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18th Nov 14 04:02:45Churchgoing Villain
18th Nov 14 03:58:50Hollywood Atheist
18th Nov 14 02:13:36Video Game.Tales Of Hearts
10th Nov 14 07:09:11Characters.Shin Megami Tensei Forces Of Law
10th Nov 14 06:53:56Characters.Shin Megami Tensei Forces Of Chaos
9th Oct 14 08:22:53WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
7th Oct 14 12:04:51Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
7th Oct 14 12:04:35Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
6th Oct 14 03:40:28Characters.Breath Of Fire IV
26th Sep 14 05:18:04Video Game.BRAVELYDEFAULT
22nd Sep 14 11:19:46Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
22nd Sep 14 05:16:24Characters.Arc Rise Fantasia
16th Sep 14 06:09:18Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
16th Sep 14 06:01:03Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
9th Sep 14 02:29:52All Deaths Final
9th Sep 14 02:20:34YMMV.Tales Of Xillia 2
9th Sep 14 02:18:03YMMV.Tales Of Vesperia
9th Sep 14 02:08:57Headscratchers.Tales Of Vesperia
9th Sep 14 02:04:23Headscratchers.Tales Of Xillia 2
9th Sep 14 02:01:43Headscratchers.Tales Of Xillia 2
31st Aug 14 09:09:03Film.Heaven Is For Real
27th Aug 14 03:09:37Video Game.Blaz Blue
27th Aug 14 03:07:54Inconsistent Dub
12th Jul 14 03:25:14Characters.Bravely Default
9th Jul 14 01:26:53Unintentionally Unsympathetic
1st Jul 14 12:18:04The Last DJ
29th Jun 14 03:35:20Doing In The Scientist
22nd Jun 14 02:48:10Characters.Tales Of Xillia
9th Jun 14 09:56:22Chickification
9th Jun 14 09:55:15Chickification
9th Jun 14 04:12:22Relationship Writing Fumble
9th Jun 14 04:08:21Relationship Writing Fumble
9th Jun 14 04:07:24Relationship Writing Fumble
6th Jun 14 12:55:55Characters.Tales Of Vesperia
1st Jun 14 01:35:14Call A Smeerp A Rabbit
17th May 14 12:26:51Lets Sort Of Experience Tales Of Vesperia Blind
8th May 14 04:04:19Characters.RWBY
5th May 14 06:14:49Casting A Shadow
5th May 14 12:53:36Characters.Game Of Thrones House Bolton
3rd May 14 03:06:28Characters.Atop The Fourth Wall
2nd May 14 02:19:22Single Target Sexuality
29th Apr 14 12:57:47Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
13th Apr 14 11:09:37Religion Is Wrong
13th Apr 14 11:09:36Religion Is Wrong
11th Mar 14 03:42:55Headscratchers.Pokemon Arceus And The Jewel Of Life
20th Feb 14 01:21:04Magazine.N Gamer
17th Feb 14 02:12:18WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
7th Feb 14 03:09:33Characters.Bravely Default
7th Feb 14 02:54:56Characters.Bravely Default
7th Feb 14 02:47:08Characters.Bleach X Cution
5th Feb 14 05:19:07Characters.Bravely Default
5th Feb 14 05:18:33Characters.Bravely Default
5th Feb 14 05:02:29Characters.Bravely Default
5th Feb 14 05:01:44Characters.Bravely Default
4th Feb 14 02:50:30Video Game.Bravely Default
2nd Feb 14 12:57:21Characters.Bravely Default
31st Jan 14 07:51:41Corrupt Church
23rd Jan 14 06:39:47Stacys Mom
21st Jan 14 06:23:31Death Amnesia
16th Jan 14 06:14:06WMG.Drakengard
12th Jan 14 12:55:10Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
31st Dec 13 12:04:34Blatant Lies
22nd Dec 13 05:15:40Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
22nd Dec 13 05:02:11Characters.Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
21st Dec 13 07:45:22Characters.DCAU-Batman Beyond
17th Dec 13 04:42:40Web Video.Nullmetal Alchemist
11th Dec 13 08:01:39The Nothing After Death
10th Dec 13 10:59:38Playing With.Villain Sue
10th Dec 13 08:42:26Hollywood Atheist
6th Dec 13 02:58:30Characters.Pokemon Origins
3rd Dec 13 02:13:42God Before Dogma
1st Dec 13 05:38:48Pragmatic Adaptation
1st Dec 13 05:38:16Pragmatic Adaptation
25th Nov 13 07:15:46Near Death Clairvoyance
25th Nov 13 07:15:16Near Death Clairvoyance
23rd Nov 13 01:05:06YMMV.Rational Wiki
14th Nov 13 07:43:18Dying Dream
14th Nov 13 07:40:36My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
14th Nov 13 07:35:00Death Amnesia
14th Nov 13 07:29:38Death Amnesia
14th Nov 13 07:22:42Near Death Experience
13th Nov 13 08:01:05Western Animation.Beast Wars
6th Nov 13 08:20:03Death Amnesia
6th Nov 13 08:19:35Death Amnesia
6th Nov 13 08:19:11Death Amnesia
6th Nov 13 05:39:54Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
6th Nov 13 05:31:33Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
30th Oct 13 02:35:39Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
29th Oct 13 01:17:59Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
29th Oct 13 01:17:32Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
29th Oct 13 01:17:03Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
24th Oct 13 01:50:16Characters.Death Battle
21st Oct 13 08:52:26Cool Loser
21st Oct 13 08:50:11Two Girls To A Team
21st Oct 13 08:45:32Two Girls To A Team
20th Oct 13 07:08:06Captain Obvious Reveal
18th Oct 13 06:40:29WMG.RWBY
15th Oct 13 03:15:02Recap.Doctor Who NSS 2 E 9 The Satan Pit
14th Oct 13 10:15:29Violation Of Common Sense
14th Oct 13 03:01:46Quotes.Love Freak
8th Oct 13 01:31:06YMMV.Richard Dawkins
7th Oct 13 07:09:33Hiding Behind Religion
7th Oct 13 07:02:01Hiding Behind Religion
7th Oct 13 07:01:52Hiding Behind Religion
5th Oct 13 10:23:42Faith Heel Turn
23rd Sep 13 06:00:20Characters.Xenoblade
23rd Sep 13 05:59:42Characters.Xenoblade
22nd Sep 13 08:31:03Recap.The Twilight Zone S 2 E 65 The Obsolete Man
22nd Sep 13 08:23:21Science Is Bad
21st Sep 13 02:16:03YMMV.RWBY
18th Sep 13 03:00:55Fridge.Fire Emblem Awakening
18th Sep 13 02:23:10Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Allies And Neutral Factions
16th Sep 13 04:18:43Messianic Archetype
9th Sep 13 03:29:56Characters.Avenue Q
9th Sep 13 03:28:16Characters.Avenue Q
6th Sep 13 03:20:22Characters.Tales Of Eternia
3rd Sep 13 09:23:41Mid Season Twist
3rd Sep 13 08:44:59Playing With.Absurdly Sharp Blade
29th Aug 13 03:31:45Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
29th Aug 13 03:30:35Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
29th Aug 13 09:17:45Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu Playable Characters
29th Aug 13 08:32:08Fire Emblem Tellius.Main Characters
26th Aug 13 03:04:03Video Game.Tales Of Symphonia
26th Aug 13 09:46:12Jesus The Early Years
26th Aug 13 06:20:40God Before Dogma
26th Aug 13 06:19:50God Before Dogma
25th Aug 13 02:41:07Characters.Xenoblade
24th Aug 13 04:19:17Hide Your Lesbians
24th Aug 13 01:37:06Film.Dogma
24th Aug 13 01:28:45God Before Dogma
22nd Aug 13 03:44:48Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Doctors
19th Aug 13 04:02:44Characters.Castlevania Lords Of Shadow
18th Aug 13 01:07:49Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
18th Aug 13 01:03:10Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
18th Aug 13 12:56:31YMMV.Tales Of Hearts
18th Aug 13 12:55:49Characters.Tales Of Hearts
18th Aug 13 12:53:39Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
17th Aug 13 02:36:58Characters.Final Fantasy II
16th Aug 13 11:22:48Characters.Tales Of Xillia
16th Aug 13 11:14:21Characters.Tales Of Xillia
16th Aug 13 11:11:01Characters.Tales Of Xillia
16th Aug 13 11:09:55Characters.Tales Of Xillia
13th Aug 13 02:47:10Characters.Tales Of Xillia
13th Aug 13 02:40:18God Is Good
9th Aug 13 04:25:27Video Game.Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World
8th Aug 13 03:46:07God Is Good
8th Aug 13 03:10:33Pieces Of God
7th Aug 13 06:26:51The Mean Brit
7th Aug 13 04:27:15Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
7th Aug 13 04:14:31Characters.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series
6th Aug 13 09:09:06You Cant Make An Omelette
6th Aug 13 07:58:20Video Game.Lost Odyssey
6th Aug 13 06:43:51Characters.Red Vs Blue Project Freelancer
6th Aug 13 05:26:23Headscratchers.Sword Art Online
6th Aug 13 05:25:20Headscratchers.Sword Art Online
6th Aug 13 05:16:51YMMV.Sword Art Online
6th Aug 13 05:06:05God Is Good
6th Aug 13 05:03:20God Is Evil
6th Aug 13 05:00:07Characters.Golden Sun
6th Aug 13 04:47:34The Empire
6th Aug 13 04:47:16Recap.The Twilight Zone S 2 E 65 The Obsolete Man
6th Aug 13 04:47:06The Empire
3rd Aug 13 05:32:52The Chosen One
3rd Aug 13 11:34:58Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions
3rd Aug 13 11:34:21Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions
2nd Aug 13 06:33:35Video Game.Breath Of Fire
31st Jul 13 01:54:55A God Am I.Video Games
29th Jul 13 05:01:14Dirty Old Monk
29th Jul 13 05:01:02Dirty Old Monk
29th Jul 13 03:57:28YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
29th Jul 13 03:47:10Adorkable.Video Games
27th Jul 13 06:42:33Video Game.Golden Sun Dark Dawn
27th Jul 13 06:36:38Characters.Golden Sun
27th Jul 13 06:27:00YMMV.Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten
26th Jul 13 10:19:37WMG.RWBY
25th Jul 13 05:53:39Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 2
24th Jul 13 02:38:01Headscratchers.Fire Emblem Awakening
21st Jul 13 05:09:17Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
21st Jul 13 05:06:56Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
21st Jul 13 05:00:01Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
21st Jul 13 04:46:49Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
20th Jul 13 04:11:45Characters.Bioshock Infinite
19th Jul 13 05:40:57Characters.Fire Emblem Elibe Sword Of Seals
19th Jul 13 05:20:05Game Favored Gender
19th Jul 13 02:56:41Fairy Tail.Tropes Q-S
19th Jul 13 02:56:09Fairy Tail.Tropes Q-S
18th Jul 13 09:49:00Everybody Wants The Hermaphrodite
18th Jul 13 09:48:30Everybody Wants The Hermaphrodite
18th Jul 13 09:30:41Characters.Persona 3
15th Jul 13 11:21:41Self Demonstrating.Henry
15th Jul 13 11:04:15Rei Ayanami Expy
15th Jul 13 11:02:17Rei Ayanami Expy
12th Jul 13 06:06:38Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Second Generation
10th Jul 13 01:58:59Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Second Generation
9th Jul 13 03:11:59Dark Messiah
8th Jul 13 03:04:20What Do You Mean It Wasnt Made On Drugs
8th Jul 13 02:38:31WMG.Shin Megami Tensei
8th Jul 13 02:37:09WMG.Shin Megami Tensei
4th Jul 13 04:16:39WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
2nd Jul 13 03:42:12Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
2nd Jul 13 09:08:28Strangled By The Red String
2nd Jul 13 08:45:47Relationship Writing Fumble
2nd Jul 13 08:44:55Relationship Writing Fumble
1st Jul 13 11:50:52Right Wing Militia Fanatic
1st Jul 13 11:50:30Right Wing Militia Fanatic
30th Jun 13 12:50:24YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
30th Jun 13 04:29:55Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
29th Jun 13 01:56:43Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
29th Jun 13 01:51:21Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
29th Jun 13 01:28:54Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
29th Jun 13 01:20:56Franchise.Fire Emblem
28th Jun 13 03:58:16Fantasy Counterpart Culture
28th Jun 13 03:49:49White Mans Burden
26th Jun 13 02:13:11Characters.Baten Kaitos
25th Jun 13 02:37:27Characters.Baten Kaitos
25th Jun 13 02:35:55Characters.Baten Kaitos
25th Jun 13 01:50:31Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Antagonists
25th Jun 13 01:29:34YMMV.Fire Emblem Tellius
24th Jun 13 01:17:58Webcomic.Go Get A Roomie
24th Jun 13 01:01:41YMMV.X-Play
24th Jun 13 01:01:03YMMV.X-Play
24th Jun 13 07:34:02Characters.Game Of Thrones House Bolton
21st Jun 13 05:46:21World Of Action Girls
21st Jun 13 05:30:10Stripperiffic
20th Jun 13 12:07:47Headscratchers.Xenoblade
20th Jun 13 12:04:46Characters.Xenoblade
20th Jun 13 10:36:24Fridge.Eternal Sonata
17th Jun 13 11:55:03Kansas City Shuffle
17th Jun 13 11:52:59Kansas City Shuffle
17th Jun 13 11:47:32Exact Words
17th Jun 13 11:38:53Characters.Baten Kaitos
15th Jun 13 11:30:57Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
15th Jun 13 08:01:45Laconic.Fire Emblem Tellius
15th Jun 13 07:56:06Dracolich
15th Jun 13 07:48:36Evil Roy
15th Jun 13 07:48:15Evil Roy
12th Jun 13 01:54:59Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
11th Jun 13 03:31:17YMMV.Animal Crossing
7th Jun 13 05:05:11Characters.Baten Kaitos
7th Jun 13 07:30:25Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation
7th Jun 13 03:57:51Traumatic Haircut
6th Jun 13 04:18:43Characters.Baten Kaitos
3rd Jun 13 05:44:23Left Handed Mirror
3rd Jun 13 05:42:06Characters.Final Fantasy IV
3rd Jun 13 03:41:13WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
3rd Jun 13 03:39:40WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
1st Jun 13 10:13:38WMG.Shin Megami Tensei
31st May 13 08:16:38Characters.Fairy Tail Tenrou Group
29th May 13 01:40:56Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation
29th May 13 01:40:04Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation
29th May 13 09:02:07Characters.Persona 3
29th May 13 04:34:31Gayngst
28th May 13 03:42:53Salt And Pepper
27th May 13 03:08:38Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Grima And The Grimleal
27th May 13 04:43:14WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
27th May 13 04:42:16WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
26th May 13 11:43:42Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation
26th May 13 11:36:19Not Evil Just Misunderstood
23rd May 13 07:56:06Characters.Tales Of Graces
23rd May 13 07:48:00Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
23rd May 13 07:27:39YMMV.Game Of Thrones
22nd May 13 05:30:44Video Game.Tales Of The World
22nd May 13 05:28:55Video Game.Tales Of The World
21st May 13 11:41:43Ruins Of The Modern Age
20th May 13 02:16:47Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
20th May 13 02:33:49Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation
19th May 13 07:10:53Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
16th May 13 02:34:58Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 2
15th May 13 10:11:55WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
15th May 13 10:08:52WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
15th May 13 06:35:28Headscratchers.Dirge Of Cerberus
15th May 13 06:11:44Immune To Fate
15th May 13 06:11:25Immune To Fate
13th May 13 10:48:24YMMV.Fire Emblem Akaneia
13th May 13 07:47:55No Bisexuals
13th May 13 04:46:48WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
13th May 13 04:46:36WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
13th May 13 04:46:13WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
13th May 13 04:45:43WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
12th May 13 10:13:55Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
12th May 13 10:09:38Fridge.Fire Emblem Awakening
12th May 13 10:03:09Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
12th May 13 06:38:31Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
12th May 13 06:18:31Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation
11th May 13 03:50:24WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
11th May 13 03:49:38WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
9th May 13 12:41:51Big Brother Attraction
8th May 13 01:59:13Characters.Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
7th May 13 05:47:52Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation
7th May 13 02:23:37Hide Your Lesbians
7th May 13 02:06:15Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
7th May 13 01:57:55Remember The New Guy
7th May 13 01:57:41Remember The New Guy
2nd May 13 02:51:00Dark Mistress
2nd May 13 02:50:24Dark Mistress
2nd May 13 02:49:42Dark Mistress
2nd May 13 02:44:53Villainous Friendship
30th Apr 13 09:36:34God Is Good
28th Apr 13 04:40:40Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Grima And The Grimleal
27th Apr 13 04:14:19Headscratchers.Fire Emblem Awakening
27th Apr 13 04:00:04Headscratchers.Fire Emblem Awakening
26th Apr 13 10:47:22WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
26th Apr 13 10:46:55WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
26th Apr 13 10:46:17WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
26th Apr 13 10:10:59Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Grima And The Grimleal
17th Apr 13 12:59:14Masculine Lines Feminine Curves
16th Apr 13 03:57:25Masculine Lines Feminine Curves
16th Apr 13 03:36:32Mass Effect.Mass Effect Race Tropes
11th Apr 13 09:45:43Characters.Game Of Thrones House Targaryen
11th Apr 13 09:45:14Characters.Game Of Thrones House Targaryen
11th Apr 13 09:44:24Characters.Game Of Thrones House Targaryen
10th Apr 13 09:26:49Characters.Golden Sun
9th Apr 13 03:12:44Combo Platter Powers
9th Apr 13 02:59:17Religion Is Wrong
9th Apr 13 02:59:11Religion Is Wrong
9th Apr 13 02:58:46Religion Is Wrong
9th Apr 13 02:55:33Religion Is Wrong
9th Apr 13 02:55:08Religion Is Wrong
9th Apr 13 02:40:09Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
9th Apr 13 02:39:41Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
7th Apr 13 06:40:12Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
7th Apr 13 06:38:57Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
6th Apr 13 03:17:37Characters.Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
6th Apr 13 03:03:47Characters.Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
5th Apr 13 06:00:10Characters.Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
2nd Apr 13 03:09:06Fire Emblem Elibe Blazing Sword.Characters Introduced During Lyns Story
2nd Apr 13 03:08:51Fire Emblem Elibe Blazing Sword.Characters Introduced During Lyns Story
31st Mar 13 09:08:59Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark
31st Mar 13 06:04:00Characters.Exit Fate
30th Mar 13 05:52:06Characters.Mass Effect 3 Party Members
27th Mar 13 04:25:47Overrated And Underleveled
27th Mar 13 04:23:54Overrated And Underleveled
26th Mar 13 10:09:32Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
25th Mar 13 04:42:44Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
25th Mar 13 04:34:49Characters.Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
23rd Mar 13 08:35:18Reconstruction
21st Mar 13 02:35:01Characters.Deus Ex Human Revolution
21st Mar 13 02:32:37Characters.Deus Ex Human Revolution
20th Mar 13 07:06:16Awesome Bosses.Tales Series
19th Mar 13 04:07:38Characters.Final Fantasy XII
18th Mar 13 03:20:13Characters.Archer
15th Mar 13 07:58:33Characters.Drakengard
15th Mar 13 05:05:28Headscratchers.Dirge Of Cerberus
15th Mar 13 05:03:04Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
15th Mar 13 04:57:58Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
15th Mar 13 04:57:26Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
15th Mar 13 04:56:56Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
15th Mar 13 03:03:26Funny.Darths And Droids
14th Mar 13 12:34:16Rebellious Princess
14th Mar 13 06:53:05Awakening The Sleeping Giant
14th Mar 13 06:51:52Awakening The Sleeping Giant
14th Mar 13 06:36:37Default To Good
14th Mar 13 06:35:50Default To Good
14th Mar 13 04:43:20Video Game.Super Princess Peach
13th Mar 13 11:50:35Straw Nihilist
13th Mar 13 09:34:04Characters.Final Fantasy XIII
13th Mar 13 09:29:57Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII- 2
13th Mar 13 09:28:07Characters.Final Fantasy XIII
11th Mar 13 03:53:08Characters.Archer
11th Mar 13 10:33:22Fire Emblem Tellius.Main Characters
11th Mar 13 10:32:49Fire Emblem Tellius.Main Characters
11th Mar 13 10:06:43Die For Our Ship.Final Fantasy
11th Mar 13 10:01:38Die For Our Ship.Final Fantasy
10th Mar 13 03:25:37YMMV.Fire Emblem Akaneia
7th Mar 13 04:20:41Characters.Nier
5th Mar 13 10:11:26WMG.Nier
5th Mar 13 09:47:14Characters.Nier
2nd Mar 13 04:23:57Characters.Firefly
2nd Mar 13 04:10:14Characters.Tales Of Graces
2nd Mar 13 04:08:56Characters.Tales Of Graces
1st Mar 13 09:15:30Funny.Sword Art Online
1st Mar 13 09:14:31Funny.Sword Art Online
1st Mar 13 09:13:24Funny.Sword Art Online
24th Feb 13 02:09:59Headscratchers.Kingdom Hearts 3 D Dream Drop Distance
24th Feb 13 02:01:31Narm.Kingdom Hearts
24th Feb 13 08:03:15Video Game.Breath Of Fire
17th Feb 13 07:01:05Characters.Sword Art Online
17th Feb 13 07:00:50Characters.Sword Art Online
15th Feb 13 02:22:37Trivia.Tales Of Vesperia
15th Feb 13 02:19:57Trivia.Tales Of Vesperia
15th Feb 13 02:18:55Fridge.Tales Of Vesperia
15th Feb 13 02:17:23Headscratchers.Tales Of Vesperia
14th Feb 13 05:06:33Literature.The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time
14th Feb 13 06:35:56Characters.Exit Fate
14th Feb 13 06:19:02Characters.Exit Fate
13th Feb 13 06:49:50Characters.Final Fantasy XII
10th Feb 13 11:46:01YMMV.Assassins Creed III
8th Feb 13 08:06:07Characters.Exit Fate
8th Feb 13 04:02:17Utsuge
3rd Feb 13 01:14:07Deconstructor Fleet
1st Feb 13 11:00:56YMMV.Xenoblade
31st Jan 13 03:42:10Fire Emblem Tellius.Nonplayer Characters
31st Jan 13 01:36:47Fire Emblem Tellius.Antagonists
30th Jan 13 05:20:20Fire Emblem Tellius.The Greil Mercenaries And Crimean Liberation Force
30th Jan 13 05:18:50Fire Emblem Tellius.Main Characters
26th Jan 13 03:42:38YMMV.Sword Art Online
26th Jan 13 11:39:58YMMV.Tales Of Vesperia
26th Jan 13 11:35:04YMMV.Tales Of Vesperia
26th Jan 13 05:41:03Characters.Death Battle
26th Jan 13 05:40:53Characters.Death Battle

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