Krystal is the newest member of the FiveManBand on ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers''. Yes, she is a CatGirl. [[{{OurVampiresAreDifferent}} However, she does not follow the classic model]]. While there are the standard ears and sharp claws, there are no CuteLittleFangs, or a tail for that matter. When questioned, one of the writers gave the following answer:

-->Writer: A tail? You people wanted a tail!?! You sick, sick people! Go get help! Who knows what [[{{AllMenArePerverts}} warped, male fantasies]] you had involving a tail. You think just because [[{{MostWritersAreMale}} the show is made by a bunch of guys]], it would have girls with tails? Wasn't the SpyCatsuit enough for you? Be satisfied, or else we'll [[{{RocksFallEveryoneDies}} kill off all the characters]] just to put an end to this #&^@ ... ''The remainder of the quote is composed of several lines of cursing on the part of the writer, and has been censored by [[{{MoralGuardians}} concerned individuals]].''

Act normally or you will have your eyes removed.

Hints of a possible romantic relationship between Avatar and Krystal were dropped in the Season 3 episode ''[[AATAFOVS/NoisyValley Noisy Valley]]''. Some also believe that a hint was dropped in ''{{AATAFOVS/Revelations}}'', but when confronted with the three conflicting viewpoints about the supposed evidence, the writers [[RedHerring simply offered]] [[TakeAThirdOption a fourth option]]. For the most part, though, [[SugarAndIcePersonality she keeps her cool around him fairly well]], except when [[TheRival Persona]] is around.