Xelloss 08's Recent Edits

7th Jan 17 08:50:36Your Soul Is Mine
7th Jan 17 08:47:46Wouldnt Hurt A Child
7th Jan 17 08:44:24Would Hurt A Child.Literature
7th Jan 17 08:40:42Voluntary Shapeshifting
7th Jan 17 08:38:06Vegetarian Vampire
7th Jan 17 08:36:39Literature.Void City
7th Jan 17 08:34:37Undead Child
7th Jan 17 08:32:39Tears Of Blood
7th Jan 17 08:31:20Soul Jar
7th Jan 17 08:28:17Shapeshifter Mode Lock
7th Jan 17 08:26:17Shapeshifter Baggage
7th Jan 17 08:23:37Sentient Vehicle
7th Jan 17 08:20:51Punctuated For Emphasis.Literature
7th Jan 17 08:19:15Power Incontinence
7th Jan 17 08:16:42Papa Wolf.Literature
7th Jan 17 08:15:06Our Werewolves Are Different
7th Jan 17 08:11:38Our Vampires Are Different.Literature
7th Jan 17 08:08:40Our Gargoyles Rock
7th Jan 17 08:07:14Offing The Offspring
7th Jan 17 08:03:29Not Now Kiddo
7th Jan 17 08:00:43Noodle Incident.Literature
7th Jan 17 07:56:55No Immortal Inertia
7th Jan 17 07:55:31Masquerade
7th Jan 17 07:50:51Man On Fire
7th Jan 17 07:48:51Insanity Immunity
7th Jan 17 07:45:41Immune To Fate
7th Jan 17 07:44:30I Love You Vampire Son
7th Jan 17 07:42:57I Hate You Vampire Dad
7th Jan 17 07:40:20Hunter Of His Own Kind
7th Jan 17 07:38:40Hates Being Touched
7th Jan 17 07:36:51Glowing Eyes Of Doom
7th Jan 17 07:34:38Fur Against Fang
7th Jan 17 07:32:57Fastball Special
7th Jan 17 07:29:45Embarrassing Nickname
7th Jan 17 07:27:26Embarrassing First Name
7th Jan 17 07:21:56Deal With The Devil.Literature
7th Jan 17 07:18:39Daddys Girl
7th Jan 17 07:12:33Complete Immortality
7th Jan 17 07:09:50Came Back Strong
7th Jan 17 07:02:58Big Eater.Literature
7th Jan 17 06:55:22Big Bad Friend
7th Jan 17 06:51:26Battle In The Center Of The Mind
7th Jan 17 06:46:06Bargain With Heaven
7th Jan 17 06:29:53Back From The Dead
7th Jan 17 06:25:12Asexuality
7th Jan 17 06:21:23And Show It To You
7th Jan 17 06:19:46The Alleged Car
7th Jan 17 06:15:46Urban Fantasy
7th Jan 17 06:14:23Vampire Fiction
7th Jan 17 06:11:38Literature.Void City
7th Jan 17 06:10:30The Ageless
7th Nov 16 03:08:49Trail Of Bread Crumbs
7th Nov 16 03:06:18Sleep Mode Size
7th Nov 16 03:01:06Serial Killer
7th Nov 16 02:53:02Sadistic Choice
7th Nov 16 02:50:19The Promise
7th Nov 16 02:47:59Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
7th Nov 16 02:34:47Holy Burns Evil
7th Nov 16 02:28:43Hellish Horse
7th Nov 16 02:26:10Every Scar Has A Story
7th Nov 16 02:21:28Beam O War
7th Nov 16 02:18:44Apocalypse Cult
7th Nov 16 02:16:16The Antichrist
7th Nov 16 02:14:21Affectionate Nickname
7th Nov 16 02:12:39Webcomic.Mystery Babylon
6th Nov 16 03:23:01Literature.Wild Cards
5th Nov 16 11:24:31Outlaw Couple
5th Nov 16 11:22:29Intrepid Reporter
5th Nov 16 11:14:48Incompatible Orientation
5th Nov 16 11:02:27Evil Counterpart.Literature
5th Nov 16 10:57:27Destructo Nookie
5th Nov 16 10:51:31Counterfeit Cash
5th Nov 16 10:49:28Creator.Scott Westerfeld
5th Nov 16 10:48:07Literature.Zeroes
6th Oct 16 07:49:10You Are Number Six
6th Oct 16 07:45:15The Nothing After Death
6th Oct 16 07:41:17That Man Is Dead
6th Oct 16 07:37:31Sealed Evil In A Can
6th Oct 16 07:32:21Magic Compass
6th Oct 16 07:29:16Energy Bow
6th Oct 16 07:25:31De Power
6th Oct 16 07:21:22Cant Live Without You
6th Oct 16 07:17:36Webcomic.Mystery Babylon
1st Aug 16 08:00:32Literature.The Rook
28th Apr 16 09:14:35Wouldnt Hurt A Child
28th Apr 16 09:09:05Time Stands Still
28th Apr 16 09:04:25Mask Of Power
28th Apr 16 09:01:00Knife Outline
28th Apr 16 08:57:42Knife Nut
28th Apr 16 08:54:37Immortality Seeker
28th Apr 16 08:49:38Healing Factor
28th Apr 16 08:45:55Gas Leak Coverup
28th Apr 16 08:40:38The Corruption
28th Apr 16 08:35:52Cloning Blues
28th Apr 16 08:29:39Bloody Murder
28th Apr 16 08:25:56Bag Of Holding
28th Apr 16 08:23:42Artificial Limbs
28th Apr 16 08:20:26Troper Works
28th Apr 16 08:16:39Fan Fic.Video Games
28th Apr 16 08:14:28Fanfic.Fate Parallel Fantasia
28th Apr 16 08:07:28Tropers.Xelloss 08
23rd Apr 16 10:32:02Was Once A Man
23rd Apr 16 10:26:04Your Soul Is Mine
23rd Apr 16 10:23:19Viking Funeral
23rd Apr 16 10:17:24Throwing Off The Disability
23rd Apr 16 10:14:27Talking Weapon
23rd Apr 16 10:11:26Stupid Evil
23rd Apr 16 10:03:34Revenge Before Reason
23rd Apr 16 09:57:50Nice Job Breaking It Hero.Literature
23rd Apr 16 09:53:55Multiple Head Case
23rd Apr 16 09:50:11Meaningless Villain Victory
23rd Apr 16 09:46:59Mayfly December Romance
23rd Apr 16 09:43:04Man Eating Plant
23rd Apr 16 09:38:16Let Me Tell You A Story
23rd Apr 16 09:36:03Knife Outline
23rd Apr 16 09:31:59Kill It Through Its Stomach
23rd Apr 16 09:30:01Jerkass Facade
23rd Apr 16 09:25:50Humans Through Alien Eyes
23rd Apr 16 09:12:28Giant Squid
23rd Apr 16 09:09:07Gate Guardian
23rd Apr 16 09:02:15Exact Words.Literature
23rd Apr 16 08:51:49Evil Hand
23rd Apr 16 08:48:10Dragged Off To Hell
23rd Apr 16 08:43:45The Berserker
23rd Apr 16 08:36:41Back From The Dead
23rd Apr 16 08:32:06Anti Anti Christ
23rd Apr 16 08:27:14Tabletop Game.Forgotten Realms
23rd Apr 16 08:20:47Literature.Dungeons And Dragons
23rd Apr 16 08:19:13Fantasy Literature
23rd Apr 16 08:17:41Literature.Starlight And Shadows
23rd Apr 16 08:12:41Booze Flamethrower
15th Feb 16 06:48:55Deity Of Human Origin
15th Feb 16 01:53:53Gods Hands Are Tied
15th Feb 16 01:20:31Grand Theft Me
15th Feb 16 01:08:03Manchurian Agent
15th Feb 16 12:51:10Named Weapons
15th Feb 16 12:41:24Sealed Evil In A Can.Literature
15th Feb 16 12:30:20Captured Super Entity
15th Feb 16 12:24:49Be Careful What You Wish For.Literature
15th Feb 16 12:18:08The Ageless
15th Feb 16 12:13:44Literature.A Land Fit For Heroes
3rd Jan 16 08:17:56We Are As Mayflies
3rd Jan 16 08:15:41Spooky Seance
3rd Jan 16 08:13:55Really Seven Hundred Years Old.Literature
3rd Jan 16 08:12:09Psychic Link
3rd Jan 16 08:10:11No Immortal Inertia
3rd Jan 16 08:07:37Mugging The Monster.Literature
3rd Jan 16 08:04:23More Teeth Than The Osmond Family
3rd Jan 16 08:02:42Inhumanly Beautiful Race
3rd Jan 16 08:00:00Im A Humanitarian.Literature
3rd Jan 16 07:57:06I Love You Because I Cant Control You
3rd Jan 16 07:52:21I Ate What
3rd Jan 16 07:49:59Horror Hunger
3rd Jan 16 07:47:18Fangs Are Evil
3rd Jan 16 07:45:22Exact Words.Literature
3rd Jan 16 07:40:57Enthralling Siren
3rd Jan 16 07:38:24Disability Immunity
3rd Jan 16 07:36:20Cursed With Awesome
3rd Jan 16 07:30:01Cant Live Without You
3rd Jan 16 07:28:13Blatant Lies.Literature
3rd Jan 16 07:25:06Attempted Rape
3rd Jan 16 07:22:46Arbitrary Skepticism
3rd Jan 16 07:20:04And Show It To You
3rd Jan 16 07:15:55The Alleged Car
3rd Jan 16 07:13:27The Ageless
3rd Jan 16 07:10:42Young Adult Literature
3rd Jan 16 07:09:24Urban Fantasy
3rd Jan 16 07:08:17Literature.Watersong
3rd Jan 16 07:06:53Sirens Are Mermaids
3rd Jan 16 07:06:19Disproportionate Retribution.Literature
27th Dec 15 11:18:38Paper Talisman
27th Dec 15 11:16:33Literature.The Girl From The Well
26th Dec 15 08:35:58Wall Crawl
26th Dec 15 08:33:01Symbiotic Possession
26th Dec 15 08:31:06Supernatural Proof Father
26th Dec 15 08:28:48Stringy Haired Ghost Girl
26th Dec 15 08:20:32Stop Or I Shoot Myself
26th Dec 15 08:10:27Spooky Photographs
26th Dec 15 07:52:06Serial Killer Killer
26th Dec 15 07:48:32Sealed Inside A Person Shaped Can
26th Dec 15 07:45:20Room Full Of Crazy
26th Dec 15 07:32:39Prehensile Hair
26th Dec 15 07:30:55Power Tattoo
26th Dec 15 07:28:24Perverse Puppet
26th Dec 15 07:26:31Multi Armed And Dangerous
26th Dec 15 07:21:41Miko
26th Dec 15 07:16:31Many Spirits Inside Of One
26th Dec 15 07:13:43Magic Is A Monster Magnet
26th Dec 15 07:11:28Invisible To Normals
26th Dec 15 07:08:32Human Sacrifice
26th Dec 15 07:04:54Hellgate
26th Dec 15 07:02:12Haunted Fetter
26th Dec 15 06:58:07Go Into The Light
26th Dec 15 06:53:33Ghostly Goals
26th Dec 15 06:50:44Ghost Town
26th Dec 15 06:48:30Game Face
26th Dec 15 06:46:27Exorcist Head
26th Dec 15 06:44:05Elemental Rock Paper Scissors
26th Dec 15 06:38:47Do Not Taunt Cthulhu
26th Dec 15 06:36:10Couldnt Find A Pen
26th Dec 15 06:32:29Bullying A Dragon.Literature
26th Dec 15 06:28:41Bloody Horror
26th Dec 15 06:24:03Berserk Button.Literature
26th Dec 15 06:20:01Barred From The Afterlife
26th Dec 15 06:14:34Young Adult Literature
26th Dec 15 06:12:00Horror Literature
26th Dec 15 06:11:09Literature.The Girl From The Well
26th Dec 15 06:01:44One Hundred And Eight
7th Dec 15 07:24:37Literature.The Nekropolis Archives
7th Dec 15 07:22:22Zombie Puke Attack
7th Dec 15 07:20:56Your Days Are Numbered
7th Dec 15 07:18:44The Worm That Walks
7th Dec 15 07:12:37Witch Species
7th Dec 15 07:07:21The Wild Hunt
7th Dec 15 07:05:36Weakened By The Light
7th Dec 15 07:03:31Water Guns And Balloons
7th Dec 15 06:55:31Vegetarian Vampire
7th Dec 15 06:45:23Treasure Chest Cavity
7th Dec 15 06:42:33Silver Has Mystic Powers
7th Dec 15 06:35:00Pulling Themselves Together
7th Dec 15 06:31:05Prehensile Hair
7th Dec 15 06:28:52Revenant Zombie
7th Dec 15 06:25:07Our Vampires Are Different.Literature
7th Dec 15 06:20:36Our Demons Are Different
7th Dec 15 06:16:51Neck Snap
7th Dec 15 06:12:43Man Eating Plant
7th Dec 15 06:09:38Make My Monster Grow
7th Dec 15 05:34:26Magic Mirror
7th Dec 15 05:31:01Lotus Eater Machine
7th Dec 15 05:17:53Losing Your Head
7th Dec 15 05:09:50Literal Split Personality
7th Dec 15 05:02:31Human Mom Nonhuman Dad
7th Dec 15 04:58:09Holy Burns Evil
7th Dec 15 04:34:05Haunted Headquarters
7th Dec 15 04:25:27Half The Man He Used To Be
7th Dec 15 04:08:06Grievous Harm With A Body
7th Dec 15 03:57:25Grand Theft Me
7th Dec 15 03:47:15Glamour Failure
7th Dec 15 03:39:06Feel No Pain
7th Dec 15 03:33:16Fantastic Racism.Literature
7th Dec 15 03:28:35Eyes Do Not Belong There
7th Dec 15 03:21:54Explosive Leash
7th Dec 15 03:18:56Embarrassing Last Name
7th Dec 15 03:14:45Drives Like Crazy
7th Dec 15 03:09:55Dhampyr
7th Dec 15 03:06:23Death By Childbirth
7th Dec 15 02:56:35Cold Flames
7th Dec 15 02:53:33Casts No Shadow
7th Dec 15 02:48:44Blank Book
7th Dec 15 02:45:08Bigger On The Inside
7th Dec 15 02:42:11And Show It To You
7th Dec 15 02:36:46Always Night
7th Dec 15 02:32:32Abstract Eater
7th Dec 15 02:26:55A Form You Are Comfortable With
7th Dec 15 02:21:52Urban Fantasy
7th Dec 15 02:20:43Literature.The Nekropolis Archives
7th Dec 15 02:13:03Alien Sky
20th Nov 15 12:40:52Literature.Boojumverse
20th Nov 15 12:39:39Zombie Gait
20th Nov 15 12:36:26Thrown Out The Airlock
20th Nov 15 12:34:08These Are Things Man Was Not Meant To Know
20th Nov 15 12:29:55Spaceship Girl
20th Nov 15 12:29:09Space Pirates
20th Nov 15 12:25:06Shoot Out The Lock
20th Nov 15 12:22:11Sapient Ship
20th Nov 15 12:19:15Sacrificed Basic Skill For Awesome Training
20th Nov 15 12:16:04Restraining Bolt
20th Nov 15 12:13:29Ray Gun
20th Nov 15 12:08:10Professor Guinea Pig
19th Nov 15 11:59:40The Political Officer
19th Nov 15 11:56:59Pirate Girl
19th Nov 15 11:54:58Our Ghosts Are Different
19th Nov 15 11:52:05Mirror Monster
19th Nov 15 11:50:31Lovecraft Lite
19th Nov 15 11:48:23Kill It With Fire
19th Nov 15 11:44:41Intangibility
19th Nov 15 11:42:27High Voltage Death
19th Nov 15 11:38:22Fish People
19th Nov 15 11:35:48Eldritch Abomination.Literature
19th Nov 15 11:32:45Deadly Lunge
19th Nov 15 11:26:58Dead Guy On Display
19th Nov 15 11:23:47Damned By Faint Praise
19th Nov 15 11:21:59Cute Monster
19th Nov 15 11:18:50Brown Note
19th Nov 15 11:15:01Ghost Ship
19th Nov 15 11:11:23Brain In A Jar
19th Nov 15 11:05:46Bio Augmentation
19th Nov 15 11:03:05Awkwardly Placed Bathtub
19th Nov 15 10:59:14Attack Its Weak Point
19th Nov 15 10:53:26Artificial Zombie
19th Nov 15 10:50:17And I Must Scream.Literature
19th Nov 15 10:45:58Horror Literature
19th Nov 15 10:44:50Science Fiction Literature
19th Nov 15 10:42:43Literature.Boojumverse
19th Nov 15 10:33:06Living Ship
18th Nov 15 09:32:11Kill It Through Its Stomach
18th Nov 15 09:30:03Literature.Book Of Swords
17th Nov 15 09:57:37Robot Girl
17th Nov 15 09:55:49Pinocchio Syndrome
17th Nov 15 09:53:09My Significance Sense Is Tingling
17th Nov 15 09:49:12Magic Feather
17th Nov 15 09:45:12Black And White Insanity
17th Nov 15 09:39:55Girl In A Box
17th Nov 15 09:32:46Reformed But Rejected
17th Nov 15 09:29:08Shock And Awe
17th Nov 15 09:27:41Characters.Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou
10th Nov 15 08:01:12Helicopter Blender
27th Oct 15 10:28:34Literature.The Golgotha Series
27th Oct 15 08:24:53Taxidermy Is Creepy
27th Oct 15 08:23:11Zero Percent Approval Rating
27th Oct 15 07:56:01The Man They Couldnt Hang
27th Oct 15 07:47:14The Stars Are Going Out
27th Oct 15 07:45:47Silver Has Mystic Powers
27th Oct 15 07:32:11Sealed Evil In A Can.Literature
27th Oct 15 07:27:49Removing The Head Or Destroying The Brain
27th Oct 15 07:24:46Powered By A Forsaken Child
27th Oct 15 07:22:41Our Vampires Are Different.Literature
27th Oct 15 07:19:37No Party Like A Donner Party
27th Oct 15 07:14:30Mundane Solution
27th Oct 15 07:10:52Mother Of A Thousand Young
27th Oct 15 07:02:01Mainlining The Monster
27th Oct 15 06:58:55Mad Scientist.Literature
27th Oct 15 06:56:55Losing Your Head
27th Oct 15 06:54:55Living Battery
27th Oct 15 06:50:09Im A Humanitarian
27th Oct 15 06:46:28If You Kill Him You Will Be Just Like Him
27th Oct 15 06:39:45Hypnotic Eyes
27th Oct 15 06:36:18Human Resources
27th Oct 15 06:32:57Hate Plague
27th Oct 15 06:27:22Fantasy Kitchen Sink
27th Oct 15 06:21:50Eldritch Abomination.Literature
27th Oct 15 06:15:59Dragged Off To Hell
27th Oct 15 06:11:51Death By Childbirth
27th Oct 15 06:09:58Deadly Doctor
27th Oct 15 06:04:45Clap Your Hands If You Believe
27th Oct 15 05:59:45Chupacabra
27th Oct 15 05:56:58Christianity Is Catholic
27th Oct 15 05:54:42Bullet Catch
27th Oct 15 05:52:27Bloody Murder
27th Oct 15 05:49:53Badass Gay
27th Oct 15 05:44:05Dirty Harriet
27th Oct 15 05:35:34Action Mom
27th Oct 15 05:30:50A God Am I.Literature
27th Oct 15 05:26:45Horror Literature
27th Oct 15 05:25:38Western Literature
27th Oct 15 05:24:22Weird West
27th Oct 15 05:21:29Literature Of The2010s
27th Oct 15 05:20:36Literature.The Golgotha Series
21st Oct 15 11:32:16Weaksauce Weakness
21st Oct 15 11:28:43Walking Techbane
21st Oct 15 11:26:24Twin Telepathy
21st Oct 15 11:03:41Tell Me About My Father
21st Oct 15 10:57:17Technopath
21st Oct 15 10:55:45Talking Your Way Out
21st Oct 15 10:50:38Super Zeroes
21st Oct 15 10:44:06Spell My Name With A The
21st Oct 15 10:41:00Seamless Spontaneous Lie
21st Oct 15 10:37:27Right Behind Me
21st Oct 15 10:22:15Putting The Band Back Together
21st Oct 15 10:17:13Punk In The Trunk
21st Oct 15 10:16:42Literature.Zeroes
21st Oct 15 10:14:19Power Incontinence
21st Oct 15 10:11:20Parental Abandonment.Literature
21st Oct 15 10:09:43Literature.Zeroes
21st Oct 15 10:08:33You Called Me X It Must Be Serious
21st Oct 15 10:04:12Money To Throw Away
21st Oct 15 10:01:49Missing Mom
21st Oct 15 09:57:33The Mafiya
21st Oct 15 09:53:58Like Brother And Sister
21st Oct 15 09:46:02Literature.Zeroes
21st Oct 15 09:45:14Forgettable Character
21st Oct 15 09:39:42Failsafe Failure
21st Oct 15 09:33:13The Empath
21st Oct 15 09:24:27Emotion Control
21st Oct 15 09:20:50Literature.Zeroes
21st Oct 15 09:13:26Drugs Are Bad
21st Oct 15 09:08:23Disappeared Dad
21st Oct 15 09:04:18Literature.Zeroes
21st Oct 15 08:53:40Code Name
21st Oct 15 08:50:21Literature.Zeroes
21st Oct 15 08:41:09Crowd Surfing
21st Oct 15 08:38:16Breaking The Fellowship
21st Oct 15 08:30:21Break Them By Talking
20th Oct 15 11:15:17Blind Seer
20th Oct 15 11:02:26Bank Robbery
20th Oct 15 10:52:28Abusive Parents.Literature
20th Oct 15 10:37:54Superhero Literature
20th Oct 15 10:35:23Young Adult Literature
20th Oct 15 10:31:25Literature.Zeroes
20th Oct 15 10:11:50Creator.Scott Westerfeld
12th Oct 15 06:07:17Bag Of Holding
12th Oct 15 06:03:57Webcomic.Not A Villain
11th Oct 15 11:44:07Anime.Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou
5th Oct 15 01:16:47Walking Wasteland
5th Oct 15 01:13:15Virtual Ghost
5th Oct 15 01:08:38There Was A Door
5th Oct 15 01:04:43Tele Frag
5th Oct 15 01:01:35Talking Weapon
5th Oct 15 12:55:40Super Power Meltdown
5th Oct 15 12:51:04Super Powered Robot Meter Maids