia'', the moon was destroyed over a century ago by an event known as "Lost Artemis". Because of this, fragments of the moon occasionally fall to Earth and must be destroyed before they can cause serious damage. While most countries use missiles to deal with these "Drops", Japan is bound by the [[ Three Non-Nuclear Principles]] and must instead resort to empathetic HumongousMecha codenamed "[=iDOLs=]".

Haruka Amami is an aspiring IdolSinger who moves to Tokyo following a successful audition, only to end up FallingIntoTheCockpit of one of these [=iDOLs=]. She then discovers that the audition was a front for a secret task force called Mondenkind, who were searching for compatible [=iDOL=] pilots: an [[TitleDrop iDOL-Master]], per say.

While it may seem like the standard fare mecha series at first, it's intertwined with drama from the relationships between the pilots and the mecha.

Has been liscenced by Sentai Filmworks in July 2012, marking the Idolm@ster franchise's first official US release.

For the second anime adaptation of [[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster The iDOLM@STER]], which is faithful to the original source, see [[Anime/TheIdolmaster here]].

!'''This series provides examples of:'''

* AdaptationDyeJob -- A few of the girls.
* AllJustADream -- In the last episode, one of the characters jokes that the Earth was actually destroyed more than a century ago and they're living in a dream. Obviously, no one is amused.
* [[spoiler:AngstySurvivingTwin: Ami, when Haruka first meets her.]]
* BeachEpisode -- Episode eight.
* BetweenMyLegs -- Of Iori in episode 3.
* BlandNameProduct
* BondCreatures
* BridgeBunnies
* CloningBlues -- [[spoiler:R.I.F.F.A]]
* ClingyJealousGirl -- [[spoiler: Chihaya, Imber's old pilot, wants to be "one" with him.]]
* DeathFromAbove -- There is the ever-present threat of falling space rocks.
* {{Elseworld}}
* EmpathicWeapon -- The iDOLs themselves sync with a pilot (or two, in the case of Nebula), and their performance depends on how "compatible" they are with each other. However, the pilot has to maintain a relationship with the mecha. Should the pilot treat the iDOL irresponsibly, the iDOL will drop in performance, its trust in the pilot diminished. [[spoiler: The iDOLs are even capable of rejecting an irresponsible or untrustworthy pilot.]]
** The iDoLs are even capable of acting on their own, from small movements to [[spoiler: punching another mech in the face to even an old debt.]]
* EverythingsBetterWithPenguins -- There's a whole penguin motif running through the show, and of course, Yayoi's giant penguin suit.
* {{Expy}}: Of
* ExtyYearsFromNow -- Averted in the case of "Lost Artemis", the moon's destruction ''107'' years before the series.
* FaceHeelTurn -- [[spoiler:Makoto]]
* HonorBeforeReason -- In order to deal with the threat of falling rocks from the sky, every other country in the world had equipped themselves with tactical missiles. However, Japan, in order to honor the post-war agreement, decided not to use said missiles, and instead sends girls in giant robots to go up into orbit and ''punch'' the rocks into dust.
* HeroicSacrifice [[spoiler:Imber and the other iDOLs, in the final episode]]
* HeyItsThatVoice -- Karasu is AkiraIshida.
* HumongousMecha
* IdolSinger -- Sort of. Musical terminology is used in conjunction with the mecha to remind viewers of the roots of the series.
** Not to mention Yayoi is an idol before the series even starts (as well as Ami Futami, though she isn't introduced until later on in the series), and Haruka eventually becomes one [[spoiler:due to trying to cheer Imber up and actually being scouted in the process. She still has this job at the end of the series.]]
* ImprobablyFemaleCast
* InNameOnly -- The show has very, very little in common with the videogame it is based off of.
* LikeThatShowButWithMecha -- Considering the source games have nothing to do with mecha.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop -- Yayoi. [[spoiler:Until the last episode.]]
* MarsNeedsWomen -- Who says girls and giant mecha can't fall in love?
* [[spoiler:NotQuiteDead -- Mami was alive, held in Tempestas the whole time.]]
* OlderThanTheyLook -- Because of the experiments made on their bodies, [[spoiler:Chihaya and Azusa]] are actually 48 and 51 years old respectively despite looking very young.
* OneDialogueTwoConversations -- Haruka discusses her new job with Yayoi, and her "classmate" who she spends a lot of time with. Yayoi, not knowing said classmate is actually a giant robot, is surprised when Haruka says that her boyfriend let her "ride him".
* TheMole -- [[spoiler:Yukiho]]
* TheOtherDarrin -- Nearly ''everyone'' is replaced.
* PosthumousCharacter -- In this show, [[spoiler:Mami is dead.]]
* RecycledINSPACE
* SpellMyNameWithAnS -- The correct romanization is R.I.F.F.A, but most people use Riffa.
* ThemeNaming: The iDOLs are named after lunar maria.
* {{Tykebomb}} -- R.I.F.F.A
* WomanScorned -- Chihaya '''really''' didn't take Imber's rejection well.