Xelloss 08's Recent Edits

7th Jun 15 10:57:44Web Original.Bad Creepypasta
22nd May 15 12:38:43Underground City
8th May 15 11:19:17Car Fu
8th May 15 11:14:49Flying Car
8th May 15 11:12:09Unskilled But Strong
8th May 15 11:05:33Walking Techbane
8th May 15 11:02:50Literature.Towers Trilogy
8th May 15 10:59:46Your Soul Is Mine
8th May 15 10:54:56You Can See Me
8th May 15 10:53:26Wound That Will Not Heal
8th May 15 10:50:36Weakened By The Light
8th May 15 10:48:07Walking Wasteland
8th May 15 10:45:44Unfinished Business
8th May 15 10:38:37Un Sorcerer
8th May 15 10:35:00Those Two Bad Guys.Literature
8th May 15 10:16:28Samus Is A Girl
8th May 15 10:04:09Puppet King
8th May 15 10:00:20Power Limiter
8th May 15 09:52:13Power Incontinence
8th May 15 09:49:28Powered By A Forsaken Child
8th May 15 09:13:58Phosphor Essence
8th May 15 09:11:28Out With A Bang
8th May 15 09:07:34Our Zombies Are Different
8th May 15 08:58:46Older Than They Look.Literature
8th May 15 08:51:48Mercy Kill
8th May 15 07:55:07The Magocracy
8th May 15 07:49:22Magitek
8th May 15 07:45:11Mage Tower
8th May 15 07:40:59Living Battery
8th May 15 07:27:53Invisible To Normals
8th May 15 07:25:02Innate Night Vision
8th May 15 07:17:09I See Dead People
8th May 15 07:14:46Horror Hunger
8th May 15 07:08:14Heroic RROD
8th May 15 07:04:45Harmful Healing
8th May 15 06:59:30Hairpin Lockpick
8th May 15 06:56:48Grand Theft Me
8th May 15 06:51:33Gladiator Games
8th May 15 06:49:48Ghostly Chill
8th May 15 06:47:01Ghost Amnesia
8th May 15 06:36:34Genius Loci
8th May 15 06:31:54Empty Shell
8th May 15 06:22:41Child By Rape
8th May 15 06:16:44Came Back Wrong
8th May 15 06:14:24Blind Seer
8th May 15 06:05:39And I Must Scream.Literature
8th May 15 06:01:54An Astral Projection Not A Ghost
8th May 15 05:54:26After The End.Literature
8th May 15 05:49:21Addictive Magic
8th May 15 05:46:50Teen Pregnancy
8th May 15 05:39:03Urban Fantasy
8th May 15 05:38:16Literature.Towers Trilogy
16th Apr 15 09:58:06Ventriloquism
16th Apr 15 09:52:43Call On Me
16th Apr 15 09:38:18Kill The Ones You Love
16th Apr 15 09:35:59Driven To Suicide.Literature
16th Apr 15 09:32:52Cool Mask
16th Apr 15 09:14:26Literature.Spiral Arm
6th Apr 15 09:33:40The Runt At The End
6th Apr 15 09:29:54Pocket Protector
6th Apr 15 09:24:08I Have You Now My Pretty
6th Apr 15 09:15:53Theatre.Sera Myu
26th Feb 15 09:46:41Air Vent Passageway
26th Feb 15 09:40:07Literature.Parasitology
19th Feb 15 08:57:42Mook Horror Show
19th Feb 15 08:52:58Jack Of All Trades
19th Feb 15 08:49:47It Is Dehumanizing
19th Feb 15 08:46:18Bodyguard Betrayal
19th Feb 15 08:42:26Literature.Spiral Arm
14th Feb 15 08:38:54Space Pirates
14th Feb 15 08:33:48Stealth Hi Bye
14th Feb 15 08:29:47Sacred Hospitality
14th Feb 15 08:18:45Ramming Always Works
14th Feb 15 08:07:54I Owe You My Life
14th Feb 15 08:00:51Literature.Spiral Arm
14th Feb 15 07:58:17I Have Many Names
14th Feb 15 07:54:37Hates Everyone Equally
14th Feb 15 07:40:26Black Box
14th Feb 15 07:37:44Battle In The Center Of The Mind
14th Feb 15 07:27:13And That Little Girl Was Me
14th Feb 15 07:16:03Alien Geometries
14th Feb 15 06:59:44Literature.Spiral Arm
7th Feb 15 01:55:24You Didnt Ask
7th Feb 15 01:47:59Rage Against The Reflection
7th Feb 15 01:45:04Painful Transformation
7th Feb 15 01:40:50Foe Tossing Charge
7th Feb 15 01:37:42Anime.Ergo Proxy
7th Feb 15 01:32:07Webcomic.When She Was Bad
7th Feb 15 01:24:22Spooky Painting
7th Feb 15 01:13:04Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane
7th Feb 15 01:03:32Literature.Ariel Block
21st Jan 15 01:20:20Quotes.Springtime For Hitler
7th Jan 15 12:19:28Bloody Murder
7th Jan 15 12:16:06Literature.Takeshi Kovacs
1st Jan 15 09:52:33Trauma Swing
21st Dec 14 10:50:31Literature.Priscilla Hutchins
21st Dec 14 10:47:58Literature.Priscilla Hutchins
21st Nov 14 04:31:26Walking Techbane
21st Nov 14 04:29:31Typhoid Mary
21st Nov 14 04:23:57Tranquillizer Dart
21st Nov 14 04:17:59The Men In Black
21st Nov 14 04:14:38Mayfly December Romance
21st Nov 14 04:11:17Masquerade
21st Nov 14 04:02:35Healing Factor
21st Nov 14 03:58:25Government Conspiracy
21st Nov 14 03:54:53Chess Motifs
21st Nov 14 03:50:41Aura Vision
21st Nov 14 03:49:02Literature.Paradox Trilogy
20th Nov 14 09:52:31Anime.Ergo Proxy
20th Nov 14 07:39:21With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
20th Nov 14 07:34:28Wholesome Crossdresser
20th Nov 14 07:30:36We Have Reserves
20th Nov 14 06:00:04Was It All A Lie
20th Nov 14 05:53:52The Unsmile
20th Nov 14 05:51:20The Unpronounceable
20th Nov 14 05:46:56Touch Of Death
20th Nov 14 05:39:00To Serve Man
20th Nov 14 05:35:45Thats No Moon
20th Nov 14 05:32:13Terraform
20th Nov 14 05:27:54Tap On The Head
20th Nov 14 05:21:36Super Soldier
20th Nov 14 05:18:57Superpowered Evil Side
20th Nov 14 05:14:45Stop Or I Shoot Myself
20th Nov 14 05:11:07Space Pirates
19th Nov 14 03:04:43Son Of An Ape
19th Nov 14 03:00:35Single Biome Planet
19th Nov 14 02:03:39Shoot Your Mate
19th Nov 14 02:00:32Return To Shooter
19th Nov 14 01:55:21Replacement Goldfish.Literature
19th Nov 14 01:50:58Psycho Serum
19th Nov 14 01:31:25Proud Warrior Race Guy
18th Nov 14 06:45:34Powered By A Forsaken Child
17th Nov 14 11:23:03Powered Armor
17th Nov 14 11:18:17Power Incontinence
17th Nov 14 11:12:42Planet Spaceship
17th Nov 14 11:08:15Older Than They Look.Literature
16th Nov 14 11:23:43No Mouth
16th Nov 14 11:15:38No Biological Sex
16th Nov 14 11:09:41Neck Snap
16th Nov 14 11:08:59Neck Snap
16th Nov 14 03:41:55Mistaken For Special Guest
16th Nov 14 03:12:15Living Lie Detector
16th Nov 14 02:38:11Lightning Gun
16th Nov 14 02:34:38Lightning Bruiser.Literature
16th Nov 14 02:25:25Libation For The Dead
16th Nov 14 02:23:04The Law Of Diminishing Defensive Effort
16th Nov 14 02:18:47Laser Guided Amnesia
16th Nov 14 02:12:34Large And In Charge
16th Nov 14 02:06:49Killed To Uphold The Masquerade
16th Nov 14 02:01:20I Will Only Slow You Down
15th Nov 14 09:19:48Involuntary Battle To The Death
15th Nov 14 08:45:41Invisible To Normals
15th Nov 14 08:09:09Invisible Monsters
15th Nov 14 07:27:51Instant Sedation
15th Nov 14 07:02:58I Call It Vera
15th Nov 14 06:59:52Hive Mind
15th Nov 14 06:46:07Grenade Hot Potato
15th Nov 14 06:15:05God Emperor
15th Nov 14 04:17:30Gladiator Games
15th Nov 14 04:12:46Fusion Dance
15th Nov 14 03:46:51Friendly Sniper
15th Nov 14 03:39:53Flaming Sword
15th Nov 14 02:07:52Fighting A Shadow
15th Nov 14 02:02:33Feudal Future
15th Nov 14 01:57:39Emotionless Girl
15th Nov 14 01:49:25Eldritch Abomination.Literature
15th Nov 14 01:30:29Earth Shattering Kaboom
15th Nov 14 01:15:21Dying As Yourself
15th Nov 14 12:58:03Deflector Shields
15th Nov 14 12:34:45Death Seeker
15th Nov 14 12:12:58Creepy Child
15th Nov 14 11:35:37Couldnt Find A Pen
15th Nov 14 11:21:29City Planet
14th Nov 14 11:53:02Centipedes Dilemma
14th Nov 14 11:42:06Blade Below The Shoulder
14th Nov 14 11:36:54Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism
14th Nov 14 11:10:09Better To Die Than Be Killed
14th Nov 14 10:52:51Barrier Maiden
14th Nov 14 10:31:51The Atoner
14th Nov 14 10:17:59Astral Projection
14th Nov 14 10:11:50Arbitrary Skepticism
14th Nov 14 10:02:14And I Must Scream.Literature
14th Nov 14 09:51:12An Axe To Grind
14th Nov 14 09:47:21Science Fiction Literature
14th Nov 14 09:45:53Literature.Paradox Trilogy
14th Nov 14 09:44:02Air Vent Passageway
29th Oct 14 04:31:19Retired Badass
29th Oct 14 04:23:26Blade Below The Shoulder
29th Oct 14 04:17:59An Ice Person
29th Oct 14 04:12:33Literature.Afterthe Golden Age
29th Oct 14 03:52:05Evolutionary Levels
29th Oct 14 03:50:43Tunnels
29th Oct 14 03:47:19The Fog Of Ages
29th Oct 14 03:44:56Literature.The Saga Of The Noble Dead
29th Oct 14 03:39:57Anime.Madlax
26th Oct 14 03:41:00Third Person Person.Literature
26th Oct 14 03:34:17Turned Against Their Masters
26th Oct 14 03:26:09The Unpronounceable
26th Oct 14 03:19:44Switching POV
26th Oct 14 03:16:27Stop Worshipping Me
26th Oct 14 03:09:00Starving Artist
26th Oct 14 03:07:27Spell My Name With A The
26th Oct 14 02:41:57Police Are Useless
26th Oct 14 02:38:18People Farms
26th Oct 14 02:30:49Mix And Match Critters
26th Oct 14 02:27:46Organic Technology
26th Oct 14 02:24:49Mind Probe
26th Oct 14 02:21:05Losing Your Head
26th Oct 14 02:16:10Kill All Humans
26th Oct 14 02:07:37Innate Night Vision
26th Oct 14 02:04:17If You Kill Him You Will Be Just Like Him
26th Oct 14 01:59:45Humans Are Bastards
26th Oct 14 01:51:38Half Identical Twins
26th Oct 14 01:46:07Evilutionary Biologist
26th Oct 14 01:38:39Driven To Suicide.Literature
26th Oct 14 01:32:18Distinguishing Mark
26th Oct 14 01:28:13Beast With A Human Face
26th Oct 14 01:22:39AI Is A Crapshoot.Literature
26th Oct 14 01:15:00New Weird
26th Oct 14 01:12:15Horror Literature
26th Oct 14 01:11:42Literature.Veniss Underground
21st Sep 14 10:55:57Wanted Poster
21st Sep 14 10:47:20The Tape Knew You Would Say That
21st Sep 14 10:42:57Sword Beam
21st Sep 14 10:38:46Sleepwalking
21st Sep 14 10:31:23Late For School
21st Sep 14 10:20:42Laser Blade
21st Sep 14 10:15:27Hot Springs Episode
21st Sep 14 10:08:53Gender Misdirection
21st Sep 14 10:05:14Facial Composite Failure
21st Sep 14 10:00:28Doppelganger Spin
21st Sep 14 09:56:33Childhood Marriage Promise
21st Sep 14 09:52:26Acrofatic
21st Sep 14 09:48:40Anime.World Conquest Zvezda Plot
20th Sep 14 10:24:33Neon Sign Hideout
12th Sep 14 12:06:50Vasquez Always Dies
11th Sep 14 11:52:00Title Drop.Literature
11th Sep 14 11:37:57Secretly Dying
11th Sep 14 11:28:13Room Full Of Crazy
11th Sep 14 11:12:43Only Known By Their Nickname
11th Sep 14 11:07:44Nameless Narrative
11th Sep 14 10:48:35Obstructive Bureaucrat
11th Sep 14 10:17:34No Name Given
11th Sep 14 08:37:38Meat Moss
11th Sep 14 08:28:36Laser Guided Amnesia
11th Sep 14 08:23:47Literature Of The2010s
11th Sep 14 08:22:28New Weird
11th Sep 14 08:17:43Insistent Terminology.Literature
11th Sep 14 08:10:42Government Conspiracy
11th Sep 14 07:56:18Eldritch Location
11th Sep 14 07:48:57Dont Touch It You Idiot
11th Sep 14 07:38:17Do Not Taunt Cthulhu
11th Sep 14 07:30:26Cloning Blues
11th Sep 14 07:24:50Clingy Mac Guffin
11th Sep 14 07:17:16Transformation Horror
11th Sep 14 07:10:13Bald Women
11th Sep 14 07:05:48Apocalyptic Log
11th Sep 14 06:57:42Literature.The Southern Reach Trilogy
11th Sep 14 06:52:45Literature Of The2010s
22nd Aug 14 10:31:42Literature.Matter
19th Jul 14 11:46:08Retail Riot
3rd Jul 14 08:23:56The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized
3rd Jul 14 08:05:21I Owe You My Life
3rd Jul 14 08:00:52Mistaken For Pedophile
3rd Jul 14 07:55:55Human Shield
3rd Jul 14 07:39:51Ear Worm
3rd Jul 14 07:32:14Bodyguard Betrayal
3rd Jul 14 07:21:08The Alcatraz
3rd Jul 14 07:10:50Accent Relapse
3rd Jul 14 07:08:49A Cup Angst
3rd Jul 14 07:04:19Literature.Takeshi Kovacs
4th Jun 14 09:09:35Shout Out.Kill La Kill
28th May 14 11:42:35Podcast.Writing Excuses
12th Apr 14 12:51:20Shock Collar
12th Apr 14 12:48:46Anime.Captain Earth
2nd Mar 14 01:29:43Retail Riot
28th Jan 14 03:08:22Justice By Other Legal Means
23rd Jan 14 05:23:38Just Between You And Me
23rd Jan 14 05:12:01Mayor Pain
23rd Jan 14 05:05:39Mundane Utility.Literature
23rd Jan 14 05:04:13Mind Control Device
23rd Jan 14 04:56:10Psycho Electro
23rd Jan 14 04:50:53Kryptonite Factor
23rd Jan 14 12:50:59Psychosomatic Superpower Outage
22nd Jan 14 11:19:36Take Me Instead
22nd Jan 14 11:01:33No Plans No Prototype No Backup
22nd Jan 14 08:35:52Muggle Born Of Mages
22nd Jan 14 08:27:32Insanity Defense
22nd Jan 14 07:59:32Badass Normal.Literature
22nd Jan 14 07:55:37Non Powered Costumed Hero
22nd Jan 14 07:50:57Blow You Away
22nd Jan 14 07:47:31Superhero Literature
22nd Jan 14 07:45:05Literature.After The Golden Age
20th Jan 14 04:14:27Anime.World Conquest Zvezda Plot
13th Jan 14 12:56:35Anime First
13th Jan 14 12:55:30Anime.World Conquest Zvezda Plot
12th Jan 14 06:14:33Anime Of The2010s
12th Jan 14 06:12:48Anime
12th Jan 14 06:10:35Anime.Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku No Zvezda
12th Jan 14 06:09:55Anime.Sekai Seifuku
12th Jan 14 06:09:14Anime.Sekai Seifuku
12th Jan 14 06:07:54Anime.World Conquest Zvezda Plot
12th Jan 14 01:34:09Anime.Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku No Zvezda
8th Jan 14 04:19:39Decapitation Presentation
16th Dec 13 01:41:26Literature.Ancillary Justice
9th Dec 13 09:49:46Science Fiction Literature
1st Nov 13 04:55:13Webcomic.Not A Villain
31st Oct 13 07:57:43Politically Incorrect Hero
31st Oct 13 07:51:38Webcomic.When She Was Bad
31st Oct 13 07:49:37You Need To Get Laid
31st Oct 13 11:12:09Satisfied Street Rat
30th Oct 13 07:04:44Playing With Fire
30th Oct 13 07:00:59Walking Tech Bane
30th Oct 13 06:49:52Samus Is A Girl
30th Oct 13 03:17:55Psychic Static
30th Oct 13 02:10:32Power Tattoo
30th Oct 13 01:59:21Perception Filter
29th Oct 13 11:00:41Orphanage Of Fear
29th Oct 13 10:55:59Neck Lift
29th Oct 13 10:41:56Locked Into Strangeness
29th Oct 13 10:38:27Villain Protagonist
29th Oct 13 10:27:42I Just Want To Be Normal
29th Oct 13 10:20:27Healing Factor
29th Oct 13 10:11:08Gayngster
29th Oct 13 10:06:03Faking The Dead
29th Oct 13 09:49:37Evil Laugh
29th Oct 13 09:41:04Disability Immunity
29th Oct 13 09:35:58The Chosen One
29th Oct 13 09:24:54Blasting It Out Of Their Hands
29th Oct 13 09:14:13Bi The Way
29th Oct 13 09:05:07Attempted Rape
29th Oct 13 08:52:04Scare The Dog
29th Oct 13 12:51:48YMMV.When She Was Bad
29th Oct 13 12:50:40Webcomic.When She Was Bad
25th Oct 13 01:34:51Moving The Goalposts
25th Oct 13 11:40:05Dont You Dare Pity Me
25th Oct 13 11:35:03Cyborg
25th Oct 13 11:32:12The Atoner
25th Oct 13 11:23:01Creepy Doll
25th Oct 13 11:20:11Charlie Brown From Outta Town
25th Oct 13 11:14:56Artificial Intelligence
25th Oct 13 11:06:48Actually I Am Him
25th Oct 13 11:02:55Plot Based Photograph Obfuscation
24th Oct 13 11:35:23Punctuated For Emphasis
24th Oct 13 11:07:47Grievous Harm With A Body
24th Oct 13 10:57:27Ironic Nursery Tune
24th Oct 13 10:38:37Webcomic.Not A Villain
20th Oct 13 12:23:39Funny.Valvrave The Liberator
3rd Oct 13 10:07:04Literature.Boundary
2nd Oct 13 05:14:30Fish Out Of Temporal Water
2nd Oct 13 04:58:12Clean Cut
19th Sep 13 02:14:50Retail Riot
18th Sep 13 06:10:44The Wiki Rule
17th Sep 13 03:03:39Treasure Chest Cavity
17th Sep 13 03:00:47Waking Up At The Morgue
17th Sep 13 02:57:44Winged Humanoid
17th Sep 13 02:49:58Trench Coat Warfare
17th Sep 13 02:42:06Shoot Out The Lock
17th Sep 13 02:34:44Our Angels Are Different
17th Sep 13 02:29:45The Mutiny
17th Sep 13 02:26:38Mark Of The Supernatural
17th Sep 13 02:23:35Forbidden Zone
17th Sep 13 02:17:16Burn The Witch
17th Sep 13 02:12:35Bald Women
17th Sep 13 02:08:58Literature.Terminal World
14th Sep 13 07:45:28Fan Fic.You Awaken In Razor Hill
13th Sep 13 04:27:24Creator.Alastair Reynolds
7th Aug 13 01:57:43Im Crying But I Dont Know Why
20th Jul 13 09:40:57Shoot The Hostage
20th Jul 13 09:37:14Grand Theft Me
20th Jul 13 09:34:06Eat Me
20th Jul 13 09:31:06Literature.The Saga Of The Noble Dead
30th Jun 13 08:50:47Funny.Counter Monkey
22nd Jun 13 03:54:27Literature.The Expanse
7th Jun 13 09:34:27Literature.The Expanse
1st Jun 13 10:20:18Famous Last Words.Anime
24th May 13 12:55:04Famous Last Words.Anime
20th Apr 13 11:20:10Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
20th Apr 13 06:51:33Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
20th Apr 13 02:56:51Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
19th Apr 13 11:13:19You Answered Your Own Question
17th Apr 13 10:32:53Famous Last Words.Literature
16th Apr 13 04:37:23Retail Riot
16th Apr 13 02:02:00Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
14th Apr 13 02:02:02Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
14th Apr 13 12:11:51Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
14th Apr 13 11:39:27Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
14th Apr 13 11:22:35Characters.Anime
14th Apr 13 10:56:03Characters.Shingeki No Kyojin
13th Apr 13 10:54:25Useless Spleen
13th Apr 13 10:51:24Paper Thin Disguise.Literature
13th Apr 13 10:47:35Literature.The Expanse
13th Apr 13 10:44:05Fanfic.Nanoha Genesis Evangelion
8th Apr 13 09:18:56Anime.Suisei No Gargantia
7th Apr 13 05:15:01Creator.Gen Urobuchi
7th Apr 13 05:12:05Anime.Suisei No Gargantia
31st Mar 13 12:41:50Manga.Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
25th Mar 13 11:03:05Rummage Fail
25th Mar 13 10:59:56Manga.Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
21st Mar 13 03:44:58Famous Last Words.Anime