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16th Sep 15 08:01:06Chupacabra
16th Sep 15 07:49:34Creator.Tom Beland
4th Jun 15 04:35:01Funny.Rebel Taxi
4th Jun 15 04:15:33Funny.Rebel Taxi
17th Apr 15 05:18:07Creators Pet.Western Animation
11th Apr 15 10:59:53Critical Research Failure
11th Apr 15 10:23:23Critical Research Failure
10th Jan 15 05:14:56Headscratchers.Phelous
9th Jan 15 10:50:40Trivia.The Shadow
28th Nov 14 02:59:10Pac Man Fever
28th Nov 14 09:59:00Artistic License Medicine
28th Nov 14 09:45:21Artistic License Cars
28th Nov 14 09:39:31Artistic License Cars
28th Nov 14 09:38:30Artistic License Cars
10th Nov 14 06:06:27Celebrity Voice Actor
6th Nov 14 04:35:17Broken Base.Western Animation
5th Nov 14 07:41:40He Panned It Now He Sucks
5th Nov 14 07:37:25He Panned It Now He Sucks
28th Oct 14 08:21:19Characters.LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
10th May 13 04:37:47Western Animation.Arthur
10th May 13 02:50:23Rashomon Style
10th May 13 02:15:37Western Animation.Arthur
6th May 13 06:54:14Chewbacca Defense
3rd May 13 09:00:40Felony Misdemeanor
30th Apr 13 09:34:32Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Live Action TV
29th Apr 13 06:58:16Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Comic Books
25th Apr 13 03:25:01Small Taxonomy Pools
25th Apr 13 03:08:39Small Taxonomy Pools
24th Apr 13 07:53:33Straw Vulcan
24th Apr 13 07:49:17Straw Vulcan
23rd Apr 13 09:33:43Artistic License Religion
22nd Apr 13 09:06:39Historical In Joke
22nd Apr 13 08:42:11Historical In Joke
19th Apr 13 07:31:14Drugged Lipstick
19th Apr 13 07:30:31Drugged Lipstick
19th Apr 13 07:29:40Drugged Lipstick
19th Apr 13 06:37:31Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
18th Apr 13 05:36:27Artistic License Music
16th Apr 13 06:56:19Designated Villain
15th Apr 13 10:04:27Designated Villain
15th Apr 13 09:53:26Designated Villain
13th Apr 13 05:49:58Separated By A Common Language
13th Apr 13 05:48:39Separated By A Common Language
10th Apr 13 09:57:05Orphaned Etymology
9th Apr 13 06:10:47Artistic License History
7th Apr 13 07:09:49Artistic License Biology
30th Mar 13 09:35:52Headscratchers.Advertising
30th Mar 13 08:56:14The Scrappy.Advertising
7th Mar 13 07:06:05Were Still Relevant Dammit
22nd Jan 13 07:23:33Convection Schmonvection
2nd Jan 13 08:00:38Headscratchers.The Simpsons
2nd Jan 13 07:41:34Headscratchers.Family Guy
8th Dec 12 11:26:55Headscratchers.The Simpsons
8th Dec 12 11:23:35Headscratchers.The Simpsons
3rd Dec 12 05:43:47Western Animation.Open Season
2nd Dec 12 01:12:21Headscratchers.Sly Cooper
28th Nov 12 08:13:26Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here
24th Nov 12 09:13:21Headscratchers.General Real Life
24th Nov 12 08:33:41Headscratchers.Family Guy
24th Nov 12 08:12:43Headscratchers.Family Guy
24th Nov 12 08:04:17Headscratchers.The Simpsons
24th Nov 12 06:01:03Headscratchers.The Simpsons
24th Nov 12 05:35:29WMG.The Simpsons
24th Nov 12 05:34:50WMG.The Simpsons
24th Nov 12 05:31:17WMG.The Simpsons
24th Nov 12 05:13:29WMG.The Simpsons
23rd Nov 12 09:05:02The Simpsons.Tropes A To B
23rd Nov 12 07:27:07Video Game.Play Station All Stars Battle Royale
20th Nov 12 11:45:17Headscratchers.Kevin And Kell
19th Nov 12 07:31:35Dick Dastardly Stops To Cheat
19th Nov 12 07:30:15Dick Dastardly Stops To Cheat
18th Nov 12 12:58:42Genre Savvy.Real Life
18th Nov 12 08:55:18Headscratchers.Family Guy
18th Nov 12 08:36:33Headscratchers.Family Guy
18th Nov 12 07:40:05Headscratchers.Family Guy
18th Nov 12 06:24:12Headscratchers.Deadliest Warrior
10th Nov 12 07:45:47Headscratchers.Captain Planet And The Planeteers
28th Oct 12 10:53:57Headscratchers.Live Action TV
28th Oct 12 10:50:23Headscratchers.According To Jim