An OVA by {{AIC}} based on Creator/ShirowMasamune's short manga, released by Creator/MangaEntertainment.

Anti-personnel robots have escaped after a plane crash. Specialists and the military are called to the site of the crash, but they can't figure out why the robots would have torn out of their cases - unless they were programmed to hunt someone. The others at the scene are Sybil and Richard, two investigative reporters looking for a scoop. They soon find themselves more involved in the case than they'd like, protecting a young girl, Paris, the inventor's granddaughter...

This OVA is notable for being one of Shirow's earliest works and his mark is quite clear on it, and its great animation due to his involvement. It combines action and comedy and also takes much inspiration from ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}''.

!!Tropes related to the OVA:

* ActionGirl: Sybil, full stop.
* CityNoir
* [[ClusterFBomb Cluster S Bomb]]: Shit is apparently Sybil's favorite word, but she does get a PrecisionFStrike to the police.
* CrushKillDestroy: The robots gut a grizzly bear and two hikers just to kill them.
* CyberPunk
* DamselInDistress: The scientist's granddaughter, lampshaded by Sybil.
* DarkSkinnedRedhead: The female military leader.
* TheDitz: Paris
* DumbBlonde: Paris
* {{Fainting}}: Paris faints at the most inconvenient times.
* {{Fanservice}}: A funny but totally gratuitous opening scene of Sybil naked.
* FemBot: The M-66 bots.
* HotScoop: Sybil
* ImmuneToBullets: The M-66 androids.
* IntrepidReporter: Sybil faces extreme danger to get the story and even saves the scientist's granddaughter from the title robot, making her a particularly {{Badass}} versions of the trope.
* KillerRobot
* MadScientist: In both the loony and angry sense.
* MamaBear: Sybil's sort of odd about this with her protection of Paris.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: The M-66 androids are basically killer robot ninjas. One's a robot kounichi for extra awesome.
* OpaqueNerdGlasses: The scientist has the swirly and opaque variation.
* PrecisionFStrike: Done in the Manga dub in [[ObligatorySwearing true "fifteening" style]].
-->'''Sybil''': '''''FUCK OFF!'''''
* ProductPlacement: Funnily enough Sybil wears an ''Manga/{{Appleseed}}'' shirt.
* RedShirtReporter: Richard is flustered by the insane situations, but Sybil is competent enough to take it all.
* RobotMaid: The mad scientist builds them, and in one seen you only see the maid from behind and she gets blown up. This is enough for a shock, until [[RuleOfFunny you see she was a robot all along.]]
* RidiculouslyHumanRobots: The M-66 androids have the unbelievable fluidity of a ninja in their movements, but in terms of emotion, they're nothing but robots.
* ShoutOut: To {{Terminator}}, appropriately since a lot of the themes and plot are obviously inspired by it.
* SpoiledBrat: Paris shows shades of this.
* TankTopTomboy: Sybil wears one while kicking back and drinking a beer, like a true {{Ladette}}.
* TapOnTheHead: Attempted by Sybil, but her hands were tied and the attempt was less than effective, so the only reaction from the potential victim was an annoyed "Bitch."
* TechnologyPorn: Along with SceneryPorn, standard for the author.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture
* XMarksTheHero: The woman in charge of the military's got this scar on her cheek.