Nerdly is a leading character in the popular TV series ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers''. He is generally TheSmartGuy on the team, and has in later seasons taken to providing exposition for complex plot details. While the [[{{AATAFOVS/EpisodeGuide}} Season 1]] pilot ''AATAFOVS/AThreeHourTour'' and official series descriptions hinted at a crush on fellow team member {{AATAFOVS/Cleo}}, this was never followed up on, perhaps due to the fact that Cleo was preoccupied with yet another member, [[{{AATAFOVS/Solo}} Solo [=McPotter=]]]. The issue has likely been buried, [[spoiler:since Cleo left the team early in Season 3, becoming part of the [[{{AATAFOVS/EvilDramatisPersonae}} Dark Council]].]]

Sadly, Nerdly's utility is diminished by the fact that he is only ''smart'', not actually a GadgeteerGenius. That's {{AATAFOVS/Avatar}}'s job. As a result, there is a degree of role overlap between the two. Nerdly received a degree of character development in the Season 2 episodes ''AATAFOVS/ANerdInTheBand'' and ''AATAFOVS/ThroughAGlassNerdly''. We met his potential future self in ''AATAFOVS/TheFutureIsNow''.

Beginning with the comic arc ''[[{{AATAFOVS/OmenFromTheFutureArc}} Omen from the Future]]'', viewers were introduced to the Nucleus persona, a virus which corrupted Nerdly several times through a complicated sequence of time travel, nanotechnology, and organ transplants. See ''AATAFOVS/BackInBlack'' and the three-part-sequence beginning with ''{{AATAFOVS/Seduction}}''.

Still, Nerdly is the veteran of several fights, including ''AATAFOVS/TheHomeland'' and ''AATAFOVS/BlowsThatHurtMost''.