Produced in 1983 by Creator/StudioPierrot and directed by Creator/MamoruOshii, ''Dallos'' is widely considered to be the first {{OVA}}. Brought to the US in the early 90's and re-edited into the feature-length "Battle For Moon Station Dallos," but for all of its historical importance, this landmark work has surprisingly not been [[NoExportForYou licensed for release]] on DVD outside of Japan, until 2013 when Creator/DiscotekMedia announced their acquisition of the license.

In the 21st Century, humanity has colonized the moon and uses lunar workers to mine rocks and minerals for transport back to Earth. Some of these Lunarians though are fed up with the living conditions, hard work and the fact that they are not allowed to return to Earth. A group of rebels decides to revolt against Earth rule, and a terrorist campaign begins in the domed lunar cities. Shun Nonomura, a young lunarian and brother of a famous rebel, must now decide whether to join the revolution.

Meanwhile, a strange ruined alien machine called Dallos - worshiped as a god by the Lunarians- sits silently buried in the lunar surface and waits for something - or someone - to bring it back to life....
* ArtificialOutDoorsDisplay: The lunar colony has a simulated blue sky overhead despite being underground. The mines seem to be the only exceptions.
* CuffsOffRubWrists
* ExplosionsInSpace
* ExplosiveDecompression
* LaResistance
* LostTechnology: The colonists ''think'' Dallos is this, since they believe it was built by human scientists in the early days of lunar exploration. The possibility that it could have been built by aliens is [[ElephantInTheLivingRoom never considered]].
* RememberTheAlamo: [[GratuitousEnglish "Remember Bartholomew!"]]
* SpaceFighter
* SpaceIsNoisy
* SpacePlane