Ojou can often be boiled down into three types:
* '''The ProperLady-type''': This type of Ojou is a [[NiceGirl generally kind and unassuming girl]], expect a HimeCut, who is surrounded by a phalanx of {{Ninja Maid}}s and {{Battle Butler}}s if wealthy, or militant {{fanboy}}s if not, who would not be less fanatical if they were protecting the Emperor himself. These followers (regardless of whether they are paid servants or simply volunteer fans) are the ones proclaiming the ojou's higher social standing over the rest of the characters, not the ojou herself. In these cases, the ojou might be a very gentle and sheltered girl (especially if she really is a BlueBlood) who is naive to the ways of the world and wants to actively seek out and participate in all the "fun" things normal people do. A CloserToEarth version of this type of ojou (especially if she is simply a high school student elevated to ojou status by popularity alone) seemingly just ignores her fame, sometimes with [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} amazing obliviousness]], even as her fan squad jealously looks on.

* '''The IceQueen-type''': This type of Ojou is calm, regal and cold, often ignoring those she sees as 'lower' in status. She doesn't often have {{Ninja Maid}}s or {{Battle Butler}}s but instead will be a frightening force in her own right, with those around her terrified and awed at her beauty and perceived superiority, with many {{fanboy}}s and {{fangirl}}s alike either wanting to date her (but way too afraid to ask her out) or ''be'' her. Extremely often she ends up having a Sugar And Ice Personality and [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting]] at some point with a {{Luminescent Blush}}. She is extremely likely to be the class president or have other activities she presides over, acting like an IronLady, with decisive judgement and an iron fist. She often turns out to be a LonelyRichKid, and may have few friends, even if she seems to be happy or satisfied with life. If she does have a friend, a GenkiGirl from a poor background is highly likely to be it. Unlike the RoyalBrat-type she is rarely portrayed in a completely bad light, even if in the beginning she seems like an Alpha Bitch.

* '''The RoyalBrat-Type''': This type of Ojou is often an overbearing girl who tries to declare her own higher status above the rest of the cast. Expect OjouRinglets and maybe a [[NoblewomansLaugh noblewoman's laugh]]. Sympathetic versions may be {{tsundere}}, but antagonistic versions will often be the ultimate AlphaBitch with wealth and power added into the mix. You can also often tell the difference between these two types at a glance thanks to {{Tsurime Eyes}} and {{Tareme Eyes}}. A certain amount of naivete can afflict this type as well, especially in the tsundere versions, where they assume that they can do everything they have always managed to get others to do for them, often with [[ADayInHerApron disastrous]] [[LethalChef results]]. This type can also include a manipulative BitchInSheepsClothing version of the trope in order to accrue the popularity required to make herself an ojou.