This bit of administrivia is the page where we sign up folks who have volunteered for Inbound Watch, the exercise of monitoring the top ten items on [[ inbound links]] to catch newby-style edit issues (natter, first person, wonky indentation, etc.).

Forum topic [[ here]].

!!The Inbound Watch Checklist

Actions to take on a "shift."

# Check through the top ten to make sure they are good examples for newbies. That is, for each:
## Clear out any "this troper" and first person stuff.
## Make sure indentation meets Administrivia/ExampleIndentationInTropeLists.
## Clear out any natter.
## Spell check.
# Add them to your watchlist, monitor for changes, and put in fixes as the shift goes on, with good edit reasons.
# Lounge around in the stunningly attractive Watcher uniform inspiring awe and wonder from the bypassers.