Cleo has [[spoiler:in the past]] been a main character on the show ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers'' for several seasons. Considered by most fans to be stunningly attractive, she generally fills the position of TheChick in the Benders' FiveManBand. Official character descriptions first mentioned her having a "thing" for fellow Bender [[{{AATAFOVS/Solo}} Solo [=McPotter=]]].

Unfortunately, Cleo received very little character development. In the end, her prime contribution to the group was the fact that nearly every episode involved some form of {{Fanservice}} on her part. These included frequent ClothingDamage and various ''accidents''. It is actually easier to list episodes that did ''not'' in ''some'' way make use of Cleo's role as MsFanservice:
* AATAFOVS/BadDayAtRamboRock
* AATAFOVS/AvatarGetsSuedByGeorgeLucas
* AATAFOVS/AMagmanicConfrontation
* AATAFOVS/APiratesLifeForMe
* AATAFOVS/TheFutureIsNow [[spoiler: (assuming getting AIDS does not qualify as fanservice)]]
* AATAFOVS/CanOfDoomyDoomness
* {{AATAFOVS/Schooled}}
* AATAFOVS/DownTheSeriesOfTubes
* AATAFOVS/IdolHands
* AATAFOVS/OmenFromTheFuture [[spoiler:possibly; details about this episode are largely unknown]]
* AATAFOVS/TheDaysOfKnight

And to be clear, this was over the course of some 30 episodes. A number of the above have very brief descriptions, indicating that at least two could contain Cleo fanservice we are not aware of.


[[spoiler:Unfortunately, Cleo was aware of her frequent wardrobe malfunctions, and hated her role with a passion. This was revealed in the episode ''AATAFOVS/BattlesOfTheMind''. In the following episode, ''AATAFOVS/BlowsThatHurtMost'', she mercilessly killed the BigBad (this was the conclusion of the the three-part Season 3 premiere). She promptly gained psychic powers and left, quickly joining the Dark Council.]]

[[spoiler:As a result, Cleo was replaced by {{AATAFOVS/Krystal}}.]] She is expected to appear in numerous future episodes.