Wiki/TVTropes is primarily about {{trope}}s and the works that use them. However, oftentimes information about an {{author|s}}, {{actor|s}}, {{director|s}}, {{producer|s}}, {{mangaka}}, {{composer|s}}, {{animator|s}}, [[VideogameCompanies developer]], or other creator can be relevant to our understanding of the tropes in their works. To that end, we have {{Creator|s}} pages.

Creator pages go in the Creator/ Administrivia/{{namespace}} and get the "creator" [[Administrivia/WhatPageTypesMean page type]]. We have an index for creators; it can be found [[{{Creators}} here]].

These pages document information about creators pertaining to their works and the tropes they use. [[Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability Any creator can have a page if someone is willing to make it.]]

Note, however, that not all pages about people will fall into this category. Some, such as UsefulNotes/ThePresidents, are UsefulNotes and/or {{Historical Domain Character}}s. Others are pages for {{musicians}} or {{professional wrestl|ing}}ers that, while they may look like creator pages, are actually work pages for documenting the tropes used in their performances (and should be in the Music/ and Wrestling/ Administrivia/{{namespace}}s, respectively, with the page type "work", not "creator").

!! What can go on creator pages:

* '''An overview of works they've created.''' A simple bulleted list of works they've been involved with is usually a good place to start.[[note]]If one or more of their works does not yet have a wiki page associated with it, please list them as {{redlink}}s to make things easier in case the page gets created in the future.[[/note]]
* '''An index of their works that have pages.''' Some creator pages use their bulleted list of works as an index for those works. This is usually reserved for higher-level creators like VideoGameCompanies. Examples include Creator/ValveSoftware and Creator/DarkHorseComics.
* '''Tropes that appear frequently in their works.''' If a creator has a SignatureStyle, their creator page is a good place to talk about it. For example, Creator/MichaelBay's page lists tropes like StuffBlowingUp, SummerBlockbuster, and TechnologyPorn.
* '''Trivia about them.''' We have lots of tropes and {{Trivia}} that can legitimately apply to creators, like DyeingForYourArt, TrollingCreator, PenName, CreatorBreakdown, and AuthorExistenceFailure. Most of these are okay to include on a creator page, or on their {{Trivia}} subpage as appropriate.
* '''ConversationalTroping.''' Normally, we don't trope RealLife people. But creators often give interviews, or [[Website/{{Twitter}} tweet]], or other such forms of WordOfGod, and they often talk about tropes. So if they're [[DiscussedTrope discussing]], [[ConversedTrope conversing]], [[LampshadeHanging lampshading]], or [[InvokedTrope invoking]] tropes, those tropes are fair game for their page.

!! What should ''not'' go on creator pages:

* '''Tropes applied to the creator as if they are a fictional character.''' Please resist the urge to apply character tropes to RealLife people. We've had a lot of SquarePegRoundTrope issues in the past with this, so as a general guideline, it's best to apply Administrivia/NoRealLifeExamplesPlease to creators. If it seems harmless it might be overlooked JustForFun, and there is an exception for ConversationalTroping as mentioned above, but on the whole this is something [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement best avoided]].
* '''Tropes that apply to ''individual'' works they've created.''' Any tropes listed should be relevant to their work as a whole, not to just one work. So if a trope only applies to ''one'' work they've made, please list it on that work's page instead.
* '''CreatorBashing.''' Creator pages should not be used to complain about how much a person sucks. We're not here to hate on people. Multiple creator pages, including Creator/UweBoll and Creator/{{Microsoft}}, have been sent to the Administrivia/PermanentRedLinkClub because editors just couldn't resist spewing bile. Please keep it neutral.
* '''Subjectivity and YMMV.''' We don't list [[YMMV.HomePage YMMV]] items for real-life people. That includes creators. Please don't list AudienceReactions or [[YMMV.HomePage YMMV]] for a creator (unless it's for one of their works that doesn't already have a page or for their general work).
* '''Drooling.''' In the past, we've had pages for actresses that consisted primarily of gushing about how hot they are. [[Administrivia/NoLewdnessNoPrudishness This is not okay.]] It's inappropriate and will not be tolerated.