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* According to the immense [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Apotheosis_of_Washington fresco]] on the ceiling of the [[TheUnitedStates United States]] Capitol Building, GeorgeWashington became a god. No doubt if he was alive, he would have had something very negative to say.
* In ''Franchise/{{Bionicle}}'', the Barraki's goal when they dwelled on land was to conquer all the universe and overthrow the Great Spirit Mata Nui. While they failed, Makuta was inspired by it and began formulating a GambitRoulette to do it himself on an even grander scale. [[spoiler:''And he succeeds,'' committing GrandTheftMe against a PhysicalGod and banishing Mata Nui's spirit into space in a SoulJar.]]
** On a smaller scale, [[TheStarscream Hakann and Thok]] pull off the "get superpowers and subsequently have delusions of godhood" deal after they steal Brutaka's power via improvised PowerCopying. Despite razing half of Voya Nui and [[CurbStompBattle effortlessly flattening the rest of the]] [[QuirkyMinibossSquad Piraka]] [[CurbStompBattle and the Toa Inika]] ''[[CurbStompBattle twice]]'', it doesn't last.
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Am7oKBD3PU this commercial]] for the Central Institute of Technology, Aaron tells Henry he doesn't think he should be giving beer to the techies, and Henry, who until that point had been friendly, shouts, "I can do whatever I want, okay?! I'm a f*cking ''god!"''
* Simultaneously the BadEnding and the inevitable result of playing a MageTheAwakening character for more than a few dozen XP. Can happen even faster if you make unwise life choices and wisdom degeneration gives you the Narcissism derangement.