Technically can apply to just about every fanfic when it gets an update, doubly so to any case following a lengthy hiatus. These are some notable examples.
* ''Fanfic/WithStringsAttached''? It hasn't been updated since 2002ówait, what? She ''finished'' it in 2009? And there are 15 pictures on the Facebook fan page? And she's started on the sequel and has over 700 pages already? Fabulous!
* Hey, remember the original version of ''Fanfic/PastSins''? When it first started, there was a BIG split reaction to it that some revisions were required, which helped make it more bearable. However, said version ''has'' come back to light... in the [[ best possible way]]: a mass [[Fanfic/PastSinsMST fan riffing]]!
** And then the author announced she was joining in. Squee!
* TakerFoxx declaring October 2013 to be "The Month Of Taker" with a complete side story to ResonanceDays and the multipart finale to [[Fanfic/ImperfectMetamorphosis Rhapsody Of Subconscious Desire]].
* Man, it's too bad that the ''Fanfic/MegsFamilySeries'' never got a proper ending. Oh well, I'll jus- Wait, '''''Meg's Family Returns'''''? '''YES!'''
* Nearly ten years later, ''WebAnimation/SuperMarioBrosZ'' got rebooted--and oh boy, what a reboot it is. To say that the fandom rejoiced is an understatement.
* After ages of the fans bugging Roy and Phil about it, ''FanFic/Earth27'' got it's Green Lanterns. [[ You're]] [[ welcome.]]