It seems you need to add some kind of special coding to a title. Fortunately, we no longer need to use the ptitle system, and you can now customize a title to display the title properly. Use this any time you need to change the way a page title looks such as adding punctuation or altering spacing.

'''NOTE:''' The custom title system is ''only'' to be used for the following:
* Adding punctuation (e.g. Airplane to Airplane!)
* Changing spacing (e.g. Camel Case to [=CamelCase=])
* Changing capitalization (e.g. Camel Case to Camelcase)
* Adding diacritics (e.g. Pokemon to Pokémon)
* Changing text to numerals (e.g., [=TwoThousandOne=] to 2001)

'''Never''' use the custom title system to rename an article to something else. We have [[Administrivia/HowToMoveAPage a separate procedure for that]].

Our illustration of the day is going to be the webcomic ''Webcomic/EarsForElves''. When a screenshot has been shrunk to fit through the image uploader, a full size version is available through a click.

First, go to the tools menu and select "customize wikiword". You can access and use this menu from any page on the wiki.


After clicking the "customize wikiword" button, you should see the following screen. There's a "How this works" button there too, which can help you out.


Here's where you enter the proper wikiword for what you want customized. No spaces, and no namespace -- the custom title will automatically be applied to all pages with the same base title, regardless of namespace.


Hit "OK". This will load the standard page title. (If there is a custom title already in place, that won't be displayed.) Enter the proper title in the new box below. In this case, we'll be changing "For" to the lowercase "for". You can also change spaces and add punctuation, but "double quotes" don't work.


Hit the "OK" command again. Got that? Finished!

The title will now show up in a queue for the moderators to approve or decline. If you're not sure whether it's gone through or think they have declined it unexpectedly, wait a while, and then send them a message through the "This article needs moderator assistance with..." box in the tools menu.