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5th Jun 13 05:08:32Film.The Fast And The Furious
5th Jun 13 04:58:11Asspull
5th Jun 13 12:06:27Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
5th Jun 13 12:01:32Asspull
5th Jun 13 11:55:30Music.Fear Factory
5th Jun 13 11:41:34Film.Zero Dark Thirty
5th Jun 13 11:35:57Video Game.No One Has To Die
5th Jun 13 03:42:41YMMV.Mass Effect 3
5th Jun 13 03:28:42Well Intentioned Extremist.Video Games
5th Jun 13 02:27:35Videogame.Bio Shock Infinite
5th Jun 13 01:22:00Video Game.Watch Dogs
5th Jun 13 01:21:23Video Game.Remember Me
5th Jun 13 12:31:50Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
4th Jun 13 11:56:24Strawman U
4th Jun 13 11:20:36Film.The Wrestler
4th Jun 13 11:02:19Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
4th Jun 13 10:16:01YMMV.Hark A Vagrant
4th Jun 13 08:34:27Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
4th Jun 13 08:19:27YMMV.Touhou
4th Jun 13 08:19:04YMMV.Touhou
4th Jun 13 08:03:31Anime.Rebuild Of Evangelion
4th Jun 13 07:29:07Animation Age Ghetto
4th Jun 13 06:58:56Video Game.Warframe
4th Jun 13 06:58:02Video Game.Resident Evil Outbreak
4th Jun 13 06:44:37Web Video.Bro Team Pill
4th Jun 13 06:02:32Music.MC Hammer
4th Jun 13 06:02:03Music.MC Hammer
4th Jun 13 06:02:02Music.MC Hammer
4th Jun 13 04:05:38Video Game.Serious Sam
4th Jun 13 03:17:36Series.Doctor Phil
4th Jun 13 02:11:49Video Game.Warframe
4th Jun 13 01:02:33YMMV.Shingeki No Kyojin
4th Jun 13 12:15:57Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
3rd Jun 13 11:48:36Film.Skyfall
3rd Jun 13 10:30:59Film.Blade Runner
3rd Jun 13 08:12:20Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
3rd Jun 13 08:11:17Film.Predators
3rd Jun 13 08:01:27Paul Blart Mall Cop
3rd Jun 13 07:59:36Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
3rd Jun 13 07:58:15Video Game.House Of The Dead
3rd Jun 13 07:56:57Fackler Scale Of FPS Realism
3rd Jun 13 07:55:27Theatre.Wicked
3rd Jun 13 07:52:35Film.Moonrise Kingdom
3rd Jun 13 07:52:24Film.Moonrise Kingdom
3rd Jun 13 07:50:03Video Game.Metal Gear Acid
3rd Jun 13 07:48:09Film.Hot Fuzz
3rd Jun 13 07:47:12Series.Kenan And Kel
3rd Jun 13 07:45:02Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
3rd Jun 13 07:43:48Film.Gran Torino
3rd Jun 13 07:42:47Video Game.Metal Slug
3rd Jun 13 07:41:34Machinima.Gamer Poop
3rd Jun 13 07:40:02Video Game.The Simpsons Hit And Run
3rd Jun 13 07:38:50Film.Argo
3rd Jun 13 07:38:23Film.Zero Dark Thirty
3rd Jun 13 07:36:32Video Game.Max Payne
3rd Jun 13 07:34:31Video Game.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
3rd Jun 13 07:33:51Video Game.Elona
3rd Jun 13 07:32:39Film.Rashomon
3rd Jun 13 07:30:48Video Game.STALKER
3rd Jun 13 07:27:34Video Game.The Suffering
3rd Jun 13 07:27:08Video Game.Saints Row The Third
3rd Jun 13 07:25:16Film.The Rocky Horror Picture Show
3rd Jun 13 07:24:18Film.District 9
3rd Jun 13 07:22:52Film.The Big Lebowski
3rd Jun 13 07:22:15Video Game.No One Has To Die
3rd Jun 13 07:20:45Film.Tropic Thunder
3rd Jun 13 07:20:03Film.Tropic Thunder
3rd Jun 13 07:18:33Film.The Rock
3rd Jun 13 07:13:01Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
3rd Jun 13 07:12:36Film.Men In Black
3rd Jun 13 07:12:10Film.Avatar
3rd Jun 13 07:10:55Video Game.Team Fortress Classic
3rd Jun 13 07:10:03Film.Django Unchained
3rd Jun 13 07:08:55Anime.Arrietty
3rd Jun 13 07:08:11Video Game.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
3rd Jun 13 05:25:24Film.Spaceballs
3rd Jun 13 05:24:31Film.Street Fighter
3rd Jun 13 05:23:55Literature.World War Z
3rd Jun 13 05:21:42Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
3rd Jun 13 05:20:30Film.Skyfall
3rd Jun 13 05:20:10Self Demonstrating Article
3rd Jun 13 05:19:08Video Game.Serious Sam
3rd Jun 13 01:47:53Video Game.Warframe
3rd Jun 13 01:35:49Music.Soul Coughing
3rd Jun 13 01:19:32Shocking Swerve
2nd Jun 13 11:57:26YMMV.Idiocracy
2nd Jun 13 11:22:26Fanfic.Thirty Hs
2nd Jun 13 11:22:01Film.The Terminal
2nd Jun 13 02:58:37Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
2nd Jun 13 02:58:30Video Game.Wolfenstein
2nd Jun 13 02:58:28Videogame.Doom
1st Jun 13 10:00:29Orphaned Reference
1st Jun 13 09:56:40Cultural Cringe
1st Jun 13 09:52:34Cultural Cringe
1st Jun 13 09:51:01Cultural Cringe
1st Jun 13 09:47:16Cultural Cringe
1st Jun 13 09:45:59Cultural Cringe
1st Jun 13 09:32:22Anime.Rebuild Of Evangelion
1st Jun 13 09:18:25YMMV.Aku No Hana
1st Jun 13 08:12:56Radio.True Capitalist
1st Jun 13 07:58:57Improbable Island
1st Jun 13 07:07:09CELL
1st Jun 13 03:07:48Visual Novel.Dont Take It Personally Babe It Just Aint Your Story
1st Jun 13 03:06:16Noisy Shut Up
1st Jun 13 03:04:37Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
1st Jun 13 02:58:06Hold The Line
1st Jun 13 02:52:27A Nazi By Any Other Name
1st Jun 13 01:55:58Shout Out.Wreck It Ralph
1st Jun 13 01:47:28Video Game.Killing Floor
1st Jun 13 11:46:44Real Robot Genre
1st Jun 13 01:00:14Film.After Earth
31st May 13 10:04:52Music.Macklemore
31st May 13 07:54:33Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
31st May 13 07:44:01You Bastard
31st May 13 07:43:03You Bastard
31st May 13 07:41:49Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
31st May 13 07:26:40Literature.John Dies At The End
31st May 13 05:59:42Web Video.Feminist Frequency
31st May 13 02:01:46Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
31st May 13 12:47:08Television Is Trying To Kill Us
31st May 13 01:25:28Series.Jackass
31st May 13 12:05:44Self Demonstrating Article
30th May 13 11:22:12Anime.Rebuild Of Evangelion
30th May 13 10:20:01The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Mass Effect
30th May 13 09:30:38Series.Firefly
30th May 13 09:04:21Planet Side
30th May 13 08:30:45Video Game.Warframe
30th May 13 08:06:55Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
30th May 13 08:05:24Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
30th May 13 07:39:53You Bastard
30th May 13 06:02:07Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
30th May 13 06:01:14YMMV.Star Trek Into Darkness
30th May 13 05:15:29Web Animation.Madness Combat
30th May 13 05:14:32Video Game.Warframe
30th May 13 12:51:24You Bastard
30th May 13 12:13:48Anime.Rebuild Of Evangelion
29th May 13 11:29:11YMMV.Black Hawk Down
29th May 13 11:25:29Soldiers At The Rear
29th May 13 08:30:26Ballistic Weapons
29th May 13 07:28:19Western Animation.Dexters Laboratory
29th May 13 07:10:13Fan Disliked Explanation
29th May 13 02:09:33Video Game.No One Has To Die
29th May 13 10:08:59Digitized Sprites
28th May 13 11:07:20YMMV.Idiocracy
28th May 13 10:12:41YMMV.Touhou
28th May 13 10:11:44Video Game.Iji
28th May 13 06:21:36French Jerk
28th May 13 04:57:45Series.Firefly
28th May 13 04:35:58YMMV.Deus Ex Human Revolution
28th May 13 02:47:03Funny.Rebuild Of Evangelion
28th May 13 02:43:40Homoerotic Subtext
27th May 13 09:42:16Film.The Thing 1982
27th May 13 07:51:29Anime.Rebuild Of Evangelion
27th May 13 03:37:03Film.The Big Lebowski
27th May 13 03:21:11Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
27th May 13 03:20:40Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
27th May 13 03:17:56Mass Effect2.Tropes N-S
27th May 13 03:00:58Video Game.STALKER
27th May 13 03:00:39Video Game.STALKER
27th May 13 03:00:05Video Game.STALKER
27th May 13 02:57:08Real Life.Tropes G-M
27th May 13 02:42:36Film.Argo
27th May 13 02:42:01Film.Argo
27th May 13 02:39:50Film.Dead Poets Society
26th May 13 09:57:28Mukokuseki
26th May 13 01:49:42Rene Magritte
26th May 13 01:49:41Rene Magritte
26th May 13 01:46:33Creator Backlash
26th May 13 01:40:41Anime.Rebuild Of Evangelion
26th May 13 01:21:28Film.Tropic Thunder
26th May 13 01:21:19Webcomic.Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff
25th May 13 12:50:09Music.Ministry
25th May 13 12:37:31Film.The Rock
25th May 13 12:36:52Film.The Rock
25th May 13 12:27:30Video Game.Warframe
25th May 13 12:25:37Orson Scott Cards Empire
25th May 13 12:20:43Orson Scott Cards Empire
24th May 13 04:00:06Type Casting
24th May 13 03:58:29Type Casting
24th May 13 03:30:12Laxative Prank
23rd May 13 11:51:53Video Game.STALKER
23rd May 13 11:51:32Video Game.STALKER
23rd May 13 11:49:16Video Game.Dive Kick
23rd May 13 11:24:09Characters.Pokemon Anime Original Series
23rd May 13 11:19:47Characters.Pokemon Gym Leaders
23rd May 13 10:37:27Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
23rd May 13 02:42:33Film.District 9
23rd May 13 12:23:38Series.Firefly
22nd May 13 11:08:31Broken Aesop
22nd May 13 11:05:08Broken Aesop
22nd May 13 10:56:26What Could Have Been.Video Games
22nd May 13 09:04:09Video Game.Warframe
22nd May 13 04:49:40Video Game.Sanctum
22nd May 13 02:07:11Ballistic Weapons
22nd May 13 03:28:30Drill Sergeant Nasty
22nd May 13 03:26:25Drill Sergeant Nasty
22nd May 13 02:40:57Music.Macklemore
21st May 13 09:03:36Video Game.Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
21st May 13 02:19:35Film.Argo
21st May 13 03:34:27Comicbook.Joker
21st May 13 02:49:40Video Game.Sanctum
21st May 13 01:50:35Characters.Warframe
21st May 13 01:17:16Fanfic Recs.Bio Shock
21st May 13 01:14:23Fanfic Recs.Bio Shock
21st May 13 01:00:00What The Hell Hero.Video Games
20th May 13 10:28:01Video Game.Team Fortress Classic
20th May 13 09:53:34Machinima.Gamer Poop
20th May 13 02:52:04Ass Shove
20th May 13 02:45:04Film.Django Unchained
20th May 13 02:43:43Film.The Big Lebowski
20th May 13 02:42:00Film.Machete
20th May 13 02:38:32Make Me Wanna Shout.Video Games
20th May 13 02:35:30New Media Are Evil
20th May 13 01:54:08Western Animation.Jackie Chan Adventures
20th May 13 01:38:23Series.Firefly
20th May 13 12:12:35No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.Video Games
19th May 13 10:33:23Hartman Hips
19th May 13 10:17:50Wiki.SCP Foundation
19th May 13 09:42:41Web Animation.Mega Man Dies At The End
19th May 13 09:34:16Alternative Character Interpretation.Video Games
19th May 13 09:32:53Video Game.Koumajou Densetsu
19th May 13 09:26:17Video Game.Spider-Man
19th May 13 09:16:02Video Game.The Simpsons Hit And Run
19th May 13 09:15:22Video Game.Plants Vs Zombies
19th May 13 09:13:37Series.Firefly
19th May 13 09:06:34Literature.Axis Of Time
19th May 13 09:05:39Literature.Axis Of Time
19th May 13 09:02:51Film.Kung Fu Hustle
19th May 13 09:00:36Noisy Shut Up
19th May 13 08:57:32Film.Men In Black
19th May 13 08:24:00Video Game.Warframe
19th May 13 08:22:53Video Game.Left 4 Dead 2
19th May 13 08:21:49Film.Zero Dark Thirty
19th May 13 08:18:36Music.The Heavy
19th May 13 07:37:20Film.Argo
19th May 13 12:10:19Funny.True Capitalist
19th May 13 11:21:36Film.The Rock
19th May 13 11:17:47Rage Helm
19th May 13 11:05:41Laconic.Hollywood Atheist
19th May 13 03:22:52Wiki.SCP Foundation
19th May 13 02:59:58Video Game.EYE Divine Cybermancy
19th May 13 02:59:09Video Game.Mech Warrior
19th May 13 02:57:33Radio.True Capitalist
18th May 13 08:50:28YMMV.Reddit
18th May 13 08:47:15Website.Tumblr
18th May 13 08:41:38Music.Beastie Boys
18th May 13 08:34:47Video Game.Elona
18th May 13 08:30:45Music.Richard Cheese
18th May 13 09:55:54Video Game.Metal Gear Acid
17th May 13 06:28:14Instant Awesome Just Add Ninja
17th May 13 02:24:21Lyrical Dissonance.Hip Hop
17th May 13 01:27:33Film.Argo
17th May 13 01:06:27Video Game.Warframe
17th May 13 12:33:48Video Game.Warframe
16th May 13 10:11:08Visual Novel.Dont Take It Personally Babe It Just Aint Your Story
16th May 13 10:05:41Funny.Left 4 Dead
16th May 13 09:43:25Wiki.SCP Foundation
16th May 13 08:37:59Video Game.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
16th May 13 08:31:20Funny.Left 4 Dead
16th May 13 08:30:14Funny.Left 4 Dead 2
16th May 13 08:29:35Fanfic.Thirty Hs
16th May 13 08:25:14Webcomic.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
16th May 13 07:41:46YMMV.A Song Of Ice And Fire
16th May 13 07:37:01Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
16th May 13 07:36:02Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
16th May 13 07:29:49Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
16th May 13 07:20:26Video Game.Spider-Man
16th May 13 07:18:37Film.Warm Bodies
16th May 13 07:04:51Film.The Green Hornet
16th May 13 07:01:14Video Game.Black
16th May 13 06:59:31Video Game.STALKER
16th May 13 06:58:24Video Game.Max Payne
16th May 13 05:31:04Literature.John Dies At The End
16th May 13 03:31:08Video Game.The Stanley Parable
16th May 13 02:02:56Headscratchers.World War Z
16th May 13 02:00:05Film.The Hurt Locker
16th May 13 12:58:46Self Demonstrating.The Incredible Hulk
16th May 13 12:56:21Self Demonstrating.The Incredible Hulk
16th May 13 12:53:04Self Demonstrating.The Incredible Hulk
16th May 13 03:37:20Weapon For Intimidation
16th May 13 02:54:17Film.Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow
16th May 13 02:35:23YMMV.The Lonely Island
16th May 13 02:33:58YMMV.The Lonely Island
16th May 13 02:13:19Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
16th May 13 02:07:55Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
16th May 13 02:04:09Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
16th May 13 12:49:50Series.Band Of Brothers
16th May 13 12:14:48Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
15th May 13 10:07:15Heavy Meta
15th May 13 10:04:09Video Game.Spider Man 2 Enter Electro
15th May 13 10:02:54Franchise.Spider Man
15th May 13 10:01:02Video Game.Spider-Man
15th May 13 08:45:38CIA Evil FBI Good
15th May 13 07:32:46Beware The Nice Ones.Mythology
15th May 13 07:22:26Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
15th May 13 07:21:53Video Game.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
15th May 13 06:59:05Big Applesauce
15th May 13 06:34:04Characters.Touhou Other Official Works
15th May 13 01:24:22Big Applesauce
15th May 13 09:59:49Video Game.Mercenaries
15th May 13 01:21:18Comic Book.Transmetropolitan
15th May 13 12:45:26Funny.True Capitalist
15th May 13 12:35:56Visual Novel.Digital A Love Story
14th May 13 02:58:35Television Is Trying To Kill Us
14th May 13 02:57:06Television Is Trying To Kill Us
14th May 13 02:55:28Everybody Hates Mathematics
14th May 13 01:56:09Video Game.Warframe
14th May 13 11:34:49Video Game.Hotline Miami
13th May 13 10:47:10Video Game.Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
13th May 13 10:24:09Stop Being Stereotypical
13th May 13 09:57:40Literature.World War Z
13th May 13 08:47:12Stop Being Stereotypical
13th May 13 08:36:27Music.Pink Martini
13th May 13 07:54:26Black And Gray Morality
13th May 13 06:22:23Film.Men In Black
13th May 13 05:19:30Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
13th May 13 05:17:31Video Game.Interesting NP Cs
13th May 13 10:38:53You Have To Have Jews
13th May 13 10:30:03Video Game.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
13th May 13 04:10:20Television Is Trying To Kill Us
13th May 13 04:08:32Television Is Trying To Kill Us
13th May 13 12:34:31Video Game.Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
13th May 13 12:33:33Video Game.Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
13th May 13 12:26:36Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
12th May 13 10:55:42The Editing Room
12th May 13 09:37:01Video Game.Warframe
12th May 13 08:46:59Video Game.Sanctum
12th May 13 08:41:57Film.The Big Lebowski
12th May 13 08:39:36My Way Entertainment
12th May 13 04:17:03Viewers Are Morons
12th May 13 04:06:15Quality Over Quantity
12th May 13 03:05:20Right Wing Militia Fanatic
12th May 13 03:02:10Television Is Trying To Kill Us
12th May 13 03:00:19Rearing Horse
12th May 13 09:52:18Video Game.Black
12th May 13 09:49:08Video Game.STALKER
12th May 13 09:47:53Film.Django Unchained
12th May 13 09:45:58My Way Entertainment
12th May 13 01:17:50Wiki.SCP Foundation
11th May 13 11:27:09Funny.SCP Foundation
11th May 13 11:18:20Funny.SCP Foundation
11th May 13 06:50:12Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
11th May 13 05:25:47Visual Novel.Digital A Love Story
11th May 13 05:23:26Visual Novel.Digital A Love Story
11th May 13 04:52:09Series.Intervention
11th May 13 01:01:55Video Game.Princess Maker
11th May 13 12:01:22Film.Argo
11th May 13 11:59:13Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
11th May 13 11:19:15Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
11th May 13 07:52:39Music.Richard Cheese
11th May 13 07:02:23Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
11th May 13 07:00:10Film.Battle Los Angeles
11th May 13 06:49:25Planet Heck
11th May 13 06:45:47Franchise.Jurassic Park
11th May 13 06:44:00Panthera Awesome
11th May 13 06:38:13Gabriel Iglesias
11th May 13 06:32:23Wiki.SCP Foundation
11th May 13 06:28:56Wiki.SCP Foundation
11th May 13 06:24:50Videogame.Doom
11th May 13 06:23:12Video Game.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
11th May 13 06:22:21Film.The Big Lebowski
11th May 13 06:20:51Video Game.Medal Of Honor
11th May 13 06:19:37Video Game.Uncharted
11th May 13 06:11:17Trivia.This Book Is Full Of Spiders Seriously Dude
11th May 13 06:08:05Trivia.This Book Is Full Of Spiders Seriously Dude
11th May 13 06:07:40Trivia.This Book Is Full Of Spiders Seriously Dude
11th May 13 06:06:18Trivia.This Book Is Full Of Spiders Seriously Dude
11th May 13 05:45:11Literature.John Dies At The End
11th May 13 05:34:47Money Dear Boy
10th May 13 07:39:52Video Game.Dear Esther
10th May 13 06:27:25Unreliable Narrator
10th May 13 05:32:42Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
10th May 13 11:20:14Film.Zero Dark Thirty
10th May 13 06:20:06Video Game.No One Has To Die
10th May 13 05:49:23Single Minded Twins
10th May 13 01:56:48Rogue Trip
10th May 13 01:39:12Film.Schindlers List
10th May 13 01:37:12Video Game.Metal Slug
10th May 13 01:35:33Visual Novel.Digital A Love Story
10th May 13 01:29:33Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
10th May 13 01:20:06Video Game.Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
9th May 13 08:07:05Hate Dumb
9th May 13 08:02:40Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time
9th May 13 08:01:44Video Game.Wolfenstein
9th May 13 07:59:09Film.Contagion
9th May 13 07:56:16The Hurt Locker
9th May 13 07:54:33Web Video.Five Second Films
9th May 13 07:53:01The Tourettes Guy
9th May 13 07:52:13Film.The Boondock Saints
9th May 13 07:49:40Music.Richard Cheese
9th May 13 07:47:43Music.Richard Cheese
9th May 13 07:46:54Literature.Angels And Demons
9th May 13 07:46:06Video Game.Killing Floor
9th May 13 07:44:30Film.Predators
9th May 13 07:43:36Film.Looper
9th May 13 07:42:14Film.The Expendables
9th May 13 05:14:32Webcomic.Gone With The Blastwave
9th May 13 03:14:21Series.Firefly
9th May 13 03:13:08Film.Street Fighter
9th May 13 03:12:37Film.Cloverfield