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14th Oct 14 08:52:15Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
14th Oct 14 08:45:27Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
14th Oct 14 08:43:27Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
14th Oct 14 08:42:24Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
14th Oct 14 07:41:41Insult To Rocks
13th Oct 14 03:54:05They Just Didnt Care
13th Oct 14 03:52:51They Just Didnt Care
11th Oct 14 12:14:03Headscratchers.Family Guy S 13 E 1 The Simpsons Guy
11th Oct 14 06:04:59Funny.Gravity Falls
9th Oct 14 08:07:08Shared Universe
7th Oct 14 05:07:50Headscratchers.Family Guy S 13 E 1 The Simpsons Guy
7th Oct 14 04:57:43Nonstandard Character Design
2nd Oct 14 02:21:37WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting Shared Universes
30th Sep 14 05:52:30Art Shift
30th Sep 14 05:51:14Art Shift
29th Sep 14 01:46:32Series.St Elsewhere
27th Sep 14 08:03:02Reference Overdosed
27th Sep 14 07:58:14Reference Overdosed
20th Sep 14 06:31:03Creator.Christopher Hitchens
12th Sep 14 02:23:20Lawyer Friendly Cameo
12th Sep 14 01:32:48Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
9th Sep 14 03:15:19Irony
7th Sep 14 04:22:31Flat Earth Atheist
7th Sep 14 06:40:02Critic Proof
4th Sep 14 07:24:37Everything Talks
31st Aug 14 02:38:22B Izarro Episode
31st Aug 14 02:37:33B Izarro Episode
31st Aug 14 02:33:43Magic Realism
31st Aug 14 02:32:14Film.Live And Let Die
31st Aug 14 02:29:01Gainax Ending
31st Aug 14 02:22:28Gainax Ending
31st Aug 14 08:20:56Everything Talks
31st Aug 14 08:18:03Everything Talks
20th Aug 14 05:09:27Shared Universe
14th Aug 14 02:31:56Magic Realism
11th Aug 14 01:37:48Mike Nelson Destroyer Of Worlds
11th Aug 14 01:31:05Anime.Dragonball Z Battle Of Gods
9th Aug 14 04:04:04Irony
9th Aug 14 01:48:33Anime.Dragonball Z Battle Of Gods
5th Aug 14 06:28:22WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting Shared Universes
4th Aug 14 07:13:14Labcoat Of Science And Medicine
1st Aug 14 07:40:20Easy Road To Hell
1st Aug 14 07:40:02Easy Road To Hell
1st Aug 14 03:24:28My Little Phony
1st Aug 14 03:16:44My Little Phony
1st Aug 14 02:34:31Death By Irony
22nd Jul 14 01:35:30Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
17th Jul 14 02:34:22Superman Stays Out Of Gotham
17th Jul 14 02:33:30Superman Stays Out Of Gotham
17th Jul 14 02:10:45Shared Universe
17th Jul 14 02:08:55Shared Universe
27th Jun 14 07:59:05Headscratchers.SOUTHPARK
27th Jun 14 07:55:45Headscratchers.SOUTHPARK
24th Jun 14 08:00:33Superman Stays Out Of Gotham
23rd Jun 14 09:25:54Redundant Parody
22nd Jun 14 02:14:20Dueling Stars Movie
21st Jun 14 07:43:21WMG.Freddy Vsjason
21st Jun 14 07:35:28Gainax Ending
14th Jun 14 04:33:40Urban Legends
14th Jun 14 04:28:04Urban Legends
14th Jun 14 01:28:51Failure Is The Only Option
14th Jun 14 01:27:49Failure Is The Only Option
11th Jun 14 01:21:20Help Im Stuck
11th Jun 14 01:20:49Help Im Stuck
10th Jun 14 02:01:33Shared Universe
10th Jun 14 01:59:17Shared Universe
6th Jun 14 05:17:40Out Gambitted
6th Jun 14 05:16:19Out Gambitted
4th Jun 14 12:54:46Famous Last Words.Film A To D
4th Jun 14 12:54:23Famous Last Words.Film A To D
4th Jun 14 12:53:44Famous Last Words.Film A To D
4th Jun 14 12:53:13Famous Last Words.Film A To D
4th Jun 14 12:14:59Divided For Publication
3rd Jun 14 07:47:52Book Ends.Film
3rd Jun 14 07:41:03Film.Two Thousand One A Space Odyssey
3rd Jun 14 01:29:35YMMV.Bobobobobobobo
2nd Jun 14 04:04:14Out Gambitted
2nd Jun 14 03:51:23Out Gambitted
2nd Jun 14 03:50:00Out Gambitted
2nd Jun 14 03:45:58Out Gambitted
30th May 14 08:26:31Shared Universe
30th May 14 06:48:06WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting Shared Universes
29th May 14 07:37:46Shared Universe
29th May 14 03:59:17Shared Universe
29th May 14 03:58:49Shared Universe
29th May 14 10:04:53Spiritual Licensee
28th May 14 12:52:43Story Breaker Team Up
28th May 14 12:51:34Story Breaker Team Up
27th May 14 06:47:13Broken Aesop
27th May 14 06:40:55Recap.The Nostalgia Critic S 7 E 3
27th May 14 11:19:41Killer Cop
27th May 14 11:19:03Killer Cop
26th May 14 11:00:52Urban Legends
26th May 14 10:57:20Urban Legends
25th May 14 12:56:40Recap.The Nostalgia Critic S 6 E 16
23rd May 14 02:30:00Death Activated Superpower
22nd May 14 01:46:59Creative Differences
22nd May 14 01:45:01Creative Differences
22nd May 14 01:44:04Creative Differences
22nd May 14 01:39:15Development Gag
22nd May 14 10:30:37Saw A Woman In Half
20th May 14 04:59:24Jenny Everywhere
20th May 14 04:58:29Interpretative Character
20th May 14 04:57:32Interpretative Character
18th May 14 07:33:20Funny.Godzilla 2014
18th May 14 07:32:51Funny.Godzilla 2014
14th May 14 11:16:08Quotes.The Power Of Legacy
12th May 14 07:49:16Arch Enemy.Web Original
12th May 14 07:22:26Cross Over.Comics
11th May 14 12:17:46Viewers In Mourning
11th May 14 07:26:54Arch Enemy.Web Original
8th May 14 02:45:09Amazing Technicolor Population
8th May 14 02:29:06Urban Legends
5th May 14 06:49:53Hates Everyone Equally
5th May 14 06:46:58Hates Everyone Equally
4th May 14 07:24:40Urban Legends
3rd May 14 07:42:26Literature.The Grapes Of Wrath
3rd May 14 07:41:04Urban Legends
30th Apr 14 08:05:08Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
30th Apr 14 08:03:06Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
26th Apr 14 12:47:15Urban Legends
26th Apr 14 12:45:15Urban Legends
26th Apr 14 12:35:20WMG.Aladdin
24th Apr 14 02:46:52Multiple Endings
24th Apr 14 02:45:56Multiple Endings
24th Apr 14 02:40:45Off With His Head
24th Apr 14 02:35:29Achilles Heel
21st Apr 14 02:24:56Shared Universe
21st Apr 14 01:32:03A Wizard Did It
21st Apr 14 01:30:59A Wizard Did It
21st Apr 14 01:30:59A Wizard Did It
21st Apr 14 01:30:59A Wizard Did It
17th Apr 14 07:49:54Irony
17th Apr 14 07:48:31Irony
11th Apr 14 01:30:54Curbstomp Cushion
11th Apr 14 01:29:41Curbstomp Cushion
10th Apr 14 07:11:48Lampshade Hanging.Western Animation
10th Apr 14 07:05:14Cutaway Gag
9th Apr 14 02:37:54Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
9th Apr 14 02:35:59Shallow Parody
9th Apr 14 02:33:38Broken Aesop
26th Mar 14 03:54:58Sad Clown
26th Mar 14 03:54:16Sad Clown
26th Mar 14 03:50:46Quotes.Creator Backlash
19th Mar 14 04:42:54Irony
19th Mar 14 04:17:09Headscratchers.Garfield
19th Mar 14 03:44:05Urban Legends
19th Mar 14 03:40:20Urban Legend Of Zelda
19th Mar 14 03:38:17Urban Legend Of Zelda
19th Mar 14 03:35:30Urban Legends
18th Mar 14 05:45:03Long Title
15th Mar 14 12:43:15Funny.Wikipedia
15th Mar 14 06:08:34Signature Scene
14th Mar 14 07:15:10Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
13th Mar 14 07:12:36Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
13th Mar 14 05:25:58Never Mess With Granny
7th Feb 14 08:17:37YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
7th Feb 14 08:14:38YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
7th Feb 14 08:11:46YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
7th Feb 14 08:02:23Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
7th Feb 14 07:26:48Audience Alienating Premise
5th Feb 14 02:16:39Ms Fanservice.Video Games
4th Feb 14 03:26:09Signature Scene
4th Feb 14 07:11:12Funny.The Nostalgia Critic 2013 Episodes
31st Jan 14 06:40:08Unfortunate Names.Literature
29th Jan 14 07:56:35Audience Alienating Premise
29th Jan 14 07:54:53YMMV.Afganisu Tan
27th Jan 14 05:52:03Heartwarming.The Nostalgia Critic
22nd Jan 14 02:34:48Missing Episode.Web Original
21st Jan 14 05:41:56I Have Many Names
20th Jan 14 03:58:36Caligulas Horse
17th Jan 14 08:14:57Overly Long Name.Real Life
17th Jan 14 08:13:41Overly Long Name.Real Life
17th Jan 14 03:19:04Quotes.Hollywood Atheist
17th Jan 14 03:07:57Quotes.Creator Backlash
17th Jan 14 03:07:33Quotes.Creator Backlash
17th Jan 14 02:48:31Sad Clown
17th Jan 14 02:45:48Sad Clown
17th Jan 14 02:37:53Sad Clown
17th Jan 14 02:37:33Sad Clown
14th Jan 14 02:33:51Feel No Pain
14th Jan 14 02:20:58Better Than It Sounds.Film L
3rd Jan 14 04:28:46Glove Slap
1st Jan 14 07:55:57Deserted Island
1st Jan 14 03:39:28Redundant Parody
1st Jan 14 03:36:22Redundant Parody
17th Dec 13 07:25:09Funny.Doug Walker
14th Dec 13 09:19:05Western Animation.Robot Chicken
14th Dec 13 09:17:33Names The Same.Real Vs Fictional
12th Dec 13 02:30:46Film.Life Is Beautiful
12th Dec 13 02:29:39Spiritual Successor.Film
8th Dec 13 12:54:08Creator.Roger Ebert
8th Dec 13 12:52:50He Panned It Now He Sucks
8th Dec 13 12:51:41He Panned It Now He Sucks
29th Nov 13 07:48:38Creator Backlash
24th Nov 13 01:38:49Chewbacca Defense
23rd Nov 13 06:36:14The Corrupter
17th Nov 13 08:18:13Shaggy Dog Story
16th Nov 13 08:04:44Critical Research Failure
9th Nov 13 08:17:29Critical Research Failure
9th Nov 13 07:17:36Critical Research Failure
4th Nov 13 04:54:07First Installment Wins
4th Nov 13 02:30:56Forever War
4th Nov 13 02:27:28Forever War
3rd Nov 13 12:21:52I Have Many Names
28th Oct 13 09:58:35Weakened By The Light
28th Oct 13 09:03:26WMG.Dilbert
28th Oct 13 08:50:58Inexplicably Identical Individuals
28th Oct 13 08:50:16Inexplicably Identical Individuals
28th Oct 13 08:40:13Recurring Extra
27th Oct 13 06:41:35Names The Same.Real Life
23rd Oct 13 10:49:35WMG.Epic Rap Battles Of History
22nd Oct 13 12:24:33Irony
22nd Oct 13 12:21:23Irony
22nd Oct 13 08:54:02Too Happy To Live
22nd Oct 13 08:53:33Literature.Bridge To Terabithia
22nd Oct 13 08:52:37Too Happy To Live
22nd Oct 13 07:41:59Serial Escalation.Film
17th Oct 13 09:34:01Horrible Hollywood
4th Oct 13 02:10:20I Have Many Names
19th Sep 13 07:55:58Always A Bigger Fish
18th Sep 13 03:19:00Boss Arena Idiocy
15th Sep 13 08:13:48I Have Many Names
13th Sep 13 02:56:51Even Nerds Have Standards
13th Sep 13 02:56:10Even Nerds Have Standards
12th Sep 13 10:49:38WMG.James Bond
12th Sep 13 10:46:37Jossed
11th Sep 13 07:46:45Long Title
11th Sep 13 07:46:03Long Title
11th Sep 13 07:44:40Long Title
11th Sep 13 07:29:53Long Title
11th Sep 13 04:07:34Web Video.The Annoying Orange
11th Sep 13 04:05:29Enemy Mine.Comic Books
11th Sep 13 07:41:04YMMV.Brazil
11th Sep 13 07:38:50YMMV.Siskel And Ebert
11th Sep 13 07:26:44Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs
10th Sep 13 01:53:31What Do You Mean Its Not Political
6th Sep 13 08:41:14Famous Last Words.Real Life
2nd Sep 13 12:47:26Arch Enemy
30th Aug 13 10:13:21Quotes.I Want My Beloved To Be Happy
30th Aug 13 10:07:30Tear Jerker.Pop Music
30th Aug 13 10:05:42Tear Jerker.Pop Music
30th Aug 13 07:42:58Shared Universe
25th Aug 13 07:11:47WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Mane Characters
22nd Aug 13 01:30:51WMG.The Smurfs
15th Aug 13 03:46:50Continuity Snarl
15th Aug 13 03:43:31Continuity Snarl
15th Aug 13 03:21:45Fake Crossover
5th Aug 13 03:55:01Headscratchers.The Phantom Menace
30th Jul 13 06:31:49Creator.Christopher Hitchens
30th Jul 13 06:31:08The Mean Brit
30th Jul 13 04:03:05Headscratchers.The Phantom Menace
30th Jul 13 03:56:07Headscratchers.The Phantom Menace
28th Jul 13 07:10:22WMG.The Nostalgia Critic
28th Jul 13 07:09:00Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
27th Jul 13 05:00:16WMG.The Tick
17th Jul 13 02:11:58Adaptational Villainy.Live-Action Films
14th Jul 13 06:38:13Reciprocal Fiction Paradox
6th Jul 13 07:15:37WMG.Salad Fingers
29th Jun 13 12:46:12Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
24th Jun 13 07:35:04Headscratchers.The Secret Of NIMH
14th Jun 13 07:50:24Nightmare Fuel.Man Of Steel
9th Jun 13 12:20:07Headscratchers.The Giver
9th Jun 13 12:18:31Headscratchers.The Giver
4th Jun 13 01:07:51Rapid Fire Comedy
3rd Jun 13 02:13:26Tomato In The Mirror
29th May 13 02:08:49Old Shame.Film
17th May 13 01:06:07Good With Numbers
13th May 13 02:33:35WMG.The Wizard Of Oz
13th May 13 02:27:06Umpteenth Customer
13th May 13 02:08:27Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Western Animation
13th May 13 01:27:16They Copied It So It Sucks
9th May 13 07:58:18Sincerest Form Of Flattery
9th May 13 07:50:19Approval Of God
8th May 13 08:44:05South Park.Tropes A-D
8th May 13 06:30:25Too Soon
2nd May 13 07:24:47Western Animation.Cow And Chicken
2nd May 13 07:16:44Irony
2nd May 13 07:13:09Death By Irony
28th Apr 13 07:36:29Renaissance Man
26th Apr 13 02:27:04Sad Clown
26th Apr 13 02:24:32Sad Clown
23rd Apr 13 05:41:39Broke The Rating Scale
23rd Apr 13 05:40:40Broke The Rating Scale
23rd Apr 13 05:24:34Quotes.Long Runners
23rd Apr 13 05:23:53Quotes.Long Runners
23rd Apr 13 05:20:55Hypocritical Humor
23rd Apr 13 05:18:51Hypocritical Humor
21st Apr 13 11:38:41WMG.Pinky And The Brain
16th Apr 13 07:23:30Cult Classic
16th Apr 13 07:10:09Western Animation.Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog
16th Apr 13 07:07:51Cult Classic
16th Apr 13 07:07:00Cult Classic
11th Apr 13 02:55:47Failure Is The Only Option
11th Apr 13 02:42:51Failure Is The Only Option
11th Apr 13 02:15:52You And What Army
11th Apr 13 01:31:25Weirdness Magnet
21st Feb 13 01:53:27Planet Of Hats
21st Feb 13 01:52:13Planet Of Hats
21st Feb 13 05:19:58Web Animation.Pony Dot Mov
26th Jan 13 08:38:49Negative Continuity
19th Jan 13 08:36:14Funny.Robot Chicken
17th Jan 13 02:11:58The Silent Bob
16th Jan 13 03:01:31Horrible.Film
13th Jan 13 03:39:19Sad Clown
13th Jan 13 03:37:39Fridge.Naruto
9th Jan 13 02:31:48Missing Episode.Film
9th Jan 13 01:53:45Ho Yay.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
6th Jan 13 07:47:23Bad Is Good And Good Is Bad