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21st Feb 18 12:45:19Guns Are Worthless
18th Feb 18 02:55:43Characters.Kill Six Billion Demons Throne
17th Feb 18 06:16:12Webcomic.Blackwidow Apocalypse
17th Feb 18 06:15:49Webcomic.Blackwidow Apocalypse
16th Feb 18 11:44:46Webcomic.Blackwidow Apocalypse
16th Feb 18 11:43:29Webcomic.Blackwidow Apocalypse
16th Feb 18 11:36:32Webcomic.Blackwidow Apocalypse
7th Feb 18 02:54:01Weapon Of Mass Destruction
6th Feb 18 12:28:48Star Crossed Lovers
4th Feb 18 12:41:44Boxed Crook
3rd Feb 18 01:06:48Leonine Contract
2nd Feb 18 06:59:07Talking Is A Free Action
2nd Feb 18 03:12:53Bodyguard Betrayal
2nd Feb 18 02:40:42Offing The Offspring
2nd Feb 18 01:45:04Star Crossed Lovers
2nd Feb 18 01:34:33Star Crossed Lovers
1st Feb 18 04:20:00Broken Pedestal
28th Jan 18 09:48:14Webcomic.Floraverse
27th Jan 18 09:02:26Portal Crossroad World
23rd Jan 18 12:15:56Resurrective Immortality
22nd Jan 18 11:14:05Webcomic.Stupid Short Eevee Comic
22nd Jan 18 06:38:02Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
21st Jan 18 07:54:44Video Game.Invisible Inc
21st Jan 18 06:48:37Nightmare Fuel.Fallen London
20th Jan 18 07:56:14Emergency Weapon
19th Jan 18 01:21:11Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
18th Jan 18 12:06:37Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
18th Jan 18 12:00:10Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
17th Jan 18 12:29:17Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
16th Jan 18 08:27:07Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
16th Jan 18 07:58:56Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
16th Jan 18 07:25:43Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
16th Jan 18 12:57:41Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
15th Jan 18 07:42:19Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
15th Jan 18 05:13:57House Of Broken Mirrors
15th Jan 18 05:13:01House Of Broken Mirrors
15th Jan 18 01:21:06Functional Magic
15th Jan 18 01:11:16Functional Magic
14th Jan 18 11:49:08Physical Religion
13th Jan 18 09:30:29Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
13th Jan 18 09:15:52Videogame.A House Of Many Doors
12th Jan 18 07:55:16Riches To Rags
10th Jan 18 07:21:37Crack Is Cheaper
10th Jan 18 04:21:46Hunter Of Monsters
7th Jan 18 11:15:00My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
7th Jan 18 11:06:55My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
7th Jan 18 11:02:14My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
7th Jan 18 10:54:12My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
4th Jan 18 06:00:52Fridge.Wonder Woman 2017
2nd Jan 18 02:23:13Videogame.Salt And Sanctuary
2nd Jan 18 02:11:12Videogame.Salt And Sanctuary
28th Dec 17 06:18:21Summon Bigger Fish
28th Dec 17 02:24:44Mobile Shrubbery
26th Dec 17 05:18:50Reality Ensues.Video Games
26th Dec 17 05:06:44Reality Ensues.Video Games
24th Dec 17 11:47:12Manga.Blood Blockade Battlefront
24th Dec 17 11:40:20Characters.Blood Blockade Battlefront
23rd Dec 17 04:29:40Zorro Mark
23rd Dec 17 04:27:27Zorro Mark
23rd Dec 17 04:21:31Superman Stays Out Of Gotham
20th Dec 17 04:15:11The Story That Never Was
20th Dec 17 03:44:02Webcomic.Aquapunk
20th Dec 17 03:43:53Webcomic.Aquapunk
20th Dec 17 03:40:52Webcomic.Aquapunk
19th Dec 17 11:53:23Characters.Path Of Exile
18th Dec 17 11:16:08Video Game.Detroit Become Human
18th Dec 17 11:12:29Video Game.Detroit Become Human
17th Dec 17 12:22:04Shrouded In Myth
15th Dec 17 05:18:30Facial Composite Failure
14th Dec 17 09:52:17Weaponized Exhaust
4th Dec 17 08:33:27Our Mermaids Are Different
3rd Dec 17 09:55:07WMG.RWBY
2nd Dec 17 03:16:19Pass The Popcorn
2nd Dec 17 02:44:21Cult Colony
2nd Dec 17 02:17:55Cult Colony
21st Nov 17 05:31:41Webcomic.Oddity Woods
20th Nov 17 05:20:24BFG
17th Nov 17 04:11:12Humans Are The Real Monsters.Video Games
12th Nov 17 08:59:30Horrible Judge Of Character
12th Nov 17 08:56:27Horrible Judge Of Character
11th Nov 17 07:06:21La Resistance.Video Games
11th Nov 17 07:05:21La Resistance.Video Games
9th Nov 17 01:00:35Webcomic.Aquapunk
9th Nov 17 12:27:52Webcomic.Aquapunk
7th Nov 17 08:56:20No Blood For Phlebotinum
7th Nov 17 03:05:28Video Game.Tooth And Tail
5th Nov 17 11:28:04Canon Character All Along
5th Nov 17 10:17:45Video Game.Tooth And Tail
5th Nov 17 01:16:27Webcomic.Oddity Woods
5th Nov 17 12:39:18Broken Ace
31st Oct 17 08:15:56Immoral Reality Show
31st Oct 17 05:54:34Video Game.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
31st Oct 17 04:11:59WMG.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
31st Oct 17 03:06:13Funny.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
31st Oct 17 01:48:21Characters.Starcraft Terran Dominion
29th Oct 17 05:41:58Webcomic.Floraverse
29th Oct 17 04:15:05Deliberate Values Dissonance
27th Oct 17 03:56:36Will Not Tell A Lie
27th Oct 17 03:55:30Will Not Tell A Lie
26th Oct 17 07:24:36Tranquil Fury
26th Oct 17 07:05:48Revenge Through Corruption
26th Oct 17 05:28:08Characters.Wolfenstein Allies
26th Oct 17 05:25:12Video Game.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
24th Oct 17 06:48:00Webcomic.Six Gun Mage
23rd Oct 17 10:55:33Loan Shark
23rd Oct 17 06:10:00Fridge.Game Of Thrones
22nd Oct 17 01:49:24Well Intentioned Extremist.Video Games
19th Oct 17 03:00:08Characters.Game Of Thrones Daenerys Court
17th Oct 17 11:25:38Poisonous Friend
17th Oct 17 09:39:10Poisonous Friend
17th Oct 17 07:50:17Characters.South Park The Fractured But Whole
17th Oct 17 07:25:51Video Game.South Park The Fractured But Whole
16th Oct 17 02:19:51Video Game.South Park The Fractured But Whole
16th Oct 17 02:37:39RP Gs Equal Combat
15th Oct 17 05:37:05Video Game.Middle Earth Shadow Of War
15th Oct 17 05:22:36Video Game.Middle Earth Shadow Of War
15th Oct 17 03:12:05Even The Subtitler Is Stumped
14th Oct 17 09:56:14The Resenter
14th Oct 17 09:52:31The Resenter
14th Oct 17 09:47:17The Resenter
14th Oct 17 01:37:32Nightmare Fuel.Cross Ange
14th Oct 17 01:15:00Wutai
13th Oct 17 02:36:56Dimension Lord
10th Oct 17 07:20:00Concealment Equals Cover
10th Oct 17 02:44:31Tear Jerker.Middle Earth Shadow Of War
10th Oct 17 01:44:30Video Game.Middle Earth Shadow Of War
9th Oct 17 02:36:58Webcomic.Daily Grind
7th Oct 17 02:56:09Manga.Magi Labyrinth Of Magic
4th Oct 17 11:10:00Low Fantasy
4th Oct 17 09:29:58Vorpal Pillow
4th Oct 17 05:39:26Webcomic.The Lettersofthe Devil
3rd Oct 17 04:56:07Characters.Let It Die
3rd Oct 17 04:45:53Video Game.Let It Die
3rd Oct 17 04:44:53Video Game.Let It Die
3rd Oct 17 03:58:14Screw Politeness Im A Senior
2nd Oct 17 12:03:13Game Of Thrones.Tropes C To D
1st Oct 17 11:56:55Game Of Thrones.Tropes C To D
1st Oct 17 11:54:19Game Of Thrones.Tropes C To D
1st Oct 17 09:11:26Four Leaf Clover
1st Oct 17 08:58:38Sticks To The Back
1st Oct 17 08:58:37Sticks To The Back
30th Sep 17 07:38:31The Last Thing You Ever See
29th Sep 17 10:05:17Webcomic.Poppy O Possum
28th Sep 17 11:20:51Webcomic.Daily Grind
28th Sep 17 11:19:53Webcomic.Daily Grind
28th Sep 17 10:51:51Nepotism
28th Sep 17 06:42:23Destructive Teleportation
28th Sep 17 06:24:03Video Game.Heat Signature
28th Sep 17 06:18:23Video Game.Heat Signature
28th Sep 17 05:26:11The Secret Of Long Pork Pies
28th Sep 17 05:25:28The Secret Of Long Pork Pies
26th Sep 17 07:24:14Video Game.Heat Signature
26th Sep 17 07:11:10Video Game.Heat Signature
26th Sep 17 07:03:15Velvet Revolution
24th Sep 17 11:13:38Dump Stat
24th Sep 17 06:50:09Bittersweet Ending.Video Games
24th Sep 17 05:20:19Characters.Kill Six Billion Demons Demons
24th Sep 17 05:07:50Characters.Kill Six Billion Demons Demons
24th Sep 17 02:44:11Undead Child
24th Sep 17 12:55:29Ghost Planet
24th Sep 17 12:47:29The Wall Around The World
23rd Sep 17 06:44:21WMG.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
23rd Sep 17 05:28:25Condemned Contestant
23rd Sep 17 05:01:58Webcomic.Foxy Flavored Cookie
23rd Sep 17 02:15:59Esoteric Happy Ending
23rd Sep 17 02:08:57Broken Ace
23rd Sep 17 02:08:21Broken Ace
22nd Sep 17 06:45:43Webcomic.Kill Six Billion Demons
22nd Sep 17 03:15:50Broken Ace
22nd Sep 17 03:03:08Broken Ace
22nd Sep 17 02:51:43Broken Ace
20th Sep 17 04:09:48Crippling Overspecialization
17th Sep 17 08:27:41Crippling Overspecialization
17th Sep 17 08:25:03Creative Sterility
17th Sep 17 08:13:23Creative Sterility
17th Sep 17 08:08:31Creative Sterility
17th Sep 17 04:49:03Ignored Epiphany
16th Sep 17 08:45:00Out Of Continues
15th Sep 17 03:48:16It Is Beyond Saving
15th Sep 17 03:45:12It Is Beyond Saving
15th Sep 17 03:42:04It Is Beyond Saving
15th Sep 17 02:06:26WMG.Game Of Thrones Unconfirmed
14th Sep 17 03:28:23Killer Rabbit.Video Games
14th Sep 17 02:50:14The Man In Front Of The Man
13th Sep 17 01:55:51WMG.Middle Earth Shadow Of War
13th Sep 17 01:41:06WMG.Middle Earth Shadow Of War
12th Sep 17 06:48:29Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Video Games
12th Sep 17 02:35:54Cargo Cult
12th Sep 17 07:07:16WMG.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
12th Sep 17 06:52:18WMG.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
12th Sep 17 06:34:22Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto Us
12th Sep 17 06:32:14Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto Us
10th Sep 17 09:32:19Webcomic.Dresden Codak
9th Sep 17 09:09:42Video Game.Destiny 2
9th Sep 17 09:04:52Video Game.Destiny 2
8th Sep 17 02:51:21Poor Communication Kills.Live Action TV
8th Sep 17 02:50:50Poor Communication Kills.Live Action TV
8th Sep 17 01:30:48You Cant Go Home Again.Video Games
7th Sep 17 10:01:10Help Yourself In The Future
5th Sep 17 10:55:35Series.The Orville
5th Sep 17 07:46:55Video Game.The End Times Vermintide
5th Sep 17 07:39:07Casual Danger Dialog
4th Sep 17 05:29:01Web Animation.RWBY Chibi
2nd Sep 17 08:21:34Characters.Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
2nd Sep 17 08:19:14Characters.Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
2nd Sep 17 05:16:56Hero With An F In Good
2nd Sep 17 01:09:54Characters.Kubera
2nd Sep 17 01:09:00Characters.Kubera
30th Aug 17 07:04:22The Ending Changes Everything
29th Aug 17 01:13:13Video Game.Hatred
27th Aug 17 05:10:46Literature.Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
26th Aug 17 09:53:07WMG.Kill Six Billion Demons
26th Aug 17 09:49:18WMG.Kill Six Billion Demons
24th Aug 17 08:27:47Psychological Projection
24th Aug 17 08:23:34Psychological Projection
24th Aug 17 08:08:56Zero Percent Approval Rating
24th Aug 17 01:40:52Superpowered Evil Side
22nd Aug 17 09:33:22Characters.Game Of Thrones Supernatural Beings
17th Aug 17 02:14:04Characters.The Magicians 2016
17th Aug 17 01:28:34Characters.The Magicians 2016
17th Aug 17 01:21:36Series.The Magicians 2016
16th Aug 17 06:55:49War For Fun And Profit
14th Aug 17 10:10:51Mix And Match Weapon
14th Aug 17 08:02:53Critical Failure
13th Aug 17 02:20:07Video Game.Fallen London
12th Aug 17 06:34:42Anyone Can Die.Video Games
12th Aug 17 05:25:34WMG.GARO The Animation
10th Aug 17 05:30:58Percussive Pickpocket
10th Aug 17 03:21:11The Bad Guy Wins.Video Games
8th Aug 17 01:25:54Beneficial Disease
6th Aug 17 09:25:38Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
6th Aug 17 01:52:42Video Game.Headlander
6th Aug 17 01:51:41Video Game.Headlander
5th Aug 17 07:15:02Overdrawn At The Blood Bank
5th Aug 17 07:14:27Overdrawn At The Blood Bank
4th Aug 17 02:39:48Try To Fit That On A Business Card
3rd Aug 17 05:17:10The Quisling
2nd Aug 17 02:11:32Kill The God
2nd Aug 17 01:40:41Horrifying The Horror
2nd Aug 17 01:18:54Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
30th Jul 17 09:03:52Metaphorically True
28th Jul 17 04:54:25Webcomic.The Lettersofthe Devil
28th Jul 17 04:27:40Witch Hunt
28th Jul 17 02:46:30Tall Poppy Syndrome
28th Jul 17 02:26:50Light Novel.Classroom Of The Elite
28th Jul 17 02:26:26Light Novel.Classroom Of The Elite
28th Jul 17 02:23:22Light Novel.Classroom Of The Elite
28th Jul 17 01:51:17Gods Need Prayer Badly
28th Jul 17 01:45:57God Before Dogma
28th Jul 17 01:43:02God Before Dogma
28th Jul 17 01:40:08God Before Dogma
26th Jul 17 11:17:10Nightmare Fuel.Unsounded
26th Jul 17 03:59:37Video Game.Our Darker Purpose
25th Jul 17 09:37:48Wham Line.Video Games
25th Jul 17 03:45:15Surrounded By Idiots
24th Jul 17 01:31:50Fascist But Inefficient
23rd Jul 17 06:47:27Film.The Belko Experiment
23rd Jul 17 01:34:23Jaywalking Will Ruin Your Life
22nd Jul 17 05:12:24Hiding Behind Religion
22nd Jul 17 12:08:50Characters.Fallen London
21st Jul 17 01:47:21Backstory Horror
21st Jul 17 01:36:29Career Ending Injury
20th Jul 17 08:35:13Video Game.Tooth And Tail
19th Jul 17 11:04:28Video Game.Fallout
19th Jul 17 08:08:32Video Game.Tooth And Tail
19th Jul 17 08:02:51Video Game.Tooth And Tail
19th Jul 17 12:36:38Webcomic.Unsounded
19th Jul 17 12:36:16Webcomic.Unsounded
18th Jul 17 09:30:37Full Circle Revolution
18th Jul 17 09:16:48Video Game.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
17th Jul 17 05:02:21Badass Normal.Video Games
17th Jul 17 04:48:50Badass Normal.Comic Books
17th Jul 17 04:07:03Off The Rails
17th Jul 17 03:27:17Daylight Horror
17th Jul 17 03:21:57Daylight Horror
17th Jul 17 01:53:10Forced To Watch
16th Jul 17 08:28:39Horrible Judge Of Character
16th Jul 17 07:45:38Dying Candle
16th Jul 17 07:23:51Kingmaker Scenario
16th Jul 17 06:53:27Kingmaker Scenario
16th Jul 17 01:39:48X On A Stick
16th Jul 17 01:39:24X On A Stick
15th Jul 17 10:42:04Mechanical Lifeforms
15th Jul 17 03:39:39Horse Of A Different Color
14th Jul 17 04:32:34Meaningless Villain Victory
14th Jul 17 02:29:14Video Game.Eat Lead The Return Of Matt Hazard
14th Jul 17 02:17:13Actually Thats My Assistant
14th Jul 17 12:21:15The First Cut Is The Deepest
14th Jul 17 12:16:01The First Cut Is The Deepest
12th Jul 17 11:28:44Deliberately Cute Child
12th Jul 17 11:26:41Deliberately Cute Child
12th Jul 17 11:25:22Deliberately Cute Child
12th Jul 17 11:21:23Death Of A Child
12th Jul 17 11:13:32Death Of A Child
12th Jul 17 11:07:50Inspirational Martyr
12th Jul 17 11:02:09Webcomic.Anti Bunny
12th Jul 17 10:59:43Webcomic.Anti Bunny
12th Jul 17 10:56:26Webcomic.Anti Bunny
12th Jul 17 10:56:02Webcomic.Anti Bunny
11th Jul 17 10:06:57Video Game.Psychonauts 2
11th Jul 17 10:06:14Video Game.Psychonauts 2
11th Jul 17 07:28:17Starving Artist
9th Jul 17 09:58:55Inherent In The System
9th Jul 17 09:19:33I Just Want To Have Friends
8th Jul 17 10:05:34Contract On The Hitman
7th Jul 17 09:49:09Pater Familicide
6th Jul 17 11:55:24Video Game.Agents Of Mayhem
6th Jul 17 06:08:54Emotion Eater
6th Jul 17 04:25:54Unexpected Successor
5th Jul 17 04:09:11Kangaroo Court.Web Comics
3rd Jul 17 01:50:20Its The Only Way To Be Sure
2nd Jul 17 11:37:05Gender Rarity Value
2nd Jul 17 09:30:18Decided By One Vote
2nd Jul 17 09:22:02Landslide Election
2nd Jul 17 08:47:08Video Game.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
2nd Jul 17 08:46:55Video Game.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
2nd Jul 17 08:46:17Video Game.Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
2nd Jul 17 01:14:26Characters.Darkest Dungeon
28th Jun 17 08:41:03Characters.Darkest Dungeon
27th Jun 17 01:15:38Characters.Bendy And The Ink Machine
25th Jun 17 08:09:14Video Game.Crackdown
25th Jun 17 06:34:15Break The Believer
24th Jun 17 02:22:49Two Plus Torture Makes Five
20th Jun 17 07:37:11Screwed By The Network.Video Games
20th Jun 17 07:26:52Screwed By The Network.Video Games
20th Jun 17 03:18:01Klingon Promotion
20th Jun 17 03:06:09Klingon Promotion
11th Jun 17 10:57:25Video Game.Crackdown
11th Jun 17 10:38:46Video Game.Crackdown
11th Jun 17 10:38:02Video Game.Crackdown
11th Jun 17 09:47:52Video Game.The Last Night
10th Jun 17 01:06:39YMMV.Bloodborne
10th Jun 17 12:40:56YMMV.Bloodborne
7th Jun 17 10:13:00Never My Fault
6th Jun 17 05:24:44Confusion Fu
6th Jun 17 05:22:30Confusion Fu
5th Jun 17 09:58:15Dont Wake The Sleeper
5th Jun 17 12:01:53Characters.Bloodborne Characters From The Old Hunters
4th Jun 17 07:08:05Awesome.Broodhollow
4th Jun 17 07:07:18Characters.Broodhollow
4th Jun 17 06:48:16Characters.Broodhollow
4th Jun 17 06:43:36WMG.Broodhollow
2nd Jun 17 01:07:32Webcomic.Dresden Codak
1st Jun 17 08:03:50Inferred Holocaust
25th May 17 06:32:07Video Game.The Deadly Tower Of Monsters
24th May 17 12:47:38Destructive Saviour
23rd May 17 09:34:34Deadline News
23rd May 17 08:03:56Series.The Man In The High Castle
23rd May 17 01:26:43Characters.The Man In The High Castle Series
21st May 17 02:50:46WMG.Samurai Jack Jack
21st May 17 02:44:18WMG.Samurai Jack Jack
21st May 17 12:46:12What An Idiot.God Of War Series
19th May 17 12:41:49Sword Of Damocles
18th May 17 11:31:09Video Game.Destiny 2
18th May 17 06:28:47Magical Abortion
18th May 17 06:15:23Unwanted Assistance
17th May 17 09:02:41Spider Tank
16th May 17 02:10:08Characters.Starcraft Taldarim
15th May 17 02:14:43The Horseshoe Effect
13th May 17 11:52:16Death Glare
13th May 17 11:41:04Noahs Story Arc
13th May 17 11:34:17Precursor Worship
13th May 17 11:27:56Precursor Worship
9th May 17 05:48:01Video Game.The Flame In The Flood
9th May 17 04:36:21Video Game.The Flame In The Flood
7th May 17 05:13:54Driven By Envy
4th May 17 12:04:37Moral Luck
4th May 17 12:03:32Moral Luck
4th May 17 10:28:09Film.Guardians
4th May 17 01:35:20High Pressure Blood
4th May 17 01:11:04Genre Blindness
2nd May 17 01:23:13What Is One Mans Life In Comparison
2nd May 17 01:12:25Yank The Dogs Chain
1st May 17 09:22:58Video Game.Medieval Cop
1st May 17 07:08:26Butter Face
1st May 17 07:08:09Butter Face
1st May 17 04:57:31Armor Of Invincibility
29th Apr 17 08:54:40Author Tract
29th Apr 17 01:24:43The Cracker
28th Apr 17 11:23:29Growing The Beard.Video Games
28th Apr 17 08:05:54Appropriated Appellation
28th Apr 17 08:03:36Appropriated Appellation
28th Apr 17 07:43:52Warfare Regression
28th Apr 17 12:48:50WMG.Horizon Zero Dawn
27th Apr 17 04:21:24Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Video Games
27th Apr 17 03:35:37Evil All Along
27th Apr 17 03:12:05Wham Episode.Video Games
27th Apr 17 11:03:50All Crimes Are Equal
27th Apr 17 10:50:11Our Centaurs Are Different
26th Apr 17 06:02:50Science Fantasy
26th Apr 17 12:32:46The Man Behind The Man
26th Apr 17 01:11:50Humans Are The Real Monsters.Video Games
26th Apr 17 01:11:12Humans Are The Real Monsters.Video Games
25th Apr 17 10:57:43Genocide Dilemma
25th Apr 17 12:17:56Eat The Dog
23rd Apr 17 10:42:11Webcomic.The Fourth
23rd Apr 17 05:35:46Cow Tools
22nd Apr 17 12:52:47All Deaths Final
22nd Apr 17 12:31:32Awesome.Flipside
21st Apr 17 08:10:52Hoist By His Own Petard.Video Games