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[[folder: Motif Symbolism]]

Fire (and, by extension, light) is treated as a highly positive force. The show's prologue uses visual contrasts to emphasize the importance of light, and Remnant's Grimm-slaying academies are all named after sources of it- to say nothing of the Grimm themselves being depicted as living shadows. The fire-themed character Yang is an enthusiastic, nurturing girl, who- although overly violent at times- is nonetheless a supportive sister to Ruby and the only protagonist [[OutOfFocus not to cause inter-team conflict]] in volume 1. Pyrrha, whose first name translates to '[[SignificantGreenEyedRedhead fire-coloured]]', is similarly juxtaposed- powerful yet protective, intimidating yet comforting. The only points at which fire is negatively treated are in episode 6, when Weiss misdirects a blow and causes a forest fire, and in Episode 1 with Cinder's fire magic.

!!Blake's Relations
All of Blake's major interactions have a light/fire/warmth theme to them. Yang is her partner and is themed for the fire of the sun. Sun is her going-on new best friend and is themed after, duh, the Sun. Adam Taurus, her former partner, is named after a constellation--as in, stars in the sky. Roman Torchwick, her arch-enemy, is themed after a Roman Candle (fireworks).

Other themes are blood. Ruby Rose's theme, dark as it is, is blood. Ruby's her leader. Adam, her former partner, might not alert many to it, but his weapons are named Wilt and Blush. Blush is short for bloodrush. Wilt is a word for "to die". His weapons are literally named Blood and Death. Make of this what you will.