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21st Oct 13 06:45:53STD Immunity
21st Oct 13 04:43:58Headscratchers.Now You See Me
21st Oct 13 03:04:05Characters.Sinfest
21st Oct 13 02:55:56All Genes Are Codominant
21st Oct 13 12:59:56WMG.Korra Avatar Metaphysics And Reincarnation
21st Oct 13 12:40:27WMG.Korra Avatar Metaphysics And Reincarnation
21st Oct 13 12:36:40WMG.Korra Avatar Metaphysics And Reincarnation
21st Oct 13 11:36:30Nightmare Fuel.Unwind
21st Oct 13 11:31:21Nightmare Fuel.Unwind
21st Oct 13 11:29:33Nightmare Fuel.Unwind
21st Oct 13 09:40:46YMMV.Unwind
21st Oct 13 09:18:34Headscratchers.Unwind
20th Oct 13 07:47:48Headscratchers.Bones
20th Oct 13 02:49:17Nightmare Fuel.Gravity Falls
20th Oct 13 02:48:00Nightmare Fuel.Gravity Falls
14th Oct 13 02:36:03WMG.Korra Plot General
13th Oct 13 03:20:43Headscratchers.Bones
13th Oct 13 03:20:24Headscratchers.Bones
12th Oct 13 09:34:36Common Mary Sue Traits
12th Oct 13 08:25:45WMG.Korra Plot General
9th Oct 13 12:26:03WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
8th Oct 13 11:41:10Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
8th Oct 13 07:03:44Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
4th Oct 13 02:33:42YMMV.Hellboy Animated
4th Oct 13 02:29:51YMMV.Hellboy Animated
4th Oct 13 02:23:29YMMV.Hellboy Animated
3rd Oct 13 10:13:40WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
3rd Oct 13 10:13:39WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
1st Oct 13 04:45:43Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Baratheon Of Kings Landing
28th Sep 13 06:51:17WMG.X Men First Class
28th Sep 13 06:40:14Heartwarming.X Men First Class
24th Sep 13 06:09:48Funny.Sleepy Hollow
22nd Sep 13 06:06:10Ho Yay.Star Trek
20th Sep 13 07:31:48WMG.Korra Plot General
20th Sep 13 06:26:38WMG.Korra Plot General
11th Sep 13 06:25:37Foe Yay.Live Action TV
11th Sep 13 04:15:30Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
11th Sep 13 03:20:05Headscratchers.Gravity Falls
11th Sep 13 11:59:34YMMV.Gravity Falls
8th Sep 13 09:29:54Film.Pacific Rim
6th Sep 13 11:44:14YMMV.Gravity Falls
4th Sep 13 03:21:37Headscratchers.The Hobbit
2nd Sep 13 11:41:23Headscratchers.Surrogates
2nd Sep 13 08:55:06Film.Star Trek First Contact
1st Sep 13 06:18:04Anime.Princess Mononoke
31st Aug 13 08:05:26Nightmare Fuel.World War Z
29th Aug 13 06:08:43Improbable Age
28th Aug 13 07:20:09Characters.Blood Plus
28th Aug 13 03:03:51Characters.Bones
28th Aug 13 02:55:55Headscratchers.Bones
25th Aug 13 03:14:25Fanfic Recs.Spider Man
22nd Aug 13 07:49:06Funny.Ensign Sue Must Die
13th Aug 13 04:05:02YMMV.Star Trek Into Darkness
13th Aug 13 03:38:46WMG.Star Trek
13th Aug 13 03:37:37WMG.Star Trek 2009
12th Aug 13 02:07:11Foe Yay.Live Action TV
7th Aug 13 07:51:40WMG.Pacific Rim
7th Aug 13 07:14:25Fridge.Pacific Rim
31st Jul 13 07:19:44Fridge.Star Trek Into Darkness
23rd Jul 13 08:13:04Nightmare Fuel.Star Trek The Original Series
23rd Jul 13 08:08:01Ho Yay.Star Trek
15th Jul 13 12:27:08Fridge.Pacific Rim
4th Jul 13 07:15:21Fridge.Star Trek Into Darkness
4th Jul 13 11:56:47Fridge.Star Trek Into Darkness
4th Jul 13 11:26:18Characters.Star Trek
3rd Jul 13 04:41:45Characters.Avatar The Last Airbender Allies
25th Jun 13 07:05:30Fridge.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
23rd Jun 13 07:22:38Awesome.World War Z
23rd Jun 13 07:21:57Awesome.World War Z
23rd Jun 13 05:09:54No Bisexuals
23rd Jun 13 04:52:38Awesome.World War Z
23rd Jun 13 04:50:37Funny.World War Z
23rd Jun 13 04:50:15Funny.World War Z
23rd Jun 13 04:49:34Funny.World War Z
17th Jun 13 06:09:53Headscratchers.Now You See Me
13th Jun 13 09:30:06Fridge.Star Trek Into Darkness
13th Jun 13 09:29:30Fridge.Star Trek Into Darkness
13th Jun 13 02:33:19Film.Gattaca
12th Jun 13 05:13:45WMG.Star Trek
12th Jun 13 12:46:02Nightmare Fuel.Teen Titans
11th Jun 13 12:31:09WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
7th Jun 13 11:59:12WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
6th Jun 13 07:59:53Headscratchers.Bones
6th Jun 13 11:54:24Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
6th Jun 13 11:52:13Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
4th Jun 13 04:19:50WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
4th Jun 13 04:11:58WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
4th Jun 13 03:58:09WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
3rd Jun 13 06:58:40Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
2nd Jun 13 06:24:50Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
2nd Jun 13 06:22:36Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
29th May 13 02:20:27Fridge.The Purge
29th May 13 12:34:04Fridge.The Purge
28th May 13 11:29:16WMG.GI Joe Renegades
28th May 13 11:21:52WMG.GI Joe Renegades
28th May 13 11:19:37WMG.GI Joe Renegades
26th May 13 11:31:35WMG.Tokyo Mew Mew No Hope Left
25th May 13 10:20:27YMMV.GI Joe Retaliation
25th May 13 09:23:18Awesome.Hydra
24th May 13 05:05:00Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
24th May 13 04:58:30Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
24th May 13 04:53:24Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
24th May 13 04:46:24Fridge.Star Trek Into Darkness
24th May 13 03:45:06WMG.Star Trek
21st May 13 04:00:05WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
20th May 13 05:36:26Headscratchers.Unwind
20th May 13 05:36:12Headscratchers.Unwind
19th May 13 05:07:59Fridge.Avatar The Last Airbender The Search
16th May 13 11:10:24Headscratchers.Bones
14th May 13 05:34:26YMMV.The Empire Strikes Back
13th May 13 10:56:28Funny.Atlantis The Lost Empire
13th May 13 10:52:58Fridge.Atlantis The Lost Empire
12th May 13 07:11:54Defictionalization
11th May 13 10:10:57YMMV.Uglies
10th May 13 10:46:16WMG.GI Joe
10th May 13 10:39:27YMMV.GI Joe Retaliation
10th May 13 06:53:51Older Than They Look.Live Action TV
10th May 13 06:53:35Older Than They Look.Live Action TV
6th May 13 05:01:00I Am Not Pretty
5th May 13 11:21:29Kicking Ass In All Her Finery
1st May 13 06:38:40WMG.The Force Unleashed
24th Apr 13 11:37:02Anime.Fate Prototype
19th Apr 13 06:29:23WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part I
17th Apr 13 02:54:58WMG.The Force Unleashed
17th Apr 13 09:22:28Headscratchers.Bones
17th Apr 13 09:21:49Headscratchers.Bones
15th Apr 13 03:22:52WMG.Avatar The Last Airbender The Search
14th Apr 13 08:25:03WMG.The Force Unleashed
12th Apr 13 08:52:18Characters.Fate Zero
10th Apr 13 08:38:03YMMV.Special Unit 2
10th Apr 13 08:38:01YMMV.Special Unit 2
10th Apr 13 08:37:43YMMV.Special Unit 2
3rd Apr 13 08:30:38Law Of Inverse Fertility
2nd Apr 13 09:22:17I Have You Now My Pretty
1st Apr 13 03:25:02Alternative Character Interpretation.Literature
1st Apr 13 03:10:27Alternative Character Interpretation.Literature
28th Mar 13 08:51:32Anime.Fate Prototype
25th Mar 13 06:04:10WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire
25th Mar 13 05:50:22WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire
25th Mar 13 05:29:06WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire
23rd Mar 13 08:24:48Headscratchers.Bones
22nd Mar 13 07:44:25Stalker With A Crush.Live Action TV
21st Mar 13 07:30:35Light Novel.Fate Zero
19th Mar 13 10:52:49WMG.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
15th Mar 13 08:47:42Characters.American Horror Story
15th Mar 13 08:46:45Characters.American Horror Story
15th Mar 13 08:38:37Awesome.Argo
12th Mar 13 11:07:06Headscratchers.Jack The Giant Slayer
12th Mar 13 11:03:56Headscratchers.Jack The Giant Slayer
12th Mar 13 11:02:24Headscratchers.Jack The Giant Slayer
12th Mar 13 10:36:12Celebrity Is Overrated
10th Mar 13 09:15:16Alpha Bitch.Literature
7th Mar 13 11:10:07Fridge.Mean Girls
27th Feb 13 09:21:03The Courtship Of Princess Leia
26th Feb 13 07:12:38WMG.The Force Unleashed
25th Feb 13 04:19:45Film.Mean Girls
22nd Feb 13 01:54:53WMG.Captain America The Winter Soldier
20th Feb 13 08:15:29Fighting Irish
20th Feb 13 08:13:02Fighting Irish
4th Feb 13 07:39:27Headscratchers.Highschool Of The Dead
29th Jan 13 06:52:59Film.Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters
29th Jan 13 06:52:15Film.Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters
27th Jan 13 09:23:05Wall Bangers.Law And Order
26th Jan 13 08:39:01Light Novel.Full Metal Panic
25th Jan 13 05:18:31The Courtship Of Princess Leia
25th Jan 13 03:19:55WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
25th Jan 13 03:12:34WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
25th Jan 13 03:10:39WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
25th Jan 13 03:10:10WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
25th Jan 13 03:09:44WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
21st Jan 13 07:29:28Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
18th Jan 13 08:17:18Literature.World War Z
18th Dec 12 07:10:01Freudian Excuse.Comic Books
14th Dec 12 12:39:30Slut Shaming
13th Dec 12 06:01:15WMG.Bones
9th Dec 12 06:21:11WMG.The Force Unleashed
6th Dec 12 02:51:07Characters.The Hunger Games
6th Dec 12 02:42:16Film.The Hunger Games
5th Dec 12 07:50:35Webcomic.Ensign Sue Must Die
29th Nov 12 10:40:04Trivia.Once Upon A Time
29th Nov 12 10:39:00Trivia.Once Upon A Time
21st Nov 12 03:44:33WMG.The Amazing Spider-Man
21st Nov 12 02:53:57Fridge.Doomsday
18th Nov 12 11:20:30Foe Yay.Film
17th Nov 12 02:11:33Fridge.Star Wars The Clone Wars
16th Nov 12 10:48:17Possession Implies Mastery
13th Nov 12 11:31:58Literature.Enchanted Forest Chronicles
10th Nov 12 09:26:12WMG.Star Wars
7th Nov 12 05:47:52The Lost Symbol
7th Nov 12 05:46:26The Lost Symbol
7th Nov 12 05:46:13The Lost Symbol
6th Nov 12 06:10:52WMG.Star Wars
6th Nov 12 05:48:54WMG.Star Wars
28th Oct 12 02:12:11Awesome.Marvel One Shots
28th Oct 12 02:11:29Awesome.Marvel One Shots
28th Oct 12 02:10:04Awesome.Marvel One Shots
18th Oct 12 01:15:10Western Animation.Ultimate Spider-Man
16th Oct 12 12:55:26Playing With.Mighty Whitey
15th Oct 12 06:44:36Fridge.Captain America The First Avenger
15th Oct 12 05:46:36Film.Captain America The Winter Soldier
15th Oct 12 05:44:34Film.Captain America The Winter Soldier
15th Oct 12 05:41:49WMG.Captain America The Winter Soldier
15th Oct 12 12:28:54Film.Captain America The First Avenger
2nd Oct 12 01:07:13Lampshade Hanging.Comic Books
29th Sep 12 08:32:03Awesome.Mulan
27th Sep 12 07:42:59Alternative Character Interpretation.Video Games
23rd Sep 12 02:28:13Nightmare Fuel.Criminal Minds
17th Sep 12 05:56:32Awesome.DC Universe Original Animated Movies
15th Sep 12 09:01:04Hollywood Homely
15th Sep 12 02:14:02Western Animation.Ultimate Spider-Man
10th Sep 12 08:08:12Awesome.Sherlock Holmes
8th Sep 12 02:13:49WMG.Revenge Of The Sith
8th Sep 12 02:09:03WMG.Revenge Of The Sith
8th Sep 12 01:52:20WMG.Revenge Of The Sith
7th Sep 12 04:59:46WMG.Star Wars
7th Sep 12 04:06:45Alternative Character Interpretation.Literature
7th Sep 12 03:42:49Alternative Character Interpretation.Video Games
3rd Sep 12 02:00:06Characters.Captain America
24th Aug 12 04:25:51Headscratchers.Star Trek Enterprise
24th Aug 12 04:17:09Headscratchers.Star Trek Enterprise
13th Aug 12 07:51:23Headscratchers.Bones
10th Aug 12 01:43:15WMG.The Amazing Spider-Man
10th Aug 12 01:41:38WMG.The Amazing Spider-Man
8th Aug 12 04:54:35Eternal Sexual Freedom
7th Aug 12 04:48:51Headscratchers.Captain America The First Avenger
7th Aug 12 04:17:45Godzilla Threshold
20th Jul 12 12:53:06Fridge.Star Wars
20th Jul 12 12:39:06Fridge.Star Wars
10th Jul 12 07:35:29WMG.The Amazing Spider-Man
8th Jul 12 04:10:07Awesome.The Amazing Spider-Man
4th Jul 12 12:31:36Ho Yay.Comic Books
3rd Jul 12 10:00:40Trivia.The Amazing Spider-Man
3rd Jul 12 09:59:49Trivia.The Amazing Spider-Man
25th Jun 12 08:57:42Fridge.The Force Unleashed
24th Jun 12 08:14:24Tear Jerker.Avatar The Last Airbender
23rd Jun 12 01:26:27Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
21st Jun 12 10:21:33Western Animation.The Spectacular Spider Man
20th Jun 12 04:10:59WMG.Avatar The Last Airbender Other Characters
17th Jun 12 03:13:10Fridge.One More Day
17th Jun 12 09:02:49Heartwarming.The Legend Of Korra
9th Jun 12 11:24:19Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
9th Jun 12 11:23:10Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
29th May 12 02:15:02Fanfic Recs.Captain America The First Avenger
24th May 12 06:44:26Ella Enchanted
23rd Apr 12 07:44:33Fridge.Captain America The First Avenger
23rd Apr 12 07:44:08Fridge.Captain America The First Avenger
27th Mar 12 07:06:53Film.The Avengers
9th Mar 12 02:09:08Literature.World War Z
9th Mar 12 02:06:10Literature.World War Z
1st Mar 12 03:07:06WMG.Star Trek
29th Feb 12 07:00:50WMG.Star Trek
10th Feb 12 05:04:08Even Evil Has Standards.Comic Books
22nd Jan 12 12:12:57Series.Ultimate Spider-Man
20th Jan 12 05:20:02Series.Ultimate Spider-Man