[[caption-width-right:250: [[VideoGame/{{Scribblenauts}} Draw Anything. Solve Everything.]]]]
''Zaczarowany Ołówek'' (The Enchanted Pencil) is a Polish children's series of animated shorts, produced in 1964-1977. The protagonist is a young boy who likes to draw, which surprisingly comes in handy when it comes to solving problems--in each episode, a friendly gnome appears and gives him the eponymous enchanted pencil, which can be used to literally draw things into existence.

From episode 27 onwards, the series featured a story arc about finding and saving a boy marooned an island.
!!This series features the following tropes:
* ArtInitiatesLife: This is the entire premise.
* BlatantBurglar: One of the episodes has the boy encounter this kind of bank robbers.
* CirclingBirdies: In one episode, the boy's dog has the misfortune of standing on a manhole cover when the gnome pops out from under it to deliver the pencil. When the cover falls back down, the stunned dog gets little gnome heads circling his skull.
* MimeAndMusicOnlyCartoon