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''Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox'' is an animated film from Lee Seong-gang, the director of ''Animation/MyBeautifulGirlMari''. And animated by Korean studio Creator/SunwooEntertainment.

One hundred years ago, aliens landed on a mountain near the home of a small, white five-tailed fox. After being stranded on Earth for 100 years, they are ready for a test flight to see if they can return home. The test fails as one of the aliens makes a mistake, and the other aliens tell him to leave.

The runaway alien is taken in by a class of students at the foot of the mountain. There, a teacher named Kang trains students who don't fit in at a regular school. To save the alien, the five-tailed fox takes on the form of a human girl, and joins the school under the name of Yobi.

Staying at the school, Yobi becomes friends with one of the students, a boy named Geum-ie. She enjoys her time with the humans, until a [[HunterOfMonsters fox hunter]] appears, as well as a shadow who gives Yobi a device which will allow her to become human by taking the soul from a human.
!!''Yobi: the Five-Tailed Fox'' has examples of:
%%* BearsAreBadNews
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:Yobi sacrifices her life so that Geum-ie's soul can return to his body.]]
** [[spoiler: Made sweeter when she resurrects into a normal human child.]]
%%* ChekhovsGun: The dreamcatcher.
%%* TheFaceless: Mr. Shadow.
%%* FantasticFoxes
* InTheBlood: The hunter who's been carrying a family tradition of hunting nine-tailed foxes.
* NoSocialSkills: The runaway alien would not fit in so well in normal society.
%%* PortalPool
%%* TheQuietOne: Jong-ee.
* ShoutOut: Yobi and the aliens are seen singing the Russian song 'Zhuravli'('Cranes'), which is well known in UsefulNotes/SouthKorea for being used as main theme for popular TV series ''Sandglass''.
%%* TheSoulless: [[spoiler: Detective Shadow]].
%%* ToiletHumour
%%* TheTrickster: Yobi.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Yobi has the ability to change into a girl or whatever form she needs.