Based on observation, most ukes...
* Are shorter than the Analysis/{{Seme}}, most often OneHeadShorter.
* If they wear glasses, they will be round.
* If male, will look more feminine.
* If female, will look more masculine/tomboyish.
* Have larger, rounder eyes.
* Weaker, physically and (sometimes) mentally.
* Have a higher-pitched voice.

And during the act, most ukes...
* Are down on their back, hands, knees, or stomach.
* Cry out.
* Pant more.
* Sometimes clench their fists.
* Blush more profusely.
* Sweat less compared to the {{Seme}}.
* Have their eyes squeezed shut.
* Sometimes have their head turned away, and/or cover their faces with their hands.
* Is the one being kissed.
* Cling onto the {{Seme}}, in a hug.