Although the Blood Knight may seem like a simple concept as the characters in question are just people who want to fight for fun in reality this is far more complex than it seems.

The Mindset of the Blood Knight...

1. Boisterous Bruiser: A blood knight under this kind of mind set sees any opportunity to engage in a combat as equivalent to throwing a party. They see it as fun, exciting, and something everyone can participate in. This is usually the most common form a blood knight can be portrayed in as in media. (Examples : [[TheIncredibleHercules Hercules]]). In alignment matters, they tend to be nonlawful and nonevil.

2. Spirited Competitor: They are up for any kind of challenge without question. They aren't like most who enjoy hurting their opponent in the competition but believe in enjoying it for what it is. They are usually under more fair and sporty about their challenges, and are generally the least violent kind amongst these four kinds of BloodKnight. Examples : [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Ryu]], [[DragonBall Goku]]. These are equally shared between good and neutral alignments.

3. Unfettered: an Unfettered Blood Knight puts fighting above most other things in his life, and he will have very few limits about fighting. However, he usually has [[NobleDemon some kind of moral code]] or [[WorthyOpponent respect for his opponents]]. He will probably not fight someone who doesn't want to fight him (because it will not pose a challenge) and will have enough self-control to not kill indiscriminately, but he will generally not be afraid of killing opponents if necessary, fighting anyone no matter their status (ally or antagonist), and generally putting his love of fighting above matters of right and wrong. Examples: [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Akuma]], [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Kempachi]], [[{{Berserk}} Zodd]]. In terms of alignment, these have an equal chance of being neutral or evil.

4. Ax Crazy: The Ax Crazy Blood Knight has sacrificed their morality and maybe sanity for the sake of battle. He will kill his opponents, will very likely kill the weak and generally be a [[TheBerserker berserk]] of the worst sort. You are not safe next to them, needless to say. Examples : [[{{Warhammer40000}} Khorne]] and the vast majority of his followers (although he started up as a type 3), [[FullMetalPanic Gauron]]. These are almost exclusively all evil, with ChaoticEvil being the next-to-canonical alignment for them.