If a trope with this tag doesn't make much sense to you, relax. It's just an early draft, and is intended to be calibrated further.

The trope description itself [[Administrivia/NeedsABetterDescription may]] or may not need some work, but what's definitely needed is suggestions for already existing tropes that might be related to the new one. This includes an element of "Administrivia/DoWeHaveThisOne", but primarily focused on what ''other'' tropes to define the trope against.

As for examples, it's a bit early for that. The [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/tlp_activity.php TLP]] will get the "Administrivia/NeedsMoreExamples" tag later, when it is ready for it. In the meantime, examples are of course still welcome - especially if they [[Administrivia/DoesThisCount come in the form of a question]].

However, Administrivia/EarlyDevelopmentPhase and Administrivia/NeedsMoreExamples are ''not'' mutually exclusive: If both are there, it means "We need more examples to work with, in order to calibrate the trope definition".

There are three basic ways in which a trope can get started:
# The troper has found two or more different media examples of the same thing, and is now looking for more examples of the same thing.
** For example, the trope UndefeatableLittleVillage started with a troper reading the Comicbook/{{Fables}} album "The Good Prince" and thinking "hey, this plotline is the same as the premise of Asterix, although in a quite different mood and with quite different consequences!"
** This kind of [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/tlp_activity.php TLP]] entry rarely need an Early Development Phase tag, instead starting out with Administrivia/NeedsMoreExamples from day one.
# The troper has found one media example, and thinks "Hey, cool! I bet others have done the same thing."
** For example, the trope LifeWillKillYou started with a troper listening to [[Music/{{Clawfinger}} the song]] with [[TropeNamer the same name]].
** This kind of [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/tlp_activity.php TLP]] entry is more likely to need an Early Development Phase tag, since it can sometimes be tricky to translate a media example into a trope.
# The trope starts with an abstract concept. Maybe someone found the concept interesting on a general level, or maybe a discussion about another trope reached the conclusion that "well, this concept is ''not'' this trope, so lets give it a trope of it's own.
** For example, ChildMarriageVeto and OldManMarryingAChild both started as spin-offs to MaritalRapeLicense, as people pointed out both that a girl might say no to an ArrangedMarriage and that there's quite a bit of difference in dynamic depending on the age of the persons involved.
** This kind of [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/tlp_activity.php TLP]] entry is the most likely to need an Early Development Phase tag, since the trope is defined by an abstract concept that might need quite a bit of calibration to translate into a trope and might originally even be defined by what it is not rather then by what it is.