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-> ''"You'll go into the recycle bin and be empty-empty-emptied!"''

After Kia Asamiya created ''Manga/SteamDetectives'' for his son, he looked yet again into an unfamiliar genre, this time for his daughter, who was a fan of {{Magical Girl}}s. He came up with a story that brought the typical wand-waving, miniskirt-wearing junior high girl TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture by making her a regular girl in the real world and a magical girl online.

Fourteen-year-old [[TheFool Yui Kasuga]] is perky, creative, daydreamy... and at a complete disadvantage for someone that lives twenty years in the future: she's so computer-illiterate that she thinks "delete" is a snack food. Luckily for her, her best friend [[SilkHidingSteel Haruna Kisaragi]] is a famous computer expert, taught by her father and her uncle. However, Haruna ain't stupid and Yui has to do her own homework, even though the rest of her friends are off to a virtual theme park. Yui puts the homework disk into her computer and manages to screw up so badly that a virtual creature hidden inside it is awakened by just the right key combination. Thinking he's stumbled upon a super-genius, the creature, IR, commands Yui to load her consciousness onto the "Com-Net" (internet) and become a virtual magical girl.

Yui immediately jumps at the chance to fight viruses and wear cute outfits (not to mention, one of the first people threatened by the BigBad is her ''father''), but as she finds out, there's more to the story than this. Eight sentient programs, of which IR is one, have been created by one Professor Inukai, who is comatose after another program named Grosser rebelled against him and overrode his car. Grosser is after these programs, which uphold the very existence of Com-Net (and, since EverythingIsOnline, the real world too); presumably, he wants to corrupt everything for some unknown goal. Yui is commissioned to gather all eight and combine their powers with her own to delete Grosser.

''Yui'' might turn to cliche once in a while, but in other respects, it's very different. The title character actually ''[[JumpedAtTheCall wants]]'' to be a magical girl, and has dreamed about it and [[MostFanficWritersAreGirls written like stories for a long time]]. She has a few basic powers with her Fairy Elemental Suit, but each Corrector Program can grant her a ''different'' Elemental Suit with different powers, varying the battle tactics. And though the plot might seem straightforward, never fear: Grosser and his Corruptor Programs aren't simple {{Card Carrying Villain}}s, Inukai's not such a saint himself, the Correctors have their own personalities and quirks, and both Yui and Haruna might not be what they think they are either.

!!This program provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Freeze in the second season, mixed with {{Dojikko}} traits.
* AffectionateNickname: Yui likes to call War Wolf, to his disgust, as "Doggie" without any teasing from her side (originally it was because she couldnít remember his name). [[spoiler:It eventually gets carried on when Synchro returns to his Fearsome Four self-appearance during the second season, something that he initially didnít like it either]].
* AIIsACrapshoot: Grosser
* AloofAlly: Corrector Ai.
* ArtificialHuman: Both Correctors and Corruptors have feelings and thoughts of their own.
* AscendedFangirl: Yui, after she [[JumpedAtTheCall jumps at the call]].
* BatmanGambit: How [[spoiler:Grosser]] manipulates [[spoiler:Haruna]] to separate Yui from her Corrector friends and then controlling her. The planner knew their mark would do it to keep Yui out of danger.
* BeachEpisode: Also counting as a BreatherEpisode after a whole [[WhamEpisode wham arc]] and just before the first seasonís climax. In it, Control decides to take a break with his teammates as an excuse to prepare an attack plan against Grosser, while looking for his whereabouts.
* BelligerentSexualTension: Reiko and Ichitaro.
* BodyguardCrush: It's hinted that Synchro ''might'' be in love with Yui.
* BodyHorror: Second anime season: The Boggler Virus not only [[spoiler: forcibly turns Synchro into War Wolf]], but at some point [[spoiler: it briefly forces a struggling, panicking Corrector Haruna to beat up Yui with her rod, until Corrector Ai comes in a BigDamnHeroes entry]].
* BrainwashedAndCrazy:
** [[spoiler:Synchro as War Wolf during the first series]].
** [[spoiler:Haruna was under the influence of Grosser in the first season]].
** [[spoiler:Grosser ALSO manipulates Shun before the big battle in the first season (and then he possesses him)]].
** The Boggles Virus often manages to change the sitesí [=NPCs=] personalities to aggressive ones, and some of the humans that would get trapped in the infected sites would be affected as well... Freeze not only falls once but twice [[spoiler:(the latter more dangerous than her previous Fearsome Four role, when the main villain of the second season revealed their real intentions about her "part time job")]].
* BrokenBird: Corrector Ai.
* {{Chickification}}: Played straight with [[spoiler: Freeze]], subverted with [[spoiler: Haruna]].
* ClingyJealousGirl: From the Asamiya's adaptation, there is Chiaki, a girl who Shun is tutoring and who is slightly jealous of Shun's attention to Yui.
* CuteClumsyGirl: Yui, Freeze in the second season.
* DarkActionGirl: Freeze in the first season.
* DarkMagicalGirl:
** [[spoiler:Corrector Haruna]], when controlled by Grosser.
** Corrector Ai, later.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Ai, in the end.
* DoingInTheWizard: The magic in this show is a part of [[TheProfessor Dr]]. [[BigGood Inukai's]] Corrector Software which is designed to counter and reverse [[AIIsACrapshoot Gros]][[BigBad ser's]] influence.
* EleventhHourSuperpower: The Tie Suit.
* EnigmaticMinion: War Wolf.
* EverythingIsOnline: Rather literally.
* EvilCostumeSwitch: When normal, [[spoiler:Corrector Haruna]]'s white and pink suit makes her look like an angel, white bird wings included. When she's BrainwashedAndCrazy, it becomes red and black, with bat wings and a devil's tail.
** PaintItBlack: The Angel and Devil Suits might be separate, but their user's alignment summons one or the other, rather than the switch being intentional.
* {{Fanservice}}: In the anime, Yui's ''very'' detailed {{Transformation Sequence}}s have quite the MaleGaze directed towards either [[{{Gainaxing}} her breasts]], feet, hips and butt. This is [[UpToEleven amped up to]] ''[[UpToEleven eleven]]'' in the second season.
* EyeCatch : Rather than using some simple bump cards, the eye-catches simulate 4-Panel manga (as if they were drawn by Yui) which sometimes reflects some of the events of the episode in course.
* FourIsDeath: The [[QuirkyMiniBossSquad Fearsome]] [[MeaningfulName Four]] are called as the ''Shitennou'' or "Four Heavenly Kings" in Japanese.
** It also takes it the "Four" name more symbolic given that their [[spoiler:eventual vacant]] last recruited member was an EnigmaticMinion, replaced by a DarkMagicalGirl and later by a last minute added member [[spoiler:who was [[DemonicPossession possessed by Grosser]]]]. The catch? [[spoiler:Everyone was [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashed]]]].
* GeniusBruiser: Yagi, Peace.
* GeniusDitz: Yui, Rescue.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The faces that the Correctors make in their transformation sequences are very... ''[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything well]]''...
* GottaCatchThemAll
* HarmlessFreezing: Averted in Episode 8. Freeze encases Yui's arm in ice, and even after she breaks the ice off, her arm is still frozen. It takes Rescue's healing power before she can use it again.
* HeroicBSOD: Yui has three short ones in the first season.\\
First, when she discovers that [[spoiler:she wasn't TheChosenOne]].\\
Second, when [[spoiler:Haruna]] is revealed to be BrainwashedAndCrazy.\\
Third, after [[spoiler:Grosser]] reveals his EvilPlan and the reasons behind it to her.
* IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight: Yui, to [[spoiler:Corrector Haruna]], and later to [[spoiler:Grosser/Shun]].
* IllGirl: Azusa Shinozaki, Corrector Ai's mother, who's in a ConvenientComa after [[spoiler:her mind is trapped inside the Web by the BigBad]].
* ImpossiblyCoolClothes: The Elemental Suits.
* InsideAComputerSystem
* {{Joshikousei}}: Yui, Ai and Haruna are often seen in uniforms ''outside'' of school.
* JumpedAtTheCall: Yui was just a bit ''too'' eager to become a Magical Girl. The same goes to [[spoiler:Haruna and Ai]], but for ''very'' different reasons.
* LightFeminineAndDarkFeminine: Yui is the light and Ai is the dark.
* [[LivingWithTheVillain Living Next Door To The]] {{Anti Hero}}ine: Yui and Ai are next-door neighbors.
* MagicalGirl: The three Corrector girls: Yui, Haruna and Ai.
* MagicMusic: Yui uses this against [[spoiler:Haruna]], and later [[spoiler:against Grosser]].
* MailerDaemon: [[spoiler:Grosser]]'s subconscious met Yui and became amazed by (and obsessed with) her when she was a little girl. This developed into him becoming somewhat of a StalkerWithACrush when he saw her again, although even he didn't know why for a long while.
* TheMedic: Rescue.
* MissedTheCall:
** Played straight at first; [[spoiler:Haruna]] was supposed to become the first Corrector, but that went to Yui instead.
** Subverted later, when given the "second call", [[spoiler:Haruna]] accepted it to spare Yui from danger but all was an EvilPlan to be prime target for Grosser's brainwashing.
** And in the ''third'' call... well, she got to fight side-by-side with Ai and Yui.
* MissingMom: Azusa is there in body, but not in mind thanks to her ConvenientComa.
* MysteriousWaif: The Little Girl from the second anime season.
* OverprotectiveDad: Yui's father.
* ParentalAbandonment:
** Haruna's parents are more interested in work than their daughter and ignore her almost completely.
** Haruna's father was on the "Princess Net" site as the prince (According to Haruna herself) but we never see him or know who is him
** [[spoiler:Ai]]'s father died when she was a little girl and her mom is comatose, so her paternal aunt is her ward and caretaker.
* PinocchioSyndrome: [[spoiler:Grosser]] just wanted to be alive.
* PutOnABus: [[spoiler:Shun]], in the second season.
* ScrewDestiny: [[spoiler:Yui]] was ''not'' destined to be a Corrector and at some moment she was about to fully give the mantle to the *real* [[TheChosenOne Chosen One]], but ultimately she changed her mind and came back. Just in time, since [[spoiler:Haruna]] was BrainwashedAndCrazy.
* ShapeshifterModeLock: Poor Synchro.
* ShipTease: Yui has it with Shun; Synchro with [[LesYay Ai]].
* ShrinkingViolet: Haruna start as one, slowly gets better...
* SilkHidingSteel: Haruna, Anti, Rescue in a more child-like way.
* TheSnarkKnight: Ai Shinozaki, sometimes.
* SuperheroSpeciation: In the anime and the Okamoto manga, the Corrector Program to Elemental Suit ratio was 2:1, although the powers varied [for example, Yui could get the wind suit from Anti and see the future, or she could get the same suit from Control and stop time]. In the Asamiya manga, though, every program got their own suit.
* TakenForGranite: [[spoiler:Yui and Freeze]], among others, in an episode of the anime's second season. That triggers [[spoiler:Haruna]]'s return.
* TallDarkAndSnarky: Synchro.
* TeamMom: Anti, sometimes Haruna.
* ThemeTuneCameo: When Yui and her friends are going to participate in the SchoolFestival, 'Eien to iu Basho (A Place Called Eternity)', the first opening, is the song they would be going to sing. [[spoiler: It is also used as a PlotDevice to the IKnowYouAreInThereSomewhereFight with Haruna after Grosser corrupts her.]]
** 'Mirai (Future)', the first ending, is also thrown as well (sung by Control), when the correctors are having their last relaxing moments before the fight with Grosser in the first season.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Yui and Haruna's friends Reiko and Akiko, as well as Takashi's buddies Ichitaro and Hideto.
* TomatoInTheMirror: The BigBad of the second season, [[spoiler:Ryo Kurokawa]]... was DeadAllAlong.
* {{Tsundere}}: Reiko is a Type B towards Ichitaro.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: Year 2020.
* TheUnchosenOne: Yui.
* WeaselMascot: IR.
* WeCanRuleTogether: [[spoiler:Grosser]] wants Yui to be his puppet girlfriend/wife. Yui refuses his offer, though.
* WrenchWench: Rescue.
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman
* YourMindMakesItReal
* ZettaiRyouiki: Standard for Yui and Haruna's school uniforms.