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[[folder: Motif Symbolism]]

Fire (and, by extension, light) is treated as a highly positive force. The show's prologue uses visual contrasts to emphasize the importance of light, and Remnant's Grimm-slaying academies are all named after sources of it- to say nothing of the Grimm themselves being depicted as living shadows. The fire-themed character Yang is an enthusiastic, nurturing girl, who- although overly violent at times- is nonetheless a supportive sister to Ruby and the only protagonist [[OutOfFocus not to cause inter-team conflict]] in volume 1. Pyrrha, whose first name translates to '[[SignificantGreenEyedRedhead fire-coloured]]', is similarly juxtaposed- powerful yet protective, intimidating yet comforting. The only points at which fire is negatively treated are in episode 6, when Weiss misdirects a blow and causes a forest fire, and in Episode 1 with Cinder's fire magic.