Released in 1950, ''Erase una vez...'' was a Spanish animated movie based of the fairy tale Cinderella...which unfortunately, was around the same time Disney released their version of the story.

When first released, the film was deemed worthy of national interest and won a Venetian film festival, but due to the legal complications with Disney, was never commercially released and appears to be a lost film, though a black and white copy can be seen at the Spanish Cinema Museum.

[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edyh76ydvlc Clips from the movie have finally surfaced on YouTube!]]

!!This film includes examples of:
* AdaptationDyeJob: Cinderella's hair is blonde in the actual film (but interestingly becomes red and curly in the ball costume) but was colored brunette in promotional material.
* AristocratsAreEvil: Dona Facunda and her daughters play this straight. Cinderella herself subverts this, as she is clearly referred to as a Countess early in the film.
* DeceasedParentsAreTheBest: Cinderella often goes to her mother's tomb to pray.
* CatsAreMean: Averted. Unlike the Disney counterpart, one of Cinderella's only friends is her pet cat, Ulysses, though she does have a dog, named Chao, too.
* CinderellaCircumstances: Unlike most retellings of the story, Cinderella's abuse is a bit short-lived, as she is already a young lady when her father remarries.
* GorgeousPeriodDress
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Both Cinderella (whose kindness is reflected in that even her pet cat and dog are friends) and the Fairy Godmother (who summons birds, mice, and lizards to aid Cinderella)
* LeanAndMean: The stepsisters, Clorinda and Rebecca, are this.
* NiceHat: As seen in the poster above, Cinderella's head-dress takes the cake. Most of the characters wear lavish hats, though.
* NunsAreSpooky: Invoked, but in a benevolent example, the fairy godmother resembles a nun.
* PrincessesPreferPink: Cinderella's ball dress is pink in the actual film.
* SwansASwimming: The final scene is of Cinderella and her prince in a boat being pulled by swans.
* WickedStepmother: Dona Facunda