File this under AwesomeButImpractical. The sword cane's effectiveness as a weapon is greatly overestimated. In RealLife, they usually have short, flimsy blades that are very slow to draw since you have to manually screw the handle off, which can be a dangerous waste of time if you actually need to defend yourself. And then there's the fact that sword canes are even illegal in many areas. You're generally better off just [[CaneFu bludgeoning someone]] with a [[BoringYetPractical normal, solid cane]].
* There's a lot of "ifs" in that analysis. IF your sword cane has a screw-in handle. IF the blade is flimsy. It's quite possible to make a sword cane that has neither of those disadvantages, which is why they were quite common among gentry once upon a time. [[ Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on a good quality, functional one, though.]]